Wednesday, October 8, 2008

October 3, 2008

opp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


I guess BHO will win on 11/4.

Here are some reasons why/maybe:

1. He's running against GWB.

2. JM isn't running against his nutty buddies.

3. Any country that believes JB is from Scranton, OJ is innocent, and Paris Hilton has talent could elect him.

4. Though vacuously eloquent, he is a lot nicer than the little guy with the big temper.

5. Our elite media and mainline religions hate SP almost as much as GWB because, uh, you know, she's so, uh, Christian, and, uh, has these traditional American values, and, uh, she's, uh, really hot (go to for verification and some really, really, really good theology).

6. I picked the Cubs to win and BHO to lose back in February.

7. Americans like to gamble.


A Lutheran pastor, not one of those Missouri Synod guys who actually believe in Jesus and the authority of the Bible, challenged me, "Do you really want someone like SP in the White House who probably wants to Christianize America?"

I asked, "Do you hear yourself?"

I'm baffled by so-called Christians who don't think our country and world would be a lot better if people who love Jesus by loving like Jesus got more involved in stuff that matters more than the raging debates over wax vs. oil-filled candles.

Would it be that bad to have a President who takes Jesus seriously?

Are things like grace, mercy, forgiveness, compassion, unconditional love, and Matthew 25 ethics that bad?


I'm still trying to figure out why some gals/guys who don't talk about Jesus and don't think He's the answer for what's ailing us which betrays distance from Jesus keep picking up checks from churches which are, uh, let me get this right, supposed to be all about Jesus as the solution for all of our existential and eternal concerns.

The Greek/English/any/language definition of hypocrisy comes to mind.


Yeah, I wanted the Cubs to win.

Aside from the BHO link, I'm a Yankees fan and we've already got enough titles.

Besides, everybody likes the Cubs, unlike the Yankees, and you'd think losing would get kinda old after, uh, a century or so.


O.K., not everybody loves the Cubs.

There are about eight White Sox fans in America who hate 'em.

BHO is a White Sox fan.



Mary Schmich, a fun writer for The Chicago Tribune, wrote on Friday, "My first dirty book was a gift from my mother."

She started and ended, "What was your first dirty book?...Next time you're at a party with strangers, ask the question. It's guaranteed to spice up the meal."

Forget it.

There's no hope.


A mad mainliner from my franchise wrote, "If you're so smart, why don't you run for Moderator?"

Well, it's probably because too many people hate me in a Christian kind of way for good, bad, and other reasons.

Besides, as the last great President of PTS replied rhetorically when asked why he never ran for Moderator of the PCUSA, "Why take a demotion?"


Maybe that's why/maybe BHO will win.


Blessings and Love!

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