Thursday, November 20, 2008

November 20, 2008

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


After a late afternoon of raking leaves - Hated it! - and making sure the snowblower is ready for what's comin' - Hated it! - I entered the house to find our fifth grader administering CPR to our dog.

I asked, "What are doing?"

He said, "I'm giving Kopper CPR."

"But," I protested, "he doesn't need CPR!"

Response: "Never know."


Speaking of the mysterious, PBHO talked so much about "change" during the campaign.

He excited the whole world and, uh, most of America.

I may be wrong; but doesn't his cabinet and administration look a lot like recycling?


Now go back to the first section.

"Hated it" is from a short-lived TV show called True Colors.

It didn't star Cyndi Lauper; but every time I hear about another guy/gal being, uh, chosen by PBHO to, uh, change, as he says, the best nation in the world, I remember those two gay movie reviewers from True Colors - Hated it! - and start singing her song by the same name.


If ML shows up as an intern, I'm gonna take a longer look at Revelation 12-13.


On the non-mysterious side of things, you gotta hand it to the Muslims.

They're always endearing themselves to the rest of the world.

Taking some time off from chopping off the heads of missionaries and bombing grade schools, Al-Qaida's #2 Ayman al-Zawahri popped out his hellhole to spew his/their take on Election 2008: "America has put on a new face, but its heart full of hate, mind drowning in greed, and spirit which spreads evil, murder, repression and despotism continue to be the same as always."

Gee, that kinda sounds like JW/BA who have never been as tight with PBHO as they claim.


Maybe they picked that up from JJ who has been cashing in on his not-as-tight-as-he-says relationship with MLK, Jr. almost as long as America's addiction to foreign oil.

Never mind.

Gettin' back to the raghead, he went after PBHO; saying he is "the direct opposite of honorable black Americans" like Malcolm X.

Then he said PBHO is like Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice: "house negroes."


Americans, crackers included, are gonna rally around PBHO like never before in one of those we-can-pick-on-one-of-our-own-but-don't-you-pick-on-one-of-our-own things.

When the chips are down, Americans rally around the flag.

Americans are gonna rally around PBHO if the Muslims keep this up.

He/they better duck back into that hellhole.


Speaking of stupidities, The View's Joy Behar who makes Paris Hilton look like a MIT alumna says Sarah Palin is an "airhead."

Kathleen Parker thinks Republicans need to drop G-O-D from their vocabulary if they ever want to be a force in American politics again.

Chris Matthews wants to execute Joe Lieberman.

Hugh Hefner, who just, uh, tried to get up again, believes Sarah Palin will not make a good VP. Seriously, he just said that.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa suggests Jesus would preside at same-sex marriages.

Speaking of hellholes...


You know America is in trouble when The View, Jerry Springer, Keith Ubermacht, and Rachel Maddening have enough ratings to stay on the dope box.

Oprah the Baptist and Sean the Rightest appear remarkably sane by comparison.

Help us, Jesus!


Barbara Walters, the matriarch of much of what's going wrong, keeps bringing up this dude who is really a dudette but claims to be a dude who just gave birth to a baby.



Men cutting off their weenies to pretend they're women and women adding on parts to pretend they're men...

Oh, yeah, nothin' wrong there!


Does anyone remember Monty Python's Life of Brian?

It's a 1979 movie which includes a hilarious scene about a bunch of ancient Israelite revolutionaries who are debating whether to fight for a man's right to have babies.

And to think I thought that was a joke.

@#$%, a website promoted by James Dobson (or formerly promoted by JD), has agreed to start matching gay couples in 2009.


Apparently, eH was threatened by the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights for discriminating against gays by only matching up straights - prompted by a complaint by a gay guy who proved eH wouldn't accept his advertisement for a partner.

The complaint aka potential lawsuit was dropped as caved.

I'm tellin' ya that the way left agenda is becoming SOP in America through the, uh, back door of judicial legislation, actual/threatened lawsuits, and constitutional defiance (civil and ecclesiastical).

The way left is learning a lot from the PCUSA: if you can't win by majority vote, find a funky judge, judicatory, governing board...

If all else fails, just do whatever the hell you want to do; because constitutional fidelity has gone the way of the American auto industry: pret' near obsolete.


Longing for the way things never were or maybe were but are no more, victorious Proposition 8ers (anti-same-sex-nuptials-Neanderthals) who keep losing after winning because of the aforementioned strategies of "success" schemed by America's way left keep pressing on anyway.

From, uh, a deeply throated source in California: "30 states have voted on this issue, and 30 states have affirmed that marriage is one man - one woman...7 out of 10 Americans have voted that marriage is one man - one woman...However,...what the anti-marriage crowd cannot get by the democratic process, they try to coerce by judicial tyranny and by mob action."

Again, PCUSAers and other mainliners understand that fact of ecclesiastical life divorced from Biblical standards of faith and morality.

Continuing: Opponents of Proposition 8 (uh, whatever) "are now refusing to accept it [defeat], asking the California Supreme Court to overturn our new constitutional amendment...They have taken to the streets...Religious bigotry is happening across our state with so many acts of violence...We are asking people to report these to As soon as we can, we shall post these Persecution Alerts on Bricks have been thrown through church windows. Church buildings have been defaced. Pastors have been threatened. Cars damaged. Likely a quarter of a million signs were stolen. Worst of all, some people have been beaten."

Tip-toe through the...



Mail time!

From The Old Gray Dog: "Liberals desire for 'dialogue' is solely for the purpose of convincing others of their point...Those in the PCUSA who are fighting for the Book of Order - because it upholds traditional values - fail to realize that the liberals can, and will, amend it to read whatever they want...'Fidelity and Chastity' will be challenged until it is removed. Liberals do not 'accept' the will of the majority, unless it agrees with them."

They read Che's manual on guerrilla warfare. If you can't win by the rules of conventional warfare, ignore 'em; and if you've got the bureaucrats on your side, it's really easy. The only recourse is to withhold or redirect financial support; but, of course, if you do that, you're not being loyal to the institution. Hmm. I guess it's O.K. to be disloyal to Jesus as attested in Holy Scripture and upheld by almost all mainline constitutions. Where's that old Superman comic on Bizzarro World?

From the State of Washington: "Incidentally, my non-Christian friend who reads your KDs says if he wins the Lotto, you will shortly thereafter receive a Chopper from an anonymous benefactor."

Excellent! But why wait? My chrome pony fund is up to $23.58; which means I'm only $9000 away from a good used one. My funds are tied up with paying off the Caliber/plastic. So consider it a donation or something. I've learned from Louisville (our franchise's HQ) how to launder money for less than Biblical stuff in ways that make it appear... If they can get away with it, maybe... Let's try!

From our family of faith's youth guy who is really good but hardly appreciated enough like the rest of our staff and likes to provide stuff for KD: quoting from a Tony Evans devotional which I could have used when I was really writing too much about Election 2008 for the proprieties of pewsitters who prefer pulpiteers to say nothing eloquently, "Unless we are influencing government so that it has a divine standard by which to operate, government won't know which way to go. That is why you need Christian politicians, Christian lawyers, and Christian city council members. The reason most governments don't carry out God's agenda is because God's people are not influencing them."

Watch the meddlin', boy! You better start acting like most folks who read and hear my stuff. Just ignore me! If you start takin' Jesus seriously, you're gonna catch a lot of hell. Of course, you'll also go to heaven. Hmm. O.K.

From my favorite Coach in Arizona: "Pastor, you have to quit being so hard on yourself. You're doing a wonderful job keeping Jesus first and ministering to the needs of a diverse congregation. God loves you and so do I."

Thanks, Coach! That helps after being blind-sided, bushwhacked, and betrayed at the last presbytery meeting and by some former members of our family of faith who blamed me for leaving when it's really more about... Well, uh, you know because we talked about it before. Anyway, thanks! And because you've been so kind, I'm publishing your poem as the penultimate last word:

The election is over, the talking is done.
My party lost, your party won.
So let us be friends, and let arguments pass.
I'll hug my elephant, you kiss your ___.



My son is right about CPR.

Never know.


Blessings and Love!

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