Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April 15, 2008

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


Worship of the phallus symbolizes the empire's decline.


Symbols betray substance.


Not always.


A marketing guy said in a church meeting, "Perceptions are reality."

I said, "No, reality is reality."

And the reality is he's really rich and I've got this plastic...


Jung challenged Freud: "Cigars are phallic symbols."

"You're right," Freud retorted while drawing on an especially big one, "but they're also cigars."


A subscriber and friend from Kansas City - those relationships aren't always complementary - wrote to express concern about the @#$%s which separate sections of KDs: "Are there any other symbols you can use besides the ones you start your KDs off with? I feel like I'm being cussed at! Why are these symbols needed?"

They're not needed.

As MR from the Red Sox would say, "I'm just Manny being Manny."


Maybe I should come up with something else.

Be that as it was and is and probably will be, here was my lame reply aka rationalization: "They are not intended as profanities but as profundities. It's my way of saying I could be wrong but here's what I'm thinking. I'm trying to provoke thought in the context of our confession. But I'm not cussin' at you or anyone else."

Aside from my head not swiveling like his when he preaches, I'm no JW.

I'm not big enough to GD anybody.

Besides, I'm really into grace.

It has a lot to do with the measure we give being related to the measure...


My youngest son asked why the Republicans use an elephant as their symbol and the Democrats use a jackass as theirs.

Before I tell you what I said to him, go back and read the first sentence of the second section; and don't pay attention to the other one word sentences in this instance.

I said, "Just listen to HRC and BHO talk and you'll know why."


HRC was drinking a beer in Pennsylvania.

There are more bars than churches in the Keystone State.

That has to symbolize something.

The bartender exhorted her to drink a shot as a chaser.

Initially, she declined; but the patrons egged her on.

She acquiesced.

Yeah, that's what we need - a President who caves into peer pressure.

Come to think of it, I knew some party girls in Pennsylvania...and...I'm not sure I'd want to put their itchy fingers near the button(s).


JM's social security number is 3.

Adam and Eve are 1 and 2.

A friend in New Jersey is my source for that.


Continuing on the symbolic stuff which you may have missed in the past few seconds like a Red Sox fan forgetting a couple of World Series wins in the last few years puts 'em only 30 something behind the Yankees, JM skipped the Compassion Forum at the fundie Messiah College on 4/13.

Maybe he didn't want to miss a moment of The Masters (pre, actual, and post).

I can dig it.

I did.

Or maybe it was just political. The Democrats need to face it. He's so far ahead. Why would he put himself on the spiritual stage? He could slip up and say something stupid like they did and it could come back to haunt him like it will for them. He can just watch golf for the next six months, let the others duke it out like blue devils swatting at tar heels, and then use what the loser said about the winner - not sure of the order of those designations - as the propaganda path to the Presidency.

Or maybe he's just not comfortable talking about his religion.

Maybe we should be concerned about someone who won't let us know what he thinks about the things above where...

Maybe he doesn't even think about...

Do we want a President who isn't close enough to God to talk about Him?

Wouldn't it be, uh, salvific to have a President who opens big or any meetings with the WWJD question?


By the way, TW played as poorly as he can play and still finished second.

Those closet racists hoping he won't pass Jack before the next term in the White House expires are going to be as disappointed as MJ, PP, and JR with their plastic surgeons.


Some hip churches don't have crosses because they don't want to turn off possible converts.

But they talk a lot about Jesus.

Most mainline churches have crosses because, uh, well, sigh, let me think, because, uh, they were put there along ago by people who believed in Jesus.

But they don't talk too much about Jesus.

Go back to the second section.


I get lots of ED ads via cyberspace every day.

I swear - Oops! - there are more ED ads than Miller Lite, Clairol, UPS, FedEX, Coke/Pepsi, or Papa John's commercials combined on television these days.

Like the crumbling civilizations of history, we're obviously obsessed with the phallus.


What's up with the Washington monument?

It doesn't look a bit like him.

Have you seen anything as ridiculous looking as that trophy at the Academy Awards?

And what's that babe in the Red Cadillac commercial really saying?

Why do they wear such skin-tight whatevers during sacred (sic) dance?

Will Election 2008 come down to sex, lies, and videotape?

Isn't the game good enough without the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders? Help us, Dan Rooney!

What do college and, uh, high school bump and grinding dance teams have to do with...?

Catch the drift?

While acknowledging the 6th paragraph of the 4th section, I see a pattern of pagan worship not unlike preceding empires which fell.


JW's GD talk was all wrong.

It seems He doesn't need to do what we're doing to ourselves.

While I'm hoping He's listening to the Abrahams among us, I'm going to get out that cross.

Some symbols have a lot to say about, uh, election.


Not always.


Blessings and Love!

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