Thursday, September 25, 2008

September 25, 2008

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


$750 really big ones to prop up privileged preppies; and I can't get $12-20 much smaller ones to pay off the Caliber and plastic.

It's confusing; kinda like trying to figure out how a community organizer qualifies as commander-in-chief.

On the other hand, if the other guy's temper is as bad as they say and we put his finger on the trigger...

Roll those dice!

No wonder China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia are making their moves.


Speaking of lies, a friend who rationalizes denominational sin to avoid dealing with it said to Cub Scouts about 30 years ago, "Lying is out. Little lies, half-truths, and pretend stories are out. They will not make you happy, because God does not like them. No matter how much it hurts, God likes the truth best."

That's what my latest book (Cave Canem) in search of a publisher in December, which nobody will buy either because JO and RW have cornered the churchy market, is all about.

Aside from learning it's better to dump garbage before others dig it up, which disarms antagonists who can't expose what you've already disclosed concomitant to ameliorating the vertical relationship, it takes too much energy and emotion to keep looking over your shoulder for that person who knows you're not as good as momma says or you're pretending to be.

Besides, if God forgives you, that's all that counts, uh, in the end.

If you're into holding grudges, don't read Matthew 6:12, 14-15 'cause it'll ruin more than a few of your days.

Let me put it another way.

Grudge-holders are gravediggers; and the only graves being dug are their own.

Or something like that.


I don't have any time left over for folks who lie about their relationship with God.

Yeah, I write about 'em; but I don't have slots in my daily calendar for 'em.

Here's what I mean.

I spent most of today's early hours just after midnight as a police chaplain with a mommy whose twenty-something baby boy was murdered by a rival gang; and I'm heading to the hospital in a few minutes to see some older folks who know their days are numbered no matter what happens this time and a fifty-something biker who is waiting to hear from the doctor about his extensive cancer surgery. Then I'm gonna meet with a woman who has dedicated herself to a church which has betrayed her. Then I'm gonna meet with a man who is about to lose everything in a divorce, uh, settlement. Then I'm gonna mediate a severance for a pastor who is "the best preacher and pastor that we've ever had" but isn't quite good enough to warrant the kind of love and mercy which he extended to the congregation for nearly two decades.

In other words, I can't seem to work up much energy and emotion for folks whose deodorant didn't keep 'em dry throughout the whole worship service because the air conditioning in the sanctuary wasn't cool enough or they're not coming back because I didn't convince our church board to go back to the old worship hours or I'm just not like _____ many other lies to cover up the truth of not loving Jesus because the best measurement of loving Jesus is loving like Jesus.

Don't get me wrong.

I pray for whiners and irregulars and navelgazers and the like; if there's any time...

I don't have time for people with lame excuses for drifting away from Him and His.

Maybe I'd like to have more time for 'em.

Maybe I'm lying right now.

But I remember attending a workshop with one of America's greatest evangelists back in the late 70s and hearing him say, "Don't waste your time on green apples. Pick ripe ones! Specifically, don't waste your time on folks who are drifting away from the church but spend your time on those who are coming in or making inquiries."

Inactive membership rolls are a joke.

If somebody isn't shut-in or physically incapable of attending worship services and participating in the congregation's life, they should be dropped from the membership roll after a few months; unless, of course, you'd rather lie about your church's actual membership.

But, heaven, who said mainline ministry has any Christocentric/Biblical/confessional/constitutional integrity anymore?


Here are two big lies from Election 2008.

All Republicans are rich.

All Democrats are immoral.

But, of course, you could have fooled me!


Here's a note from a subscriber in New Mexico: "Tearing down Yankee Stadium is like exiling a congregation's gifted preacher and passionate pastor to replace him with a young pup that is not house-broken."

That's a lie.

Yankee Stadium evokes much more affection.



"Who am I?"

"I am under 45 years old, love the outdoors, hunt, known as a Republican reformer, have lots of children, considered a maverick, and I'm the VP candidate after less than two years in the Governor's office."

"I am Teddy Roosevelt."

"You go, girl!"


Here's some interesting news from Roll Call (9/22/08).

Of the 50 richest members of Congress, 27 are Republicans and 23 are Democrats.

The richest is Senator John Kerry who comes in at $230.98 million.

Thank you, John, uh, I mean Teresa Heinz!

Actually, that $230.98 is just what's in his pockets; and if you add in the Heinz ketchup heir's loot, he/she are worth over a billion (, 4/08).

O.K., disregard what I said about two big lies from Election 2008.


Turning to the truth about lies, I have recommendations for those who are marketing BHO and JM.

The Democrats should keep talking about GWB.

The Republicans should keep talking about BHO's nutty buddies; and keep showing this clip:


Getting around to the first female President, lots of subscribers have asked for the link to SNL's hilarious Palin/Clinton address to the nation:

Of course, last Saturday's incest innuendo directed at the First Dude isn't worthy of comment or link; and proves again why you need to revisit to discover the truth behind the dark side's hatred.

You go, girl!


I can't stand that expression (last sentence of the previous section); and I can't stand the moronic partisanship of Election 2008.

JB, BHO, JM, and SP are nice folks and all of 'em have some noble/nutty ideas.

BHO and JM have a great opportunity over this weekend to prove they're more interested in the welfare of America and a world so dependent upon America's welfare by putting aside their lusts for the White House in favor of what's good for the country and globe.

Tough times/decisions don't build but rather expose character; so let's see what they're gonna say about the billions for bailing out the already wealthy.


I am holding my breath.



Blessings and Love!

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