Wednesday, October 22, 2008

October 22, 2008

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


I interviewed Joe-the-Oil-Changer in Poplar Grove, Illinois around 5:10 p.m. on 10/21.

He's a Baptist with six employees and one wife who also hangs out at the garage.

I asked if Joe-the-Plumber is right about the chosen one's tax plan.

He said, "If he's serious about it, I'm finished; or, at least, most of my employees."

He asked what I think.

I said, "Well, if he's really the chosen one, he's gonna deliver..."


It's hard to talk about Election 2008.

Democrats are running against GWB; and the oh so standard bearer who is kinda grumpy and has a hard time getting his base up despite his really hot running, uh, mate.

Republicans are running against the latest messiah; and his true identity won't be disclosed until after 1/20/09 - along with his sealed high school, college, and law school records which probably prove he's a patriot unlike his pals during those days - which will be good news or bad news depending upon your understanding of eschatology.


I wonder if General Colin Powell and his son will be watching the returns together on 11/4.

CP, who admits BHO doesn't really know what's going on but is surrounding himself with new and improved informed folks unlike his former pals, likes the "transformational" aka messianic character of the Phillies, I mean White Sox, I mean whichever city I'm in, fan.

Michael Powell represents the GOP's grumpy guy on the campaign trail; and, get this, served as a policy advisor to GWB's DC.

By the way, fight fans, CP worked for the hated DC and GWB as well as doing a national security stint for RR.

And, just to add to the clarity, MP's conservative credentials are almost as impressive as his dad's before he, uh, uh, uh, converted.


Speaking of family dysfunctions, SP and JM ain't on the same page when it comes to gay marriage.

Parenthetically, I'm all for it in the same way that I'd like to legalize drugs. If the government is gonna control everything in the next four years anyway, why not let 'em take over the gay and drug industries? Biblical morality isn't an issue anymore - just ask your local mainline preacher - and putting the feds in charge to regulate such stuff just may cut down on disease, crime, and laced weed.

Getting back to the gays who must be in the majority these days because they're certainly all-the-talk in elections, churches, news, sitcoms, and hate mail to fundies, SP supports a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

JM says states should be left to define marriage.


If mainline denominations can say to hell with Biblical faith and morality, we shouldn't expect Republican Presidential grumps to be up with it.


A byte-bite from Kansas City: "You're like me, KD. The pollyannas are upset with you because you tell the truth and believe iconoclastic commentary is a spiritual gift which the Apostle Paul forgot to include in the second edition of 1 Corinthians. Well, look at it this way. If BHO gets in (as appears likely), Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez won't have any further reason to spite us; which, of course, concerns folks who want everyone to like them even if it includes folks who are dedicated to our annihilation."


A byte-bite from deep in the belly of America's heartland: "When BHO talks about spreading around the wealth, he is saying to spread your wealth around. There is no 'wealth' just hanging around in the atmosphere waiting to be spread around. It is wealth because it actually belongs to someone who created it; which means that if the government is going to spread it around, they have to take it from the person who owns it and give it away to those who didn't earn it."


He went on, "A guy was begging on the corner with a cup in his hand. He wore a T-shirt that said, "Obama! For the Change We Want!"

Conclusion: "I keep wondering how he's the candidate who will unify the country when I can't stand the sight of him and know he's about to ignite a class war in America which will devastate us."


Now before my way left subscribers go into cardiac arrest over the preceding, please remember you're just as partisan; especially when you keep talking about GWB instead of JM as if JM is GWB which is as silly as saying BHO is being influenced by his former pals who he doesn't hang with anymore since dumping them for his new pals like CP.


Of course, that is a problem today.

People have this need to box everything; proving Pete Seeger was right.

Politicians, professors, pastors, parents, and just about anybody else even if who they are doesn't start with "p" know too many people are always speck-inspecting; looking for that pejorative something to ____ 'em off so they can write 'em off as perditious.

It's, uh, pathological.


Kinda like my debt.

If you know somebody who is into consolidating debt at an interest rate lower than the chosen one's tax plan, let me know.

I would like to pay off the Caliber, plastic, and get that motorcycle before the eschaton which seems closer and closer as 11/4 and 1/20 approach.

Or if you're a disciple of the chosen one and still hoarding a disproportionate piece of the pie, you can spread some of your wealth around to, uh, me.

Or if you're one of those mean-spirited Republicans who doesn't care about the poor but want to pretend you're penitent...


Speaking of pathologies, I've got a sharp pain in my left side.

I can't figure out what it is.

It's kinda like how America is feeling about Election 2008.


Blessings and Love!

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