Monday, July 14, 2008

July 14, 2008

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


When I was a little fellah, my daddy was stationed on a segregated Army base.

The MPs picked me up because I was playing with my black buddies; saying, "You're not supposed to be over here."

I asked, "Why?"

They did not answer.

They never do.

People who do not love Jesus by loving like Jesus as attested in Holy Scripture never have answers for beliefs and behaviors anathema to Jesus as attested in Holy Scripture.


A mainline apologist for the way things never were or maybe were but are no more from Kentucky wrote: "How dare you suggest redirecting money from your denomination's administrative leadership! Do you realize what would happen if people listened to you and stopped sending money? The denominational machinery would come to a grinding halt!"

I wrote back, "Jimminycrickets! I think you've got it!"

I forgot to ask, "Why is it O.K. for guys like you to tell us to boycott Taco Bell because they're engaging in less than Christian business practices but not O.K. for guys like me to suggest redirecting money from guys like you who enable defiance of Biblical Christianity as upheld by our constitution so far yet so precariously?"

Just as well.

Go back to the last sentence of the first section of this KD.


Speaking of hypocrisy, LI wrote about JJ: "It's clear now that JJ lashed out at BHO because he's jealous and frustrated. Jealous of a young black man who really has a chance to make it to the White House. Frustrated because BHO's appeal for self-reliance and strong fathers makes JJ's own blame game style of racial politics seem irrelevant and out of date...JJ made himself a comfortable living in the racial-grievance industry."

It will be interesting to see who's coated with more Teflon: JJ or BHO.

Crackers can't criticize either without being called racists; but what's gonna happen now that JJ's green eyes see a BHO who just ain't black enough for him?


Can you imagine the hysterics if BO, SH, AC, LI, DC, JM, GWB, or any other white gal/guy got caught saying what JJ said about BHO?

Again, spell it with me: T-E-F-L-O-N.


Speaking of the uncouth, I'm really tiring of those screaming talking heads who invite guests on their shows and then yell at 'em.

If you're gonna invite somebody to speak, then, uh, let 'em speak.

We're gonna miss Tim Russert and Tony Snow - exceptions to what has become the unrule.


AC and LI are becoming very popular political commentators; elevating women to the level of obnoxiously rude talking heads which was once reserved for men only.

However, I am concerned about mixed messages on their websites.

While heralding traditional family values, the pictures on their homepages look like teases for porn sites.


Speaking of mixed messages, what's going on up there in Green Bay?

Does anyone really think AR is better right now than BF?

And does anyone really think the players and fans don't know it?

And if VL were still in charge...


Speaking of who's in charge, JL, my favorite candidate for President who has about as much of a chance of getting elected as me becoming another titular head of any of the mainline franchises which are really run by self-perpetuating bureaucracies which can only be tamed by the suggestion in the first section of this KD, has said he's not gonna be JM's VP.

If JM is as out of it as I think he is, he'll pick MR; proving he didn't learn much from the primaries.


Speaking of cults, Salt Lake City Mormons want us to stop referring to, uh, their, uh, polygamists as Mormons.

What's up with that?

What about Joseph Smith,

C'mon, guys!

It's who you, uh, are, uh, is, uh...

If you're gonna make old Joe and your other founding, uh, fathers into idols, stop banterin' and moanin' about Mormons who idolize 'em and, uh, practice what they preached.


You can't blame Jesus for "Christians" who do not practice His ethics.

You can blame the founders when Mormons and Muslims act like 'em.


Speaking of Muslims, the FBI reports al Qaida is seeking to acquire and detonate a WMD on USA soil.

I'm shocked!

Do you really think people who strap bombs to babies to blow up people in supermarkets and cut off the heads of teens who date non-Muslims and want to convert or kill everybody who are enabled by the peaceful and non-violent Muslims of the world who act deaf and dumb about their kin who strap bombs to babies to blow up people in supermarkets and cut off the heads of teens who date non-Muslims and want to convert or kill everybody would consider...?


Israel does.

And Israel has no confidence in JM or BHO to stand up to 'em.

That's why they're practicing bombing runs over Iran right now; and that's why GWB has told the Israelis that he is prepared to approve a strike against Iranian nuclear facilities if negotiations break down regardless of what happens on 11/4.


On the, uh, somewhat lighter side, Cynthia McKinney and Bob Barr, ex-Georgia Congressfolks, have announced candidacies for President.

I feel much better about JM and BHO now.


Cave canem.

There's a bit of the worst in the best of us.

And too often, like JJ just betrayed, it's caught on tape.


Fortunately, the blood of Jesus erases bad tapes.

That's great news in the end.

I'd still prefer He come sooner than later.

I'm tired of rhetorical questions.


Blessings and Love!

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