Friday, December 12, 2008

December 12, 2008

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


A BSA executive asked if I'd like to crawl into his sleeping bag with him because it was so cold.

A perky, stout, stacked, and self-righteous college church camp C-I-T proved one of Freud's theories by shelving her public holiness with a very private invitation into her sleeping bag on a very hot night.

Watergate made me feel good about my vote in that Presidential election.

Mainline denominations have been trying to demythologize and demote Jesus and Biblical revelation since I've been ordained.

Yeah, I've been connecting the dots for a long time; ruining any romance about our sociopoliticoreligio culture:

I don't need any convincing about original sin or total depravity.

Some say that's cynical and pejorative.

I say it's honest; which is why I'm more into the vertical solution (Jesus) than the, uh, horizontal one(s).


So I'm not shocked by the potty mouths of Illinois' first family.

Of course, you gotta remember I'm a pastor, professor, police chaplain, and president of a youth football league.

I hear that kinda language all of the time; especially when people think I'm not listening.

As Patty and Rod learned, "You better watch out...You better not..."


I'm really psyched about the dots of the totally depraved and politically incestuous "Chicago Way" not being connected to PBHO.

Evangelicals in mainline denominations know how he feels to be surrounded by such scoundrels.


Evangelicals in mainline denominations accommodate the scoundrels by confessional silence and financial support.

And while I know this is going to be really hard for his fans to entertain this, PBHO is either oblivious to what's happening around him like lots of pastors pretend to be about their denominations/congregations just to keep those pension credits piling up or disingenuous about what's happening around him like lots of pastors are about their denominations/congregations just to keep those pension credits piling up.


My dad called from Pennsylvania: "What the hell is going on in Illinois?"

He went on, "Are you people in Illinois trying to tell us that PBHO has no close connections with Ayers, Wright, Jackson(s), Blagowhat'shisname, The Boss' offspring, organized crime, and Ryan(s)?"



Bambi comes to mind.

Mrs. Rabbit reminded Thumper of an important lesson from his father: "If you can't say something nice...don't say nothing at all."


But Bambi asked, "What happened mother? Why did we all run?"

She answered, "Man was in the forest."

Then the Great Prince of the Forest warned, "It is man. He is here again. There are many this time. We must go deep into the forest. Hurry! Follow me!"


I don't know if Walt Disney drew a Christological metaphor or Calvinistic nightmare.

Now go back to the last three sentences of the first section.


When asked if he was aware of any dots connecting his staff to Blago, PBHO said, "Let me stop you there's an ongoing...investigation."

How transparent.

Such a refreshing change from the last eight years and eight before that.

Oh, that line from LN: "Nothing to see here! Return to your homes! Nothing to see here!"


Dr. Cullen IK Story went home to Jesus on 11/29/08 at 92.

He taught Greek at Princeton for a really long time; and made sure Rus, John, Paul(s), and so many others were ordained by going way over the top to help 'em with it.

He was among the most Christlike men in my life and so refreshingly confessional/committed compared to too many in his vocation; reminding me of John's observance, "I love Dr. Story so much. He prays with me. He's always encouraging me. He really believes in Jesus, Bob. And he also told me that I'm still flunking and he'll see me in summer school."

My favorite memory: "Bob, you get A's on all of your tests and I know you've got a good memory and can memorize the material. But I have to give a C to you because you only come to the lectures and never go to precepts."

He was right.

Connecting the dots, I look forward to our next class together.


Mail time!

From Missouri: "Hi, Kathie! I sure do appreciate the work you've done on the website...I believe the time is right for RRK to get his own radio show going. He's done TV in the past. His presence is excellent and his wit so quick. With the 'Chicago Way' a scourge on the nation, this is a great time to intro him as a commentator on current culture, politics, and religion with the latter being a very significant component with thousands of churches in a shambles across the nation...On the website, you've got to get rid of that out-of-date-pseudo-intellectual-old-fart-poser-picture-in-front-of-the-books thing. That went out sometime in the 80s. Also, while he's got lots of impressive credentials, ask him to make comments on them like he does in KDs. Have him poke fun at his credentials."

I'm up for the radio gig and I come so cheaply as current employers know. I'm just waiting for local subscribers to do their thing; and, yeah, I think it would fly and maybe even provide a link from a local to a national. Geez. I must be having a flashback or something; and I never even did acid. Hey, back off on the picture, dude! It's a chick magnet! That's what my wife doesn't say. Anyway, I'm all for a side by side with a musical link: "Those were the days..." Credentials? We don't need no stinking badgers! They're there for the hate-mailers who call me names! But, yeah, if Kathie bugs me about it...

From Florida: "I'm with the Missouri statement. You would be great on the radio and some of us need to be stirred up more than we are. I for one would listen. Course, many times, you hit me where it hurts. I would probably have to listen on my knees!"

Psst. The reason I can write so much about our idolatries and sins is because I'm so intimate with 'em. Don't tell anybody! I don't want to blow my self-righteous cover because that's the meal ticket for parish clergy in America. It's like I tell my boys (and parishioners), "If you're thinking about it, I'm discerning it; and even if I'm not discerning it, I know you're thinking about it because I've been there and done that."


Illinois is a mess.

If those dots are ever connected...

Somebody said, "Sometimes it's better to talk to God about someone than to talk to someone about God."

I'll start with the mirror's reflection and then move on to...



Blessings and Love!

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