Sunday, November 2, 2008

November 2, 2008

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


Presumptive PBHO didn't show up for last night's edition of SNL; but JM arrived early and stayed a lot later than expected for somebody his age.

While I'm not sure what that really means, I've been averaging the polls from left and right and up and down concomitant to the frothings of partisans and PBHO is about seven points ahead as of last night's Weekend Update.

Unless the polls are wrong or something happens to de-convert the chosen one's sycophants in the next, uh, 48 hours or less, folks who hate GWB - It's never really been about JM who never escaped GWB's shadow! - almost as much as they drool over PBHO are gonna get their wish.

Roll those dice!


Ultimately, I'm with the Westminster Divines: "The decrees of God are His eternal purpose, according to the counsel of His will, whereby, for His own glory, He hath foreordained whatsoever comes to pass."

While folks who like to subordinate God's sovereignty to their volition ain't into that, folks who don't believe PBHO is really as, uh, divine as his disciples herald rest in the apostle's assurance: "God works for good in all things with those who..."


I may be wrong, but I'm thinkin' the next few years are gonna expose "those" who...


Of course, the Bible ain't nearly as hyper-Arminian/Calvinist as, uh, hyper-Arminians/Calvinists.

So we'll make an effort on Tuesday and leave the rest to Him.

Though I haven't endorsed anyone from the pulpit or anywhere else, my friends to the left say I've been pickin' on PBHO and my friends to the right say I've been pickin' on JM.


I'm urging folks to cast a "righteous" vote; meaning Christians are supposed to evaluate candidates according to the paradigm of Jesus and prescriptions of Holy Scripture and then vote for "those" who measure up accordingly.


Sentiments are scorching!

From Iowa: "I think you are underestimating the evil that lurks in the shadow of BHO. Everything that keeps turning up about him has been negative...I see nothing but disaster in store for the USA is he is elected. Our security will be compromised, our wealth given away, and our soul sold to false religions that run the gamut between Islam and socialism. You know me well enough to know that I am not a knee-jerk fanatic. I am genuinely concerned about the near future of our nation...By the way, I was just diagnosed with mild hypertension and am now on diuretics for it. This election isn't helping."

From Washington (not D.C.): "Zeppelin without Plant?...It's amazing to me the frequency of claims of racism on the part of BHO supporters. They ought to realize that the effectiveness of that political weapon diminishes the more times they try to use it...More than that, their level of criticism and disdain aimed at JM/SP is not tolerated when it's aimed at him. Consider the case of the hangman's noose in Hollywood with the mannequin meant to represent SP. It's not deemed a 'hate crime' but how quickly it would be if it were BHO's effigy hung outside that house! Ah, I'm just a cracker for Christ!"

From Illinois (real close): "BHO is so nice compared to GWB. He's younger than JM. He talks better than SP. People around the world are going to like us much more with him as President. Besides, conservatives had their chance and they bankrupted the economy and put us into wars all over the place. It's time to give liberals a chance. Do you really think they can do any worse than GWB?"

From Illinois (close but not as close): "I enjoy the KDs and think you'd be great on radio for a few hours a week or at least on Saturday nights. Your humor solidifies how wrong I really am about things; and, sometimes, how right I am. Sometimes you're even right!...What I like most is how you mix it up; especially in what we were taught not to talk about in public (religion and politics). There are very few places on earth where they are mixed. Maybe that's why we're so screwed up. You make us think."

From Oklahoma: "I know people hate you because you're having a good time, love Jesus, and trying to make us think faithfully. Don't let it get you down. People react when their toes are stepped on or a nerve is hit. Trust that God used what you said to get their attention so He can work in an area in their life that needs healing. I will pray that God will expose anything in their hearts that needs correcting. It's par for the course right now for a Christian to be called a hater of others. I know you are a loving and kind man with great compassion for people."

From Vermont: "You are such a bastard and I hope the right Muslims will read what you write and put you out of my misery! I hope BHO wins big enough to make sure people like you are shut up for good!"


Enough for the fan mail.

Let's provoke more!

I've been reading lots of stuff about the first 100 days of a PBHO administration.

God knows he's inheriting a mess: the most calamitous economy for a rookie since FDR took over amid the Depression in 1933 and the biggest deployment of American troops in bad places since RMN slipped into the Oval Office during the Vietnam War in 1969.

Good luck!

I don't believe in luck.

Blessings on you, PBHO!


Getting back to those first 100 days, I have no idea what to expect.

For example, PBHO can't seem to come up with a consistent definition of the middle class which he's been, uh, anointed to deliver.

First, he said he wouldn't raise taxes on anyone making under $250,000.

Then he said $200,000.

Then JB, who is not from Scranton, Pennsylvania but who is supposed to know what's on his mind as his running mate, said $150,000.

Then on Friday (10/31/08), Bill Richardson, the New Mexico Governor with the really neat facial hair who dumped HRC early enough to insure a place setting at whatever's up PBHO's spirit, came in at $120,000.

That's why it's useless to predict what he's gonna do during the first 100 days.

He has no record of consistency.



Ah, let's try.

After all, he's our main man come 1/20/09.

If he gets a big majority in the Senate as expected, he'll have free sailing when it comes to the Supreme Court; and he should have some opportunities to make new laws through that court a lot sooner than later.

Let's look at what "their" birth certificates say without mentioning that we never got a glance at his:

Samuel Alito, 58
Stephen Breyer, 70
Ruthie Ginsburg, 75
Tony Kennedy, 72
John Roberts, 53
Antonin Scalia, 72
David Souter, 69
John Paul Stevens, 88
Clarence Thomas, 60

Talk about JM being a geezer!

Speculation is Ginsburg and Stevens, at least, will opt out as soon as PBHO places his left hand on the inaugural, uh, whatever.

Kennedy may not be far behind; while the fatter crackers won't budge.

Assuming PBHO will pick folks who like to write law from the bench rather than strict constitutionalists, his choice to replace Kennedy will be the most interesting aka contentious.

Kennedy is considered the swing vote amid fatter crackers SA, JR, AS, and CT who regularly square off against "progressives" (euphemism for lefties) SB, RG, DS, and JPS.

Here's my guess.

While I've heard names like Koh, Patrick, and Wood, watch out for his Harvard law professors like Kagan and Sunstein.

HRC was promised something and maybe...

Personally, I like Alan Dershowitz; primarily because he looks and sounds like Woody Allen.

If it's gonna turn into a joke anyway, he may as well...


Regardless, vote!

For God's sake, vote!

Go back to the last sentence of this KD's third section and then repeat the preceding sentence.


On the other hand, if you're one of those mainline denomination kinda Christians who has no problem separating Jesus and the Bible from "real" life, you can go ahead and do whatever the hell...

Gotta stop.

A friend on his way to cantata practice just stopped in to tell me that some guy wearing a turban wants to come in and...

That was fast.


Blessings and Love!

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