Saturday, August 30, 2008

August 30, 2008

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


Golf is a metaphor for life; and if my publishers would have been a little more creative in their marketing, Golf in the Real Kingdom (2000) would have precluded the need for me to beg to get out of debt.

Be that as it could be, life as well as golf requires adjustments; for it's long irons one day and then hybrids the next and then...

JM learned adjustments are necessary in politics; and his choice for VP proves he's learned his lessons well.


When the euphemistically put donkeys picked BHO for their, uh, race to the White House and heralded he has ended waiting for the parousia - Get a load of the Greek god stage! - and then coupled him with the way lefter serial plagiarist from the dinky state next to the big ones on the right coast, I predicted - and I may be wrong though I wouldn't have predicted it if I thought I am - JM's win on 11/4 will make RR's trouncing of JC look like a cliffhanger.

Actually, I've been saying JM wins since the inaugural KD (2/28/08).

Here's the sociopolitical reality without prejudice:

JM is awful and white.

BHO is awful and black.

JM's running mate is hot.

BHO's running mate is a retread who never came close
to a shot at the White House on his own; thoroughly
rejected by his own party after repeated runs.

JM will win because there's a lot of racism remaining in America and BHO has nutballs for friends, an astonishing record of accomplishing nothing in the Illinois Legislature and Congress, the most-left-in-the-Senate voting record, and vacuous eloquence; which, by the way, is why most Presbyterian pastors identify with him.


Speaking of Sarah, I dated her when I was a lifeguard in the Poconos.

Her parents owned an Italian restaurant if you know what I mean.

She brought Bob Seger's Night Moves alive for me.


Now to JM's running mate who is not the same Sarah, I've always said the first female or minority President will have traditional American values.

SP is an evolved soccer mom with five children, has a union card-carrying husband, young (44 which is kinda symbolic in a Biblical way proving messianic claims can be claimed by both sides now), hot (Alaska bumper sticker: "Coldest State! Hottest Governor!"), just gave birth in April to a Down Syndrome boy instead of joining the lead, uh, donkey who says some babies are punishment for mistakes/misfortunes and can be murdered even after birth, has a son who deploys for Iraq in a few weeks, and has made more decisions in two years as Alaska's chief executive than BHO has in his entire political career and, uh, dreams.

And she's a gun-toting athlete who drives a snowmobile!

And she inhaled!



She made her way to the top without stops in Hyannis or withdrawals from the Heinz fortune.


Now go back to the first KD.

When they start counting, it's gonna make Dukakis look viable.

Going back to the first sentence of the fourth section, she will be my President because I'm not voting for JM or BHO.


Getting back to golf, do you know why politicians like golf?

They're always working on improving their lies.

Do you know why they don't like golf?

They're always trapped by their lies sooner or later.


Gotta go.

I've got something in my eye.


Blessings and Love!

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