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July 1, 2008 Special GA Edition

Special GA Edition
3rd RSV
(PCUSA - R.I.P.)


The apostate, accommodating, and remnant are chiming in more than ever before
in the aftermath of the GA which will accelerate the PCUSA's 42 year decline.

KD's author/editor/gadfly has been lauded and lambasted.

And while she/he/it has decided commentary on what
never was or maybe was but is no more is a waste
of time, emotion, and energy, notable responses
are worth sharing as insightful or inciteful.

Of course, if you're a denominational jingoist,
just close your eyes and wish upon a
star that it'll all be better soon.

Wish upon a star?
That's next!!!

Regardless, while I will remain to be faithful, here are some insights/incites from a brother who separated to be faithful:

Dear KD,

You have forced me to break my vow of silence about the recent meeting of the GA of the PCUSA. This KD is especially well done and on target; which will cause mindless loyalists to attack you personally for telling the truth prophetically. So I had to respond.

My first response to this GA included tears, weeping, and wailing over one I once loved. More than ever, I understand God's heart as expressed in Hosea. The PCUSA has chosen to play the whore; selling what is precious to God for the pleasures of the world. It is very sad.

My second response comes from reading the press releases of all the renewal groups and organizations. They are passionate in their despair, vexed in their language, and concise in their analysis; but their words are empty. The "renewal" groups within the PCUSA are great at "huffing and puffing" while anemic at action. We've heard it all before: "Oh me, oh my." We have seen the looks of angst as hands are wrung tight in worry as the empty promises to change the church are made.

I left the PCUSA because of the "renewal" groups.

After listening to their litanies of empty promises for years and never seeing them take a solid stand against the apostasies of Louisville, Midland, and Monroeville (GA, synods, and presbyteries), I walked away. Actually, I ran away because Goliath is in hot pursuit of me and the congregation I serve.

Now, all my friends in the "renewal" groups will be chipping in 92 cents apiece to sit on the other side of the courtroom and fight against me. People scoff at the 92 cents "Lawsuit Tax" which will be pressed upon the people. The leaders of the "renewal" groups will talk about how bad it is, but they'll send it with no more than a whimper of protest. I can hear them now, "It's only 92 cents, that won't even pay for our lawyers to copy 1/2 sheet of paper for their files. Withholding our gift won't make a difference. So let's send it, with our eyes closed, just like we do when we send our "Abortion Dues" to Louisville to help fund the killing of babies in the name of God. I mean my portion of the "Abortion Dues" isn't enough to pay for the aborting of a whole baby, at best I am only aborting a foot, the left lobe of one lung, or just one of the chambers of the heart."

Someone needs to ask the "renewal" group leaders why they will not "fight like real men, like Scotsmen with bravehearts" against the Royal Crown of Louisville?

I'll tell you why!

They have too much to lose - their big pulpits, their community prestige, their vacations to Aruba, their luxury homes in the suburbs, their daily comforts, their securities vested for retirement, and the approval rating of everyone from "Silent Sam" to Hugh Hefner. They won't face the mirror about why they have accommodate the Louisville Papacy, because...well, to steal a phrase..."They can't handle the truth" about the reason behind their complicity.

No, the "renewal" groups and their leaders have no guts.

How many of them went home from GA and told the truth to their congregations about what happened at GA and then declared, "It's time to leave. I'm leaving. I'm done. If you don't want to come, I'm still leaving"? I doubt if any of them did this. Most likely, they went home and prayed like hell that the local news rag was truly secular, didn't give a hoot about Christians, and refused to run the AP story about GA's atrocities. I suspect they were on their knees giving thanks that the PCUSA is a sideline church, a sidebar to real life, and a mere trifle for which no one cares. I am sure they are grateful the PCUSA has become so insignificant.

Sunday morning I was hit with the news of GA as I greeted worshippers. However, I heard comments from the other shore, rather than from the deck of the Titanic. From the shore, this is what I heard, "I am glad we left!" I heard these thankful words as I saw tears flowing from eyes and hearts breaking in despair. The folks here ache and weep for those of you who are still on the Titanic. We are grateful to be safely ashore, yet we are grieved to see the sinking ship of the PCUSA lead so many to their spiritual death.

Is it too late to jump ship and leave for another denomination?

No, it's not, but please don't call me and ask me about our new home in another Reformed body. If you call me, I will be accused of recruiting you to come and join us. Then, the PCUSA which believes in universal ecumenism, will cry "foul" and seek to have us kicked out of the WARC (Whoopee!). No, the PCUSA will pray to Hindu goddesses, for Islamic terrorists, Shirley Maclaine's candles, and for Barack H. Obama; but "Woe to those who leave the PCUSA" to worship elsewhere and to enjoy the freedom to worship God according to Scripture and as guaranteed in our nation's Constitution.

The most damning comment I heard from GA was the one offer by a commissioner who said, "The most gracious separation plan would be for them to leave the keys when they leave." To which I might add, for him, "But it's O.K. to take all the Bibles because we don't need them anymore and the local township will charge us a fee if we overload the dumpster with them."

Well, my friend, for God's sake, we took the Bibles, the cross, and the keys!

Maybe we can talk at recess.


For those of us who will remain to be faithful,
it's gonna be tough. The apostate buoyed
by the accommodating will continue to
assault all held to be sacred.

While the rhetoric of this particular
response is stiff, it's gonna take
a stiff spiritual spine to endure.

God have mercy on the PCUSA
and the remaining remnant.

By the way, subscribers who, uh, "wish" to rebut the preceding
are invited to send in their, uh, ventings. Of course,
I'm done! I will remain to be faithful by being
a faithful pastor in our family of faith and
our presbytery which is still, uh, faithful.
But I will no longer comment on something
that never was or maybe was but is no more.

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