Wednesday, July 16, 2008

July 16, 2008

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


What do Muslims and BHO fans have in common?

They can't take a joke; especially if it caricatures their realities.

They're so emotionally fragile; and they'd probably last about as long as recently graduated seminarians in their first church.


If you haven't seen Barry Blitt's cartoon on the cover of The New Yorker (7/21/08), just google The New Yorker and get ready for some images which are gonna be around for a while; especially if they make it to the White House.

BHO and his recently-proud-of-America wifey are gonna need more than a political exorcism to shatter and smash those subliminals.

Even The Los Angeles Times (7/15/08) got it: "It's already beginning to seem as though the Obama camp is a trifle thin-skinned. If it reacts this way to a cartoon drawn by a sympathizer who was mocking the outrageous slurs that have been directed at the candidate, what are they going to do when the Republicans start sharpening their artists' pencils?"


A 4th or 5th century desert father said, "Deal with the world as though you have no dealings with it."

That's a pretty good definition of the creative neglect increasingly exercised by the remnant remaining to be faithful in mainline franchises.

People keep asking over and over and over what I'm gonna do as if I haven't written ad nauseum about remaining to be faithful (go to KDXLIII for a quick summary or buy Fifteen Secrets for Life and Ministry which is on sale via


Because believers moving to town ain't lookin' for a mainline nest these days, we downplay the, uh, connection and, uh, upplay communion with Jesus as attested in Holy Scripture.

We'll probably be putting a new sign out front soon; which will look something like this:

Our Family of Faith

"It's all about Jesus!"

If you have to ask why...


Getting back to the thin-skinned, LI wrote, "Nobody has a problem mocking JM's age or GWB's intelligence, but you might as well deposit yourself directly onto hell's doorstep for offending the Obamessiah. Why? Aside from the fact that 97% of the media counts itself among his faithful flock, the race card dangles menacingly over those who aren't."

So stop those cartoons and jokes and criticisms or somebody's gonna cut off...


That's JJ's high moral call to citizenship.


Speaking of phonies, please don't quote me because I didn't say this:

BHO: "Instead of worrying about whether immigrants can learn English - they'll learn English - you need to make sure your child can speak Spanish."

JC's mother: "Sometimes, when I look at my children, I say to myself, 'Lillian, you should have remained a virgin.'"


Looking into the mirror and speaking of phonies again, I did say this: "Mainline denominations are irretrievably apostate under current management."

Hello, Jessup!

Of course, the jingoists just call me names but never counter with substantive commentary.


A very dear heart and someone who works with the PCUSA's "renewal" groups who should stop trying to "renew" something which has gotta be "newed" wrote about this year's fulfillment of the franchise's thanatos libido: "We were outnumbered on every committee...They just don't care. I have been stunned by the Youth Advisory Delegates. The majority of them are spiritually naive, Biblically illiterate, and culturally compromised. They are a mirror image of most of the adult commissioners...only perkier...The remnant word comes back to mind."


Watch for a "Not One Penny" movement which is about to start in Florida.

A faithful guy who is more committed to Jesus than playing footsies with the dark side is gonna propose a way for folks to remain faithfully.

Hint: stop feeding the beast.


What do Muslims, BHO, and mainliners have in common?

They can't take a joke.

It's hard to take what others say you've become.




Blessings and Love!

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