Thursday, March 27, 2008

March 27, 2008

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


Neil Young sang, "My life is changing in so many ways. I don't know who to trust anymore. There's a shadow running through my days - like a beggar goin' from door to door."

That's why my buddy and covenant brother Bob Griffin, author of Firestorms of Revival: How Historic Moves of God Happened - and Will Happen Again which is destined to be a classic on providing a diagnosis and antidote for the church's spiritual lethargy and cultural irrelevance, refers us to Psalm 62 with pastoral/prophetic regularity.

Trust is built on consistency; and only God is consistently trustworthy.


If RMN had not lied about Watergate, history would be kinder to him.

If WJC had not lied about ML and so much other stuff, history would be kinder to him.

While he's making history, BHO would serve himself and country a lot better by saying, "Yeah, my pastor can be a real ____ every now and then; just like yours and just like you and me."

While she's making history, HRC would serve herself and country a lot better by saying, "Yeah, I like to puff myself up by exaggerating my qualifications for office because I was usually in the other room while he was getting down to the affairs of state and I have no doubts that I'd make the best President of the final three and anyone else out there."

While he's making history, JM would serve himself and country a lot better by saying, "Yeah, I've never been comfortable with the right wing of the Republican party and I'm not going to pretend I am now."


Father Andrew Greeley, who writes novels which I don't read anymore because I like the trashy parts too much and writes a regular column for the Chicago Sun-Times which causes me to break the 10th commandment because I can't even get local rags or my favorite parochial website to carry these disclosures for minimal remuneration (viz., "Atta boy!"), had an interesting column on 3/26/08: "McCarthy's Shadow Spreads Over the Land."

Betraying personal prejudices and pointing a finger through a forecast of how history will record Election 2008, here are some bytes: "The United States will reveal itself to the world as a country in which a candidate can be destroyed by a single explosion on YouTube - at least if he's black...Did she plant the clip on YouTube? Well, she and her staff did everything they could to keep the race issue alive during the campaign...She even hinted by lack of strong support that Obama might not be a Christian... Before the primary in Pennsylvania, her campaign was in deep trouble. She never denounced the dirty trick. Many people suspected her...Clinton was ultimately responsible for playing the race card. She let loose the whirlwind."


Andrew is a priest who writes novels which make nuns blush and still has time to push the prophetic envelope on politics.

No wonder I can't get a syndicate to back me.


Speaking of pastors, HRC said this about BHO's: "I think that given all we have heard and seen, he would not have been my pastor."

Obviously, she doesn't have such lofty standards for husbands.

Be that as it is, she better retreat from this assault on BHO's pastor disaster quicker than she ducked sniper fire in Bosnia or somebody's gonna take a long look at her loony youth pastor and continuing spiritual guru from the mainline.



If you don't dump your garbage, somebody's gonna dig it up.

That line about confession being good for the soul but bad for your reputation is as twisted as the partisan rationalizations of _____ (lots of choices).

Confession gets us right with God - take a look at Psalms 32 and 51 along with 1 John 1 - and disarms antagonists who are searching for our sins to discredit us.

There's no ammunition for antagonists if we fire first.


Lying only works if we don't get caught, and everyone gets caught sooner or later; or as I tell young pastors, "Changing your story to please different constituents never works because they end up talking to each other to compare notes."

That's why RMN, WJC, and others like 'em are fairing so poorly in history.

HRC, JM, BHO, and the rest of us are making history.

They'll see what we've learned.


Blessings and Love!

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