Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November 4, 2008

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


Apocalypse now.

Crackers are even more terrified than 1997 when Tiger Woods got a permanent personal locker at Augusta National Golf Club.

It's Election Day.


This just in from a congested graveyard in Paris!

An eerie yet familiar echo resonates from, uh, wherever he ended up: "This is the end, my only friend, the end..."


As the chosen one's disciples celebrate his epiphany from Malibu to Motown to Mecca, JM begins to realize there hasn't been a worse run for POTUS since GWB's daddy passed the button to WJC.

PBHO followed KD's advice and ran against GWB.

JM didn't, uh, capitalize (a favorite GOP word) on PBHO's vacuous eloquence and nutty buddies.


I may be wrong, which subscribers and parishioners are so quick to point out, but I don't think Election 2008 had much to do with PBHO or JM; and it was definitely not about JB who can return to Wilmington from Scranton now or SP though she is still hot but not as hot as Stephanie Mudslinger.

It's been a referendum on GWB.

PBHO understood that and acted is if he were in the other corner.


When we wake up tomorrow morning, will they still respect us?

That's gotta be the disconcerting question for media partisans.

Who really has more influence in America?

The lefties of CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC?

The righties of Fox and talk radio?

Count those votes!

And if you're from Chicago, keep counting until it comes out how you'd like it to come out!


You gotta give it to RL and SH.

Do you remember "Rush to Chaos" and "The Stop HRC Express"?

They wanted Republicans to cross over in the primaries and vote for PBHO so HRC didn't have a shot at the, uh, White House.

It worked!

HRC isn't gonna be our next President.

But, uh, uh, uh,...


Be careful what you wish for...


I gave blood yesterday because the bloodmobile was in the church's parking lot and... Well, you know what I mean.

Today, at 6:00 a.m., I shed blood in Garden Prairie, Illinois.

I voted.

I was fourth in line behind a young woman with a tattoo of a purple rose on her neck, pierced nose which made me wonder how she picks it, blonde hair from maroon extensions preceded by brown roots, and wearing perfume that could knock over a bull at 50 paces.

I don't think she voted for JM.


Speaking of constituencies, here's a note from San Diego about the Mormons who are bankrolling anti-gay marriage amendments in California: "Something to consider...Did the California Protestants mount anything comparable to this kind of effort? Where is the salt when the heretics show more passion for the Biblical model of marriage?"

Get over it, pal.

Any connection between Biblical Christianity and mainline denominations is coincidental.


From a diehard braveheart in Illinois: "Why are you so convinced that BHO is going to beat JM? I keep trying to tell you but you won't listen to me. Polls lie. Do not believe how far ahead BHO is. Two weeks before the 2004 election, John Kerry was 12 points ahead of GWB in every poll that mattered. They all turned out to be wrong."

I feel much better.

I feel like singing, "Somewhere over the rainbow..."


Did you catch the cool reference to JJ in the preceding section?


Now that Election 2008 is over, it's on to important stuff; like the totally inane BCS way of picking a national college football champion.

Undefeated teams remain representing the Big 12 (which can count), Big Ten (which can't count), Mountain West (a step above Division II), MAC (coming on), SEC (really, really, really good), and WAC (sissies).

But if you look at the pansy/soft schedules of the Big Ten, Mountain West, MAC, and WAC, ain't no way any of 'em should get a spot in the big one over teams in the SEC, Big 12, or even PAC-10 with two losses.

I'd like to see how Boise State, Ball State, Utah, and Penn State would do if they replaced powerhouse teams on their schedules like Coastal Carolina, Temple, Syracuse, Idaho State, Nevada, Toledo, Central Michigan, UNLV, Weber State, and the like with real D1 teams like those played every week in the SEC and Big 12.

It's like PBHO said to Boomer at the half of MNF, which featured the Steelers who ain't goin' anywhere in the post-season unless they get an O-line, when asked what he'd change in sports: "It's time for college football playoffs."

I wonder why junior tackle, high school, and professional leagues can pull off playoffs and colleges can't.

Do you think it has anything to do with spreading the wealth around?


It's rather, uh, academic.


I'm gonna spend tonight listening to Keith Green's The Prodigal Son Suite between readings of Psalm 62.

Hope and reality.

Every empire expires in the end.


Blessings and Love!

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