Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May 20, 2008

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


BHO is the most politically correct candidate to run for President since we've been thinking in those terms; and his voting record makes HRC look like a dittohead.

With the most extreme liberal voting record in the Senate, everybody's gonna vote for him on 11/4 except for Republicans, rednecks, racists, fundamentalists, Pentecostals, Zionists, Mormons, pro-lifers, grunts, cops, veterans, PGA touring pros, Mary Kay employees, people who work for a living, moderates, traditionalists, conservatives, and just about every other demographic in our - according to his math - 57 states.

For all of the right (decode the previous paragraph) and wrong (at least one) reasons, JM's inevitable triumph over BHO is gonna make RR's trouncing of JC look like a nail-biter.


I like him.

He's a mainliner; or he was until his UCC pastor became a disaster.

He has learned the art - taught in most mainline seminaries - of saying nothing eloquently.


BHO wins today in Oregon because those ducks fly even higher than their neighbors to the south.

HRC wins today in Kentucky because they've got an incestuous relationship with Pennsylvania and West Virginia; which reminds me of that scene in Deliverance...

JM wins today in, uh, uh, uh, re-runs of last week's SNL.


Shoot me.

I'm feeling sorry for HRC.

I told you that I don't pick on people who are gettin' picked on.

I pick on people who pick on people, ride too high in the saddle, or collect checks from the faithful while feigning fidelity in the pulpit.

Moretheless, break out the old Dandy Don MNF refrain, "Turn out the lights! The party's over!"


If we can't talk about BC with HRC or BHO's pastor disaster, domestic terrorist buddies, wife's elusive patriotism, or his middle name, why is everybody gettin' so hot and bothered about the tax returns of the other guy's wife?

People with nothing to hide don't mind giving up passwords to their voicemail, e-mail, and...

Who said that?


In a Eugene Peterson kinda way.

See John 3:19-21.


I'm not politically correct.


I just don't have enough time to agree with the last person I've talked to.

Being politically correct is like ending a sentence with a preposition.

Regardless of the punctuation, you're still a question mark.


Blessings and Love!

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