Monday, April 7, 2008

April 7, 2008

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


It's shocking to native Americans to hear Columbus discovered America.


Kurt Vonnegut, responsible for that last line and persuading me that lots of folks live in the ozone layer of reality, wrote in Palm Sunday, "An Indianapolis cousin of mine, who was also a high school classmate, did very badly at the University of Michigan while I did badly at Cornell. His father asked him what the trouble was, and he made what I consider an admirable reply: 'Don't you know, Father? I'm dumb!' It was the truth."


My mom told me not to say anybody's stupid; but with so many glaring examples...

It's the truth.

People don't go to hell for being stupid.

They just cause or allow a lot of it.


As members of Rock Valley [Junior] Tackle Football or anybody else who's hung out with me for any length of time will tell you, I don't like, tolerate, or suffer racists.

I expose 'em.

Go back to KDXIII.


I was interviewed for a predominantly black church almost 20 years ago.

I was asked what I think of black churches by a black member of the search committee.

I said, "God doesn't like black churches...[and after a dramatic pause to make sure I caught everybody's attention yet resuming quickly enough to prove I knew something about rhetoric as well as personal safety]...or white or brown or yellow or red churches. Jesus did not come to enable homogeneous groupings of socioeconomic individuation. He came to break down the barriers of class, color, and culture. If your church isn't big enough for the other colors, it ain't big enough for Jesus."

If I have to go on, you're a Christological and Biblical illiterate and could be related to Vonnegut's cousin.

Or as a black judge who was a victim at Tuskegee said to me when I whined about a black woman hating me because I'm white said, "Don't pay any attention to her! She's just ignorant."

With apologies to my mom, some people are stupid.


When I was in seminary, my two closest buddies made a pact with me.

If the KKK ever showed up near any one of us, the other two of us would show up to expose the antiChrist in 'em.

One of 'em died in 1994.

The other, well, uh, he's, uh, learned to, uh, accommodate, uh, apostasies to take the, uh, longer, uh, approach to, uh, uh, uh...

Go back to the second section.

I've had to team up with newer buddies for saltshaking.


Some folks forget thesis #1 in a book which has never threatened anything written by RW or JO: "Remembering you're going to live a lot longer with Jesus than anybody else makes establishing life's priorities a no-brainer."


Committing yourself to anyone or anything other than Jesus for the meantime will prove to be, uh, stupid in the end.


Speaking of stupidity, a Chicago pastor just rationalized BHO's pastor disaster like this: "We don't know if the United States is willing to elect a black candidate to its highest office. But it is already clear that many Americans are not interested in understanding the prophetic preaching of a black minister."

O.K., let's talk about context; because that line was written by a guy who claims the AIDS and 9/11 accusations and GD talk have to be understood in JW's "larger point: that governments aren't God, that governments lie and therefore can't be trusted - only God can be trusted."

Sounds cool.

But knowing the author has tried to rationalize so many apostasies apart from Biblical revelation in his franchise, I really can't trust his judgment on the pastor disaster either.

The AIDS accusation sounds stupid; but considering Tuskegee...

The 9/11 accusation sounds stupid; but, O.K., the train has left the station on lots of stuff without me and...

Stretching me to the limits of rationalization to provide the possibility of some kind of metaphor that makes sense, I'll listen some more on those accusations; though I doubt I'll ever agree with such, uh, stupidities.

But GD talk is more than stupid.

It borders on blasphemy.

God inspired the older pastor Paul to tell the younger pastor Timothy, "God wants everybody to be saved."

Besides, we're not big enough to judge.

That's God's business.

Or as that old black woman cited in KDXIII urged me, "You love 'em. Let God judge 'em."


I say and write a lot of stupid things; but I'd never ask God to damn anybody.

That's going too far.

I'm sure, as my good friend who is JW's good friend and even the rationalizing pastor in Chicago who has done so much damage to the PCUSA have said, JW's a decent fellow who's just become a caricature of his worst moments.

Fortunately, Jesus came to save us from such times.

So it makes more sense to say, "God bless America...and you, me, and, gulp, them!


Blessings and Love!

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