Friday, August 1, 2008

August 1, 2008


There has been an incredible response to the addendum to Not One Penny noted below in section 5: "Legal Defense Fund for Persecuted Presbyters" who are remaining to be faithful or have separated to be faithful.

I have heard from many folks from around the country who are now praying our "renewal" paradenominationals will consider something like this at their next pow-wow; or somebody will step forward who knows how to do it.

While the Not One Penny movement with this addendum does not claim to be the only way or even the best way to encourage confession, repentance, and restoration in the formerly faithful PCUSA, it is one way.

JY and I applaud, affirm, and advocate anyone who is praying and laboring to "new" our franchise which has so despicably distanced itself from Jesus as attested in Holy Scripture and upheld by our constitution so far yet so precariously.

We are chastened by Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12.

We will not be silenced by those who advocate, enable, and accommodate apostates who insult the holiness of Jesus and seek to cripple pastors and congregations who challenge, resist, dissent, protest, and otherwise exercise their constitutional rights to remain or separate faithfully.

We are stunned by the fainthearted clergy, sessions, and judicatories which have not come to the aid of presbyters who are being targeted by this unconscionable "war chest" and its "per capita" supported precursors to enable litigation against those who have separated to be faithful or have defended the integrity of those who have separated to be faithful even if called and committed to remaining to be faithful.

JY, PR, and I have made our remaining to be faithful intentions clear and conclusive for many years despite the threats to vocational security.

If anyone can show us from Holy Scripture as upheld by our constitution so far yet so precariously how we have erred, we will confess our sin, repent, and seek restoration to His best intentions.

If criticism is about this particular method or any other which we have and will embrace in this movement to "save" the PCUSA from the dark forces which have slithered into its leadership, we urge you to do something for Christ's sake rather than using your gifts, energy, and time to criticize those who are doing something.

If criticism employs inane rationalizations about disturbing the peace, unity, and purity of the franchise by refusing to fund connections increasingly disconnected from Biblical Christianity, please...

Blessings and Love!

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