Tuesday, August 26, 2008

August 26, 2008

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


While studying in Heidelberg in the mid 70s, a professor shouted, "Don't just read what coincides with your weltanschauung! Read what challenges and stretches your beliefs!"

Didactically, he continued, "If you don't know what they're thinking, you won't be prepared to contend with them."

I did/do.

Being in the PCUSA, I don't have to search too far for folks spouting off stuff that's anathema to Biblical Christianity 'cause we're seeping in a cesspool of apostasies.

Anyway, I was reading about the infanticidal candidate's extremely partisan serial plagiarist running mate and came across this:

Want a free Obama/Biden sticker? MoveOn's giving
them away totally free - even the shipping's free. I
just got mine, and wanted to share the opportunity
with you. Click this link to get a free...

I clicked; and in the spirit of KDs (read John 3:19-21), I forwarded it to subscribers, family, friends, foes, and folks who keep telling me to remove their names from my mailing list because they're computer challenged and don't know how to delete or block.

The responses have been swift, serious, silly, severe, slanderous, and all of the below.


A guy who got the joke sent a joke to me which reminded me of some truth in lots of humor.

"I believe," he quoted or coined, "the Democrats have suddenly developed a keen sense of morality. John Edwards has been banned from making a speech at the Democratic Convention for having an affair and lying about it."

Scrolling down, I read the punch line: "Bill Clinton is speaking in his place."


When I think of BHO's incredibly inane choice for VP, two thoughts come to mind.

First, if I were a Republican strategist, I would be having a Pentecostal moment. While the old Senator from Georgia and current Governor of Pennsylvania could have made the race interesting, the doozie from Delaware means JM wins bigger than RR over JC unless he picks a moron (misspelling) or Paris Hilton.

Second, a story from the Boone County Fair comes to mind. A young boy admires prize-winning tomatoes; and asks, "What did you put on 'em?" The farmer says, "Horse crushed manure." The boy responds, "We use ranch dressing."


From those who, I guess, think I'm into BHO/JB:

"No thanks. I despise MoveOn and their despicable tactics."

"Have you finally lost all of your mind?"

"I know you like Hendrix; but you must have done acid too!"

"Why in the world would I want one, you _____?"

"Thanks. Already got one that says, 'Got Hope?'"

"You're a bigger ____ than I thought!"

While KDs use @#$%s to separate sections rather than express pejorative or profane pathologies, I received lots of unprintables.


From those who, I hope, know I was joking:

"Is that a free Obama/Biden sticker or a 'free'
Obama/Biden sticker?"

"I'd rather have a bumper sticker that says
I'm Presbyterian."

"Stop making me laugh so early in the morning!"

"You made me puke up my breakfast."

It ran about 50-50 in terms of who got it and who didn't.


Here's the best serious reply: "I believe we have the kind of relationship that can survive my broadside; and I wish that I felt differently. I am aware many honest Christians are for BHO/JB; but whatever happens, I hope we are still friends."

The broadside: "I am a little surprised, in this most critical Presidential campaign in American history, when from a Christian or even human point of view, there is no choice except JM because BHO assaults: (1) the value of human life; (2) the integrity of marriage; (3) the integrity of America as opposed to his idiotically naive views on world union and cooperation; and (4) the integrity of our courts."

He ended, "Maybe this is a joke, right?"

Yes, friend; unless they make it to the White House.


But my favorite comes from an increasingly dear friend who is also one of the few bravehearts left in the franchise: "You put that thing on your car and you can probably kiss all chances of raising funds to pay it off goodbye!"


I've received over 40 replies so far; and I'll provide updates to this KD until I get bored with the subject and, uh, move on.

I have omitted the congrats from the lefties because I don't want anyone important to me to think I'm leaning that way.

I have omitted the really slanderous attacks from the righties because I don't want anyone important to me to think I care.

The mission of this KD has been accomplished (see the next section).


Anyone who listens when I speak/preach/pontificate knows wild horses dragging me by the tongue couldn't persuade me to vote for 'em; and though I'm like that early morning radio guy in Chicago who says JM is really awful but BHO is really, really, really awful, I like BHO personally but just can't get beyond his buddies, inexperience, most-left-in-the-Senate voting record, and vacuous eloquence.

Be that as it is, it was fun in a lamentable way to disclose the true feelings toward yours truly of the recipients.

Specifically, it proved people are always looking for something in other people so they can pick, peck, pounce, denigrate, and damn.

We haven't learned the balance of Matthew 7:1-6.


The ruse revealed undisclosed relational realities.


Of course, that's what KDs are all about.


Let me put it another way.

If you understand the problem with idolatries, you're iconoclastic by, uh, spirit.

And getting back to Matthew 7:1-6, part of the balance which some folks miss is discerning right from wrong as exemplified in Jesus and explained in Holy Scripture is different from condemning which isn't part of our job description.

Loving is for us and judging is for Him.

In other words, just because you like somebody and pray His best graces for 'em doesn't mean she/he should be President.

Or something like that.


Blessings and Love!

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