Saturday, February 23, 2008

February 23, 2008

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


Whenever I see a fully loaded Beemer or Benz parked at a gas station's public telephone - not to mention a Beemer or Benz in a reserved parking spot for clergy which begs the question of how that matches up with the modest Messiah who came riding into town in a Pinto rather than Cadillac to grant privilege rather than accept it - I know something's up; or something's goin' down that ain't right. It's easy to trace calls from cellulars. Get the picture?

The devil works in darkness.

I know.

Whenever I whisper, meet in backrooms or parking lots, sneak around, or act clandestinely in any other way, it usually means I'm saying or doing something which would be terribly embarrassing to me if, uh, it came to, uh, light.

Parenthetically, that's why my wife has the passwords for my computer and cellular.

We only hide when we've got something to hide.

Read John 3:19-21.


Have you ever noticed the far left and the far right share the same my-way-or-the-highway arrogance?


If you're interested, you don't have to wait until November to figure out who's going to win. HRC and BHO have about as much chance of being elected as me becoming Moderator of the PCUSA (or even my local judicatory). For all of the wrong as well as right reasons, they're going to make JC's loss to RR look like a nail-biter. HRC is the Howard Cosell of American politics and the media is just salivating to take a bite out of BHO's record and religion. Besides, do you really think we've been healed of our race and gender hang-ups?

Watch Israel! They want a hawk in the White House. While I hope I'm wrong, the Middle East will get very hot before the election. A big problem will erupt to influence the election - real or manufactured.


The President is our Commander-in-Chief. HRC? BHO? JM? When the rubber hits the road, Americans want to feel safe and secure. Election 2008 is a no brainer.


Speaking of external threats to America's security, one of our Jack-Bauer-24 patriots who is on the scene before, during, and after most major terror incidents these days wrote in something of a personal diary, "The world is not a safe place." Now go to the last paragraph for a hint about who will be our next President.


Speaking of internal threats to America's security, two of my closer friends spent a lot of time in the White House with WJC and HRC. The former was described as the most brilliant man to occupy the Oval Office, a pathological liar, and insufferable womanizer who rivaled the affections of Magic Johnson. He is a really nice guy who never forgets a face or, uh, female, uh, figure. The latter was described as the archetype for a very pejorative personality. If the media ever talks to the White House staff from those days...


If you haven't read Dinesh D'Souza's What's So Great About Christianity, buy it today! Unlike the coarsening crowds of apologists and atheists, he makes his case for Christianity with precision, persuasion, and managed passion. He talks about the great Christian revival going on in the world which many are missing because they're in the wrong neighborhood. His analysis of America's Christian roots is hard to refute; along with his concerns about the uprooting of those roots destroying the nation. Here's a tease: "The desire to repudiate the Christian roots of Western culture is not only an act of historical denial, but it also imperils the secular person's moral priorities...Believer and nonbeliever alike should respect Christianity as the movement that created our civilization."


I always pray with folks in the hospital. Yesterday, I was confronted by a woman who scorned, "I don't believe in prayer." I responded, "Obviously, you don't pray."

It's time for Christians to stop suffering fools so gladly (see Matthew 7:24ff.). We know prayer works because we pray. Duh. Instead of engaging in tinkling contests with skunks and cursing the darkness, let's just light candles, tell the truth, plant seeds of His saving grace, and then smile. Simply, lead 'em to His rivers of living water! Volition or predestination will decide if they drink.


A friend is being slandered. His session won't do anything about it and they've restricted his response because they don't want to offend the slanderers. Help me, Jesus! So the church is being sorely divided by evil-speakers. Our Lord through the Bible is very clear on telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Accommodating darkness is enabling it. Part of our job is to expose, expose, and expose darkness to His light. Again, read John 3:19-21. Disclosure!

In our neck of the woods, farmers talk about what happens early in the morning when the sun shines through the windows of the barn. The birds sing and the rats run for cover!

That's what Kopp Disclosure is all about.

If you're a Christian who reads forthcoming editions, I'm not fetching agreement. As long as we agree on Jesus, that's all that matters. He's all Who matters in the end.

If you're not a Christian, let's get together so I can share some really good news with you.

Back to the Christians.

I believe we can disagree on everything but Jesus and we'll spend eternity together.

I also believe we can agree on everything but Jesus and things will get very hot.

I am not writing any of this for commendation or condemnation; so don't bother either way.

God alone as enfleshed in Jesus and explained in Holy Scripture is my Judge.

I'm just compelled to disclose.

With so much darkness in our world, I'm just trying to let the Son shine.


One of my deeply embedded ecclesiastical sources asked if I will ever betray his identity. Nah. Unless I have permission from a source, I will not name her or him; unless, of course, a civil or ecclesiastical inquisitor ties me to a chair and makes me listen to rap music or watch another video of Spears.


Blessings and Love!

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