Sunday, June 8, 2008

June 8, 2008

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


You've probably heard sex is the greatest temptation for a young man, money for an older man, and power for a mature man.

But as I'll probably be confessing in my sequel to Fifteen Secrets at the unrelenting urging of a friend in Florida, any of the three can pop up at any time without warning like a reflexion to distracting reflections; unless, of course, the apostle wasn't including you in Romans 3:23.

Of course, messianic hallucinations aren't novel to history or, uh, you, or, uh, me.


The problem with sex, power, and money is they can be very distracting from the glory, laud, and honor due Him alone.

Check out the first few in the Decalogue.

And with Jesus spreading salt to sting us back to health and shining light to expose the darkness so we don't lose our way, it's tempting to look for another messiah who will minister to the least holy denominators.


Speaking of messianic hopes, some folks were really upset when I talked about BHO's bad buddies: mobsters, domestic terrorists, pastor disasters, America haters, and relatives who don't like whites if they're black or blacks if they're white.

An especially deceived subscriber challenged, "Didn't Jesus associate with such folks?"


Talk about proof-texting!


If you think RR and BC were Teflon Presidents, BHO is gonna make 'em look like sandpaper on a slip&slide.


Parenthetically, as if this is rare for KDs, clergy subscribers were really boiling about the temperature in my study: "The air conditioning works everywhere in the church but my study. The heat worked everywhere in the church this winter but my study."

One gal, uh, clergywoman, wrote, "You can forget getting any of those Gs if your congregation isn't taking care of your working place's aesthetics and atmosphere. Besides, your readers like some of those around you seem to like to get everything for free."


And to think some folks don't get these KDs.

One guy, uh, clergyman, asked rather rhetorically, "Can't you take a hint?"

And can't you read the third sentence of section three in KDXXXV?


I've never comprehended the non-sexist titles like clergyperson.

Didn't He ascribe sexual identities like, uh, male and female?

Well, I do remember a sermon title on a church marquee in Provincetown, Massachusetts: "Hymns and Hers."

But, uh, that was Cape Cod.


With saint OW as BHO's forerunner, it's hard not to ascribe messianic expectations to the very junior Senator from Illinois who has done nothing and says nothing but does it all so eloquently.

And it's hard not to draw some historical comparisons which cause me to reach for my bottle of Pepcids.

I think Dylan caught it in paraphrasing Jesus about that slow train coming: "But the enemy I see wears a cloak of decency."



It could never happen here.




That couldn't happen here either.

Uh, maybe folks should pray, "If I should wake before I die rather than..."


I've got some genes from the Teutonic forests.

I studied in Germany.

And I'll never forget a cleaning lady saying to me, "If he were here, we wouldn't be having these problems."

She was not talking about Jesus.



Back to the Teletubbies.

Where's that Colonel Jessup when we need him?


To be fair and balanced as if that's a Christian's call (Hint: "Trust and obey for there's no other way..."), I'm not psyched at all about the guy running against our latest messiah.

Just the other day, I thought I heard a voice calling to him, "JM, come down and out of that tree."


You can add to the list in the first section of this KD pour moi.

It's a Romans 3:23 thing.


Blessings and Love!

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