Sunday, August 24, 2008

August 24, 2008

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


He did it.

The serial plagiarist is gonna be his running mate.

He coulda and shoulda and some day know he woulda picked the decent man who is strong on national defense and social responsibility from Georgia (SN) if he'd had more experience in national elections.


The only way the other guy can lose now is by picking a real moron.

Go back to the inaugural KD (2/28/08).

And go back to the first sentence of this section for a synonymous though Freudian spelling slip.


Speaking of character, I'm really getting tired of people who only call or correspond when they've got something or someone to criticize.

Shrinks call that relational imbalance.

I call it, uh, pastoral ministry.


Fortunately, I wrote the book on creative neglect; and because nobody buys or reads it, nobody knows how it's done.

Here's a hint from my daddy: "Tell people to go to hell in a way that they're looking forward to the trip."

Here's how to begin and end: "Thank you for sharing that with me."


I counsel lots of pastors; which is why some folks think I should be an EP or join the RCC and become a bishop.

That won't happen because I won't sell my soul for the company store if you know what I mean; and if you don't, you probably have!

Anyway, this recently ordained guy who I've mentored calls and says, "Thanks so much for everything that you've taught me. Currently, I am learning a lot from members who keep telling me how my predecessors messed up."

I said, "When you're not in the room, they talk about you."


Yeah, dear friend who will be joining our family of faith before Christmas, it's all about Jesus.


If it were all about Jesus, denominational infidelities along with congregational idolatries, lionizations, and demonizations wouldn't cripple the church's witness.


I quoted a guy as being in but not from West Virginia when he's really in but not from Maryland.

I'm always messing up.

I've got over 300 "worshippers" who are more than ready to remind me at the click of a "send" button.


I recall a round on a very early morning not too long ago.

There are 18 holes on the course and I was the only one playing with three grounds crew guys around.

I was on the 7th while one was on the 6th, one was on the 7th, and one was on the 8th.


Life is filled with distractions as well as metaphors.

Faith does not make us immune to 'em.

He enables us to overcome 'em.


Yes, dear friend, it is all about Jesus; and when we figure that out, the bridal party will be more appropriately attired.

But because it's not all about Jesus for too many in church as well as society, it's imperative to integrate, intellectually/spiritually as a preface to emotional amelioration/consolation, some advice from a corporate shrink in Greensboro, North Carolina: "You are not responsible for what others say and do; but you are responsible for what you say and do and how you respond to what others say and do."

He put it this way, "As long as it depends on you..."

As teams like the Bears understand, when it doesn't depend on you, punt.

Creative neglect.


And to my professor/pastor friend in Florida who pushes me in a redemptive kind of way, that's why it's taking so long to start Cave Canem.

The you messages must end.

Because, in the end, it will be very, very, very personal.


Blessings and Love!

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