Sunday, June 8, 2008

June 7, 2008

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


I got back from teaching a D.Min. homiletics course at CEDS in NC around midnight last night.

I went to the church about five hours before presiding at a wedding to catch up and sift through the snail mail, post-its, and all of the other stuff which don't affect the rise or fall of the kingdom; and nothing worked.

So I prayed.


Have you ever noticed how He picks you up when you're driven to your knees?

Read Matthew 5:3.


The air conditioning works everywhere in the church but my study.

The heat worked everywhere in the church this winter but my study.

I'm starting to wonder if somebody's sending a hint to me - kinda like my growing paranoia about those hundreds of Viagra and ED ads which I get whenever I open Outlook Express.


I like to drive; except through Chicago.

It took 14 hours to drive from NC to Belvidere; which includes the nearly 5 around the winded city.

Yeah, Chicago would be a great site for the Olympics; and I think BHO and JM are America's best choices for President.


Speaking of BHO, are we really ready for a President whose good buddies include mobsters, domestic terrorists, pastor disasters, America haters, and relatives who don't like whites if they're black or blacks if they're white?


Speaking of JM, I'm not sure if it's worse to have a President who's done nothing except say nothing eloquently or someone who's documentably double-minded.


I like driving; because my soul is fed as I listen to the Bible on disks and sacred music which aligns my heart with His.

While it's gettin' cheaper to fly, it's a lot more stressful.

John Hawkins wrote, "My joy could not be contained when I heard one major airline was going to impose a $15 incompetence fee on all checked baggage...[But]...If my favorite carrier hits me with a charge to transport my golf bag...then misplaces it, do I get to bill them $25 for being awful at what they do? May I add $3.50 for the flight attendant who makes 10 bucks an hour, got three hours of sleep and boarded the airplane with nothing but a pocketbook and attitude? How about $1 for every minute I have to wait on a runway because some air-traffic controller is on the phone arguing with his wife?...The thing about the airlines is that they're all 29 over par, and they really don't care, because any operation that loses $60 billion an hour looks at things like courtesy and service as another bag of peanuts" (Golf World, 5/30/08).


Getting back to CEDS, I thought I'd given up writing books because folks prefer the depth of RW or JO to me.

But I'm being nudged to write a basic introduction to homiletics on the, uh, unconventional side; which I know shocks you.

So if you're not going to send 11Gs to me - that's down from 12Gs because I need to pay off my Caliber more than buy that new Taylor Made driver - you can show some gratitude for our fraternity or whatever and send some thoughts, stories, concerns, dogmas, one-liners, indigestions, inspirations, and other obnoxious musings about the homiletical process concomitant to pulpiteers and pewsitters; and you can trust I'll keep your name in confidence even if quoting you if what you say might jeopardize your ordination as well as ability to, uh, pay off the Gs which you owe on your vehicle.


And then a good friend in Florida said it's time to write an updated version of Confessions.

Speaking of being driven to my knees...


Blessings and Love!

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