Tuesday, April 22, 2008

April 22, 2008

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


Confession is good for the soul; but bad for your reputation.


Only a dolt lives as if the latter lasts longer.


By the way, it's been almost five days since KDXX and there's been no Rushdie-like fatwa issued against me, nobody's sent in the 12Gs to pay off my Dodge Caliber in gratitude for, uh, whatever, and I still can't find those two lost Starbucks gift cards which could have kept me, uh, up through Ramadan (Yep! It's right there in the PCUSA Planning Calendar!).

CJ said, "You can't handle the truth!"

There's a lot of it in the first paragraph of this section; and I'm probably missing as much as you are.


Ben Stein's Expelled is exposing the intellectual inconsistencies of those secular and ecclesiastical elites who swallow all of that Darwinian crap; which requires a greater leap of, uh, gulp, geez, horror, faith than giving credit to the intelligent designer.

I think of my old buddy TC who likes to say, "I find few things are more fun than listening to an intelligent person articulate some stupid ideas."

Connecting the dots between Darwinism, Nazism, and, uh, gulp, geez, horror, Planned Parenthood and especially its demi-god of a founder, Stein unmasks the dark conspiracy of the Darwinian elitists to silence critics and stifle academic freedom.

While watching it, I connected a few more dots to the efforts of those ascribing to extreme left and right ideologies to intimidate anyone daring to dissent from their orthodoxies; and though it's in their constitutions, mainliners don't like dissent anymore.


Referring back to the second paragraph of the preceding section, I, uh, O.K., sigh, confess voting for Jimmy Carter once.

Carter fans don't like me picking on him.

They, uh, idolize him.

After all, they tell me, he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002.

Excuse me; but, uh, didn't Yasser Arafat also win it?

Sorry to bring that up, uh, Al.

My daddy asked when I said I was going to vote for him against Ford, "Do you know what's in a Jimmy Carter sandwich? A little peanut butter and a lot of baloney!"

Gosh, I don't like admitting it; but my daddy is right.

And just when you think he can't get any worse than his handling of the Moscow Olympics, not meeting with Martin Luther King, Jr. because Mr. Holier-than-Thou didn't want to sacrifice racist votes in his bid to become a Georgia state senator for his purported Christian principles, selling our best computer technology to the Soviets to punish 'em for invading Afghanistan, lack of spine vis-a-vis Iranian nutballs, practicing theology apart from Biblical revelation in his pathetic disputes with the SBC, pretending Christianity while talking like a thinly veiled Unitarian-Universalist (Sounds like so many mainline clergy!), causing a SBC President to confront him, "We are praying, Mr. President, that you will abandon secular humanism as your religion," etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum, he goes off to the Middle East, meets with Hamas, and says those Islamic savages are willing to be good neighbors to Israel.


Earth to Jimmy! Earth to Carter!

Rivaling Jesse Jackson's need for photo-ops, President Carter evokes a truly persuasive voice from the past whenever he talks, "There he goes again!"

Well, at least he got one thing right when he was challenged about meeting with Hamas without help or approval from the current administration, "I'm just representing myself and the Carter Center. No one else."

Yes, you are...


Speaking of Presidents, I guess one of the three finalists this time around will, uh, gulp, sigh, horror, be our next one unless the Democrats come to their senses at the convention and the Republicans copy 'em.

Be that as I hope it won't be, I would like an honest answer to these questions before November 4:

For HRC: If you can't tell the truth about anything now, how will we know you're telling the truth then?

For BHO: Are you gonna hang out with your funky friends in the White House?

For JM: Can you provide assurances that you won't need naps during Cabinet meetings?



I have been accused of upsetting the peace of my mainline franchise by claiming it has departed from its Biblical, Christocentric, and constitutional moorings.

Interesting how truth is irrelevant to jingoists.

Going back to the first section of this KD, you can figure out why I pay no attention to 'em.


A good friend working for a major corporation falling apart quicker than the Democrats' chance of recapturing the White House if they stick with HRC or BHO recounted a criticism from someone who doesn't like his intellectual consistency, "The problem with you is 2+2=4."


I've been rather big-mouthed about remaining in my mainline franchise to be faithful; and you can read my latest rationalization in the 4/19/08 edition of www.presbyweb.com or Spring 2008 edition of The Layman.

While I am remaining rather than separating to be faithful, I cannot contend with accusations of apostasy in mainline denominations as I witness and work to counter 'em.

An extraordinarily clear, concise yet comprehensive, compelling, and conclusive disclosure of the apostasies in the PCUSA - which are mirrored in the other mainliners - has been provided by a faithfully feisty friend who is still young enough to think that her franchise's pulpiteers and pewsitters care enough to do anything about it.

Formatted as something of a bulletin insert, here it is:

Would you want to be a member of a Christian organization that...

...promotes the idea that Jesus is not the only
way to the Father?

...questions the inerrancy and even the authority
of Scripture?

...believes that it's okay to admit avowed atheists
into church membership?

...has an office in Washington, D.C. that
aggressively lobbies for abortion on demand?

...is interested in promoting the GLBT agenda,
even as far as ordination of officers in contrast
to what its ruling documents say?

...allows its staff to ignore clear mandates from
the ruling legislative body concerning
curriculum on the Bible and sex?

...schedules speakers who promote the denial of
Christ's atonement?

...schedules speakers who promote the idea of
Mary as a co-redeemer with Jesus?

...actively supports the efforts to remove "Under
God" from the pledge of allegiance?

...supports the efforts to remove the Ten
Commandments monuments from

...and so much more...

If you are a member of the PCUSA, you are
already a member of just such an organization.


It's true.

That's why some of us remain to be faithful as missionaries to the mainline while others separate to be faithful.


If we're ready to handle the truth, now is a good time to read 1 John 1:5-10.

It's not for dolts.


Blessings and Love!

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