Thursday, October 16, 2008

October 16, 2008

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


Alyssa, Audrey, Destany, and Kylie came to my study last night and gave a tasty chocolate chip cake to me which was inscribed, "We appreciate you!"

They're 4th graders who participate in our wildly enthusiastic and growing midweek programs for all ages; which is why we're expanding (go to for the specifics).

Anyway, after a lot of fun talking about favorite TV shows and how much we love each other, I asked, "Who do you think will be elected President?"

Unanimously, they shouted, "Obama!"

When I asked why, they shouted, "He's a nice man who will take care of the country!"


As the emperor said to Mozart, "And there it is."

Or as Dandy Don serenaded Frank and Howard on Monday Night Football when the outcome was no longer in doubt, "Turn out the lights! The party's over!"

After attending the formal announcement of my favorite Mayor's bid for re-election and then returning to our midweek programs, I watched the last hurrah for JM, uh, I mean last Presidential debate.

While the moderator from CBS BS was the fairest with the best questions of any of the hacks who preceded him with thinly veiled bias, I reached two conclusions and then searched for a re-run of the latest Colbert Report.

First, though BHO betrayed a smug smile and condescending demeanor toward a man who has served our country so much better and so much longer than even his handlers can counter, he is the prettiest and most vacuously eloquent candidate of all time.

My 4th grade friends have caught his, uh, be careful now, spirit.

Second, though it seemed JM was about to blow at any time, there is no way SP can win with him on the ticket.

My 4th grade friends made a few comments about him which I will not repeat because I don't want them to be disciplined by their parents for what they said.

Go back to the first two sentences of this section.


Big changes - Isn't that the chosen one's promise? - are coming!

Here's one from a Chicago chum - The Reverend Jesse Jackson who has cashed in on MLK for years without honoring my hero's consistent Christocentrism and humility - which should catch the attention of an ethnic group which seems to be among his most adoring disciples: JJ promised "fundamental changes" in US foreign policy when BHO becomes President; saying the USA must "heal wounds" by apologizing for the "arrogance of the GWB administration."

JJ, speaking to the World Policy Forum in Evian, France, believes "Zionists who have controlled American policy for decades" may be strong but have little clout with the chosen one: "Barack is determined to repair our relations with the world of Islam and Muslims."


Here's another endorsement for the chosen one:


Help us, Jesus!


My mom and niece attended a SP rally in Scranton, Pennyslvania earlier this week; and, by the way, JB is not from Scranton even though he mentions it about 666 times a day and the chosen one brought it up again last night.

JB saying he is from Scranton, where he was born, is like me saying I'm from Washington, D.C. where I was born; or like someone who went to a mainline seminary but believes in Jesus.

If you don't get it, I get it.

Anyway, my mom said a CNN reporter asked her at the SP rally what she thought of Scranton's favorite son running for VP. She responded, "He's not from Pennsylvania. He's from Delaware." Immediately, the reporter pulled the microphone away from my mother and went to another man at the rally and repeated the same question. He said, "Why are you asking us about JB at a SP rally?"

Interpreter! Interpreter!


Here's the report from my mom on SP: "She's small, cute, full of energy and loaded with personality. She is dynamite when she gets to the podium, filled with self-confidence, positive, and has knowledge and experience beyond her years. I felt like she was talking personally to me. I feel she would be a great VP. And look out Washington! She'll clean that town up."

Here's the report from my niece who is a brilliant law student: "It was awesome!...The media is not telling the truth about how people feel about SP...The CNN reporter said JB was raised in Scranton and someone said he was born in Scranton which the CNN reporter was too dense to distinguish...Some guy yelled at the CNN reporter that the rally was not for JB but for SP; then chants started for SP and the CNN crew left...It was a great rally!"

But, alas, SP can't win with JM on the ticket.


"Not so fast in giving up on JM," says one of the few bravehearts for Jesus left in the PCUSA.

From the remnant: "I'm going to make a radical prediction. I don't think this is over and I think BHO will lose this election. I think this will be another case of 'Dewey Wins' headlines being just a tiny bit premature."

Continuing: "Here's the thing. The left is very afraid. So afraid that they keep on insisting this is in the bag. Polls lie. RL has been telling his listeners to tell any pollsters who ask that they're voting for BHO. I've never believed polls anyhow; and I'm willing to hold out hope until the last ballots are counted in the wee hours of the morning."

Concluding: "Of course, I continue to be a Cubs fan."


Britney Spears just said something which makes me think of those who've swallowed this chosen one stuff: "I sit there and I look back and I'm like, 'I'm a smart person. What the hell was I thinking?'"


I'm on the mailing list.

Of course, I get 547 ED and Viagra e-mail ads every day too.

I received this invitation yesterday: "Hi! I'm one of your neighbors in Rockford. I'm throwing a 'MoveOn for Obama' Party this weekend to make sure Barack wins big, and you're invited!...We're all going to call MoveOn members in the swing states to get them out volunteering for Obama...It's a great chance to meet some of your progressive neighbors, talk some politics, and help Obama win. So please come!...And don't be shy about passing this invitation along to other folks who you think might want to be there too..."

If only my 4th grade friends had e-mail addresses.


Here's some reassurement (?) from a source: "You're right! BHO is not the Antichrist...You're wrong when you say, 'But he could be the False Prophet to the Antichrist.'"

Reasoning: "If the False Prophet is around now...then the FP will come from the accepted evangelical camp. It's easier for a person with credentials, worldly success, high TV ratings, and a huge spiritual following to convince the religious orthodox to follow him. They'd do it in a heartbeat if they thought the USA would become totally Christian again, with public prayer, and litmus tests for politicians and others. They'd willingly give up the rights of others in order to feel in charge. Of course, in giving up the rights of others, they'd give up their own rights too."


I've got to stop reading Revelation 6:1-2.


I think I'll have a piece of cake.


Blessings and Love!

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