Saturday, September 27, 2008

September 27, 2008

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


The first Presidential (sic) debate is history.

The Democrats are saying their vacuously eloquent candidate with nutty buddies won; but, of course, those jackasses would vote for Satan if he were their party's nominee.

The Republicans are saying their little guy with the big temper and really hot VP won; but, of course, those slow moving beasts on the edge of extinction would vote for Satan if he were their party's nominee.

Partisans are like that; and Election 2008 is the most partisan since, uh, hmm, geez, gulp, sigh, uh,...the last one.

Considering the choices, I'm praying America doesn't lose.


I watched it after a Friday night high school football game; and I was in a good mood because my favorite team finally won.

BHO came out smokin' and then burned out like he did in the last few primaries.

JM came out like a deer caught in headlights but then rolled over the opposition like he did after the first few primaries.

Maybe it will be close.


Go back to the first KD.


Election 2008 is evoking strange thoughts; and while I did inhale, I never dropped acid.

Hitler was a vegetarian.

The founder of Planned Parenthood attended KKK rallies.

And I'm feelin' like pops at the end of Moonstruck, "I'ma so confused!"


Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post Writers Group posted some strange, uh, interesting thoughts on 9/22/08:

I love BHO for his style, grace, intellect and
his way with words...I love SP for her chutzpah,
courage, maverickness and her authenticity...But
my inner eye is watching. And my inner voice is
saying: These are not good enough reasons...

I worry BHO isn't serious enough about terrorism
and free markets. I worry about his out-of-touchness
with the people who, he says, cling to guns and
religion because of frustration and anger. I worry
about a worldview that may have been shaped in
part by a spiritual mentor who damns America in
church and thinks the government invented the
AIDS virus to kill blacks...

I worry about SP's certitude and her slight
offness...I worry abut a worldview that might
have been a minister who believes
Alaska someday will be home to Christian
renegades arriving for the Rapture...

With so much to worry about, we are left
with two not-great choices not lend
themselves to sound sleep...

Stop the presses!

I thought BHO was running against JM.

I'ma so confused.


Do you remember Thomas Eagleton?

He's the guy who was dropped by George McGovern because of shocking revelations about his first choice for VP.

The rumor mill has it that BHO is about to dump JB because every day betrays another shocking revelation about the serial plagiarist who is not from Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Be that as it is or is not depending upon your political myopia, I see lots of parallels between the two campaigns like vacuous eloquence, rigged polls, scarcely veneered media bias for lefties, and messianic over/undertones among the cultic, young who will vote if there's nothin' else to do or they're not hung over, and Starbucks/Oprah/pseudo-intellectual elites who pretend to be above violation of the first few of the Decalogue yet always seem to be first in line for sociopolitical seduction throughout history.

Anyway, if BHO does dump JB in favor of the political version of Howard Cosell (viz., HRC), don't make popcorn on 11/4 because it will be all over before Sports Center.


I may be wrong.

I picked the Cubs to win the World Series in February; and they're still going strong.

So if the Cubs don't win the World Series, forget what I've been predictin' about Election 2008 since 2/28/08.

If the Cubs do win the World Series, the lefties will have to go lookin' for another goat.


A really smart guy from Ohio weighed in on one of the most disingenuous and despicable uses of inactive membership rolls: "We never reactivate an inactive member just so we can transfer her/him to another church...Why should we inflate our statistics just to transfer a member who wasn't a member?"

Some churches/pastors/sessions do that?

I'ma so confused.


Go Cubs!


Blessings and Love!

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