Monday, October 27, 2008

October 27, 2008

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


Hans Cornelder spent the weekend with our family of faith.

He's the visionary, founder, and editor of which is the best source for clear, concise, comprehensive, and, therefore, contentious information related to the PCUSA, sister mainlines and sidelines, and global Christianity.

What he said reflected what you can read when you subscribe to; which, unlike KDs, requires a modest subscription fee.

It's worth your time and $; which, again, is unlike KDs which require nothing but a right pinky with a little dexterity to hit the delete button.

Moretheless, here's how I introduced him - just a byte/bite - to the few presbyters, officers, and members who still care about all of the hell happening in the PCUSA at a breakfast on the corner of Lincoln and Main in Belvidere, Illinois: "If Election 2008 has taught anything to us, it's that America is severely divided along partisan lines; and the PCUSA, which mirrors so much of the world today, is severely divided. Being a Presbyterian pastor, people don't expect me to talk about politics or religion; but I'm still pleased to introduce Dr. Cornelder to folks who still want to know what's going on so they can respond in a Christian kind of way."

Or something like that.


Speaking of religion anyway, there's an important distinction between Christian and Muslim behavior which our government, media, and mainliners don't want to admit because it would upset the emotionally fragile Muslims as well as their ride through Disney singing, "It's a small world after all..."

Crusaders chopped off heads for Jesus and Muslims chopped/chop heads off for Muhammad; however, Crusaders who chopped off heads weren't following the irenic spirit of their leader/Lord Jesus while Muslims who chopped/chop off heads for Muhammad were/are following the polemical spirit of their leader/lord Muhammad.

Christians who actually read the Bible know Jesus never advocated chopping of heads for Him.

Muslims who actually read the Koran know Muhammad advocated chopping of heads for him and what's his name.

It's an important distinction.

I think of it this way.

Don't blame Jesus for Christians who act antithetically to Him as attested in the New Testament.

But you can blame Muhammad for Muslims who act in consonance with him as attested in the Koran.

Faithful Christians as exemplified in Jesus and attested in the New Testament are peacemakers.

Faithful Muslims as exemplified in Muhammad and attested in the Koran are, uh, uh, uh,...


Facts are irrelevant these days.

It's more about feelings.

Election 2008 is illustrative.

America feels better about the chosen one.

It's that, uh, simple.


Parenthetically, a word which I adore, I'm praying the chosen one wins by a wide margin on 11/4; primarily because more and more of his disciples are saying really bad things are gonna happen if crackers steal this election like they did in the last two.

Of course, I'm wondering if there are gonna be riots anyway; kinda like those big celebrations in Ann Arbor and Happy Valley when they win big ones.

Be that as it may be, I'd rather the chosen one win big than go through the violence which is being predicted by his sycophants if he doesn't.


Parenthetically, a word which I adore so much that I use it over and over again, I'm praying His best for President BHO.

I want him to succeed because I kinda like this country and don't want it to go down the toilet like mainline denominations.

More than less, America has been good to Americans and a big chunk of the planet.

So if President BHO is successful, it means more of the same for Americans and a big chunk of the planet.

Oh, let me put it another way.

If you're not praying President BHO succeeds, you must be a, uh, uh, uh, Muslim.


Go ahead!

Call me narrow, myopic, Neanderthal, or whatever.

I'm one of the remnant remaining in a mainliner who still believes Jesus is Lord and wants to save us from the ultimate barbecue and its penultimate polemics.

Simply, I believe the world and, uh, church would be a lot better off if people loved Jesus by loving a lot more like Jesus and a lot less like Muhammad.


Parenthetically, which by using the word again reinforces my wife's redundant scorn that I'm a serial repeater, the last few sections are gonna get my mom all upset.

She thinks that Muslims are gonna come and chop off my head just like they keep trying to do to that novelist in London (SR).

OOOOoooohhhh! I'm so afraid.

Remember, I'm a Christian: "The Spirit in me is greater..."


Besides, nobody reads my stuff or listens to my sermons.

They have strong mental and literal pinkies.

I know that because I haven't received a dime to pay off the Caliber or put in the motorcycle fund.


Everybody keeps talking about BHO's nutty buddies.

Well, not everybody; especially not the Muslims and mainliners.

Be that as it is, JM has a few nutty buddies himself.

G. Gordon Liddy comes to mind.


I'm trying not to disturb the chosen one's worshippers before 11/4/08 and 1/20/09.

They are soooooooooo devoted.

But they just may want to check out

Be careful, sycophants!

You don't want to confuse facts with your feelings.


Northern Californians think they're better than Southern Californians; and Southern Californians don't care.

A byte/bite from San Diego: "If you're going to 'hit and run' on SP's wardrobe, you should at least note: (1) SP ran for office the last time in fleece and snow pants. She needed an update; (2) The clothes were bought with private money, not at taxpayer's expense; (3) Unlike the adulterous vampire lawyer John Edwards, who wears designer suits and $400 haircuts, she lives in a modest house; and (4) SP is donating her wardrobe to charity after the election."

He ended, "So much for a fat kitty being mistreated daily by the bought-and-paid-for main stream media."


A byte/bite from Oklahoma: "You'd be great on a radio talk show!"

I don't know about great.

But parenthetically speaking...


A byte/bite from the remnant remaining in the mainline: "So-called renewal groups put out brush fires and then think the war is over. I have given up on the renewalists. I don't have to spend money to go to their meetings in order to know the Biblical way to vote; and I have better things to do than talk, talk, talk, and do nothing about it."

Ah, welcome, my friend, to ministry in the mainline.

Anyone else out there wondering how Jesus feels - that word again - about armchair Christians?


Staying on politics with a sprinkle of religion, here's a byte/bite from Arizona: "The 'angry right' will be as much at fault if BHO is elected as the left. Many intend to stay home on election day and others have withheld money and support because JM isn't a 'pure enough' conservative."


He barks, "BHO already has the media on his side. He is outspending the GOP 3 to 1 in key states because he can. Let's not be naive. Republicans would do the same thing if they had the money; which they don't because of the aforementioned right wingers."

He ends with a wagging of the tail, "Why is SP being held to a different standard than BHO and JB? Why are her 'gaffes' worse than JB's? And here's a thought that will make me really unpopular: 'Are the women who are turning negative on SP as sexist as the good old boys?'"



I'm president of a youth football league.

We had seven consolation and championship games over the weekend.

The results were determined by the facts not feelings.

I feel so much better about that than Election 2008.


Blessings and Love!

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