Friday, July 11, 2008

July 11, 2008

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


Jesse Jackson is not black.

He's green.

Just ask BHO.


Speaking of hypocrisy, I'll be getting to another installment of Cave Canem (viz., The Confessions of RRK) in a few moments.


I'm hoping the Democrats and Republicans are into confession and repentance too.

Wouldn't it be great if they decided to do, uh, a do-over at their conventions and dump their presumptive candidates?

If you're like me, you're voting for VP on 11/4.


From a subscriber in Indiana: "There are already homosexuals serving ordained offices in the PCUSA and other mainline denominations; and among them are ones I know who are deliberately celibate and remarkably quiet. Such saints earn my highest respect and admiration...They are sometimes assailed by cruel gossips who speculate evil like some do in oil futures...These faithful servants are more wounded by the gross attention lavished on unrepentant gays who romp across the chancel without regard for God's Word...Thank you for contrasting the sin of gossip against that of homosexual behavior and recognizing the equity of iniquities. All of us have indeed gone astray...and Christ has born the burden, suffered the death, in order to redeem each one the Father gives Him."

He concluded, "Personally, I'd prefer a pew full of repentant gays to a sanctuary full of nattering gossips any day!"

Not, uh, bad.


If denominationalists understood the difference between repentant and unrepentant or Biblical revelation and auto-suggestion, the mainliners wouldn't have moved to the sidelines of global and national religious life.


Speaking of irreconcilables apart from Jesus, mainliners seem, uh, predestined to split over Biblical faith and morality.

One especially bright professor and pastor in Florida has proposed an overture for one of 'em: "Start the constitutional provisions so that presbyteries could vote whether they favored churches voting in a congregational meeting properly called by their sessions as to whether they wanted to be part of a new denomination or to remain in the PCUSA; and then be allowed to leave the PCUSA with all their assets...for a new denomination which would be divided in proportion to the total membership of churches voting for each denomination...Special formulas would be worked out for the Board of Pensions..."

You get the point; and if you'd like to read the whole proposed deal, just write to me and I'll, uh, connect you to the author and advocate.


I hear another pastor in Florida is going to present the preceding to his presbytery; meaning he has decided to remain where he is until he retires or exits from the franchise.


The property clause may fall sooner or later because you can't exercise selective constitutional fidelity ad nauseum; which is why San Jose decided to gut our BO/BC before some smart lawyer and fair judge caught on.

So you've got two years...[or much less if the apostates and accommodators continue to proceed unchecked] decide how you will remain to be faithful or separate to be faithful.

Churches trying to straddle the middle of the road are gonna be run over by fleeing members.


Speaking of hypocrisy, I'll get back to Cave Canem (viz., Life).


My parents, like You, never gave up on me.

They were poor when I was conceived; yet they did not prevent You from bringing me to life through them.

They marked me off as Yours not long after birth; though I proved original sin as early as recollection allows.

I'm not saying I've ever gotten over that inherited resistance to holiness; indeed, I know You know I know my mind often leads my body to wander from the paths of righteousness for my sake over Yours.

They, like You, have been on the receiving end of the struggle within which too often blurs light for darkness to emerge.

Yet they, like You, never gave up on me.

They loved me first.

You loved me first.

I love them now.

I love You now.

Life begins before the womb from You through parents and after the tomb to You.

I thank You like I thank them for never giving up on me; even when I ignored the sanctity of our relationships.

I thank You for helping me to see the lives of others as no more nor no less sacred than mine.

I will not give up on anyone because they and You established the pattern for my life in respect to the lives of all.


I think of an old poem from the 60s:

I am blue.
You are yellow.
Together we make green.
Green is my favorite color.


It's the green of agape.

It's a lot different from the shaded aspirations cited in the first section of this KD.


Blessings and Love!

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