Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July 9, 2008

Remaining to be Faithful in the PCUSA

I've been swamped by members, family, friends, and subscribers from around the country who have "had it" with the increasingly unchecked apostasies of the PCUSA.

While I have written clearly and excessively for the proprieties of some regarding my response and intentions in a plethora of columns published by various, uh, publishers and several KDs (especially KDXLIII which follows) citing my rationale for remaining to be faithful rather than separating to be faithful, other opinions/words/discernments need to be in your mix; and so I commend (the broadest reporting from all sides) and (more, uh, traditional and precise in chronicling the devolution of the PCUSA). I do not recommend the official website of the franchise because it has been a conspirator in enabling the apostasies.

Two particular commentaries are worth a few moments: (1) Dr. Ron Scates' pastoral letter to Dallas, Texas' Highland Park Presbyterian Church via; and (2) "A Call to Arms" via

Anyone who thinks the apostasies will be checked between GAs - two years of open warfare accelerating the exodus of believers from the PCUSA to franchises and non-denominationals who still love Jesus as attested by Holy Scripture - thinks an elephant is a mouse with glandular problems.

It's over.

Or as someone very close to me coined a few years back, "The PCUSA is irretrievably apostate under current management."

However, it is possible to remain and be faithful; and I have made that decision despite the inhibitions to our congregation and my ministry. I cannot and I will not "lead" a congregation out of the franchise and surrender tithes, offerings, properties, and assets to people who do not love Jesus as attested in Holy Scripture and upheld by our constitution so far yet so precariously.

Again, you can read my rationale as follows; or go to google and download all of the obnoxious things which I've written about the fulfillment of the franchise's thanatos libido.

Certainly, I will report news to our congregation and to my KD subscribers; and despite an occasional sarcastic comment or ten, I will not be spending much energy or emotion on the PCUSA anymore.

I will confront anyone who feeds the beast with the tithes and offerings of the faithful.

Anyone who says sending tithes and offerings to the GA assures a "seat at the table" or "voice" or whatever other lame rationalization to trick the faithful into supporting who and what are anathema to their fidelities is enabling the apostasies.

It's over.

People who love Jesus as attested in Holy Scripture and upheld by our constitution so far yet so precariously are the decided minority in the PCUSA with no prospects of becoming the majority before the parousia.

The choices seem clear: become apostate, accommodate, flee, fight, or exercise creative neglect.

I have made my choice to pray and work to remain to be faithful as pastor of the family of faith entrusted to me in Blackhawk Presbytery.

Creative neglect is my, uh, connection to the PCUSA (viz., GA, OGA, GAC,

After over three decades of ordained ministry in the PCUSA and studying and observing over four decades of devolution by increasingly unchecked apostasies, I pray for the franchise's confession, repentance, and restoration; but I don't expect it anymore.

I will pray and labor to be a Godly person, father, husband, pastor, professor, and presbyter in BP which continues to treasure its irenic and redemptive spirit; and, in my spare time, working on my handicap, beginning Cave Canem in the next KD, and finishing off that homiletics book.

Lord, have mercy on the PCUSA and remnant remaining to be faithful

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