Sunday, December 14, 2008

December 14, 2008

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


Do you remember when Florida helped GWB gore environmental guru Al about eight years ago?

Well, America is now blaming Illinois for the "Chicago Way" and 2nd City cellar dwellers like Ayers, Blago, Durbin, Jackson(s), Wright, The Boss' offspring, organized crime, Ryan(s), Calypso Louie, and just about everybody but PBHO who isn't really close to any of 'em for, uh, I guess, the collapse of Western Civilization as well as our nation's economy; which comes as a great relief to GWB who had been considered the chief culprit.

Truth is most folks in Illinois are like most churches; claiming "they" don't really represent, uh, them.



I went to an executive "Self Awareness Workshop" in Greensboro, North Carolina about two decades ago; and one comment has really stuck with me: "You are not responsible for what others say and do. You are only responsible for what you say and do and how you respond to what others say and do."


That helps if you're living in Illinois or captive to a mainline denomination in which self-perpetuating-out-of-control-no-real-accountability-to-anybody-but-themselves bureaucracies have seized power over the purse strings as well as previously held standards of Biblical orthodoxy.



Staying on the subject of control, I think the Yankees are proving we're not really headed into a 30ish kinda depression.

So I'd assume folks are pleased with their recent dip into the market for free agents.

BTW, those folks who ain't pleased with the Yankees doin' their usual thing must be socialists.

Hey, it's all about free enterprise.

Is this a capitalist country or what?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, revenue sharing will save MLB and the good old USA.

Can you say Soviet Union?


Getting back to politics, Oklahoma's Sam Bradford got the 74th Heisman Trophy last night.

He's really good; but, uh, the season ain't over yet.

What if Florida's Tim Tebow leads the Gators to another title over the Sooners in the big game?

I thought the trophy was awarded to the best player of the year.

The year ain't over 'til it's over!


It's like PBHO's legions who want GWB to get out of town before 1/20/09.

That's not how those games are played.

Though I've disagreed with USA Today's founder Al Neuharth on several occasions, most notably on Joe Torre (google it), he makes me think which is a KD objective; and I agree with his assessment on the eve of the presentation: "The idea is great. The timing is terrible...Both have had a great season so far. But it's not over. To select one over the other before they face each other in the BCS finale in Miami on January 8 makes no sense."


Speaking of senselessness, PBHO does not qualify for this year's "Man of the Year" because Time has already compared him to Jesus.

He's too pure and perfect in every way for such a human award as witnessed by his rising above the ubiquitously incestuous politics of Chicago.


If you think Presidents Reagan and Clinton were coated with Teflon...


Whenever I've just asked questions about his past or motives, his disciples react like I'm spewing blasphemy or something.


That's why my "Man of the Year" is Tiger Woods.

Here are the nominating speeches:

Rocco Mediate: "He's just so hard to beat. He is
who he is. There's nothing else to say."

Hank Aaron: "As great as Jim Brown was, and as
great as Michael Jordan was, and as great as
anybody you'd want to keep mentioning,
I don't know of anybody who was as great
at his sport as this man is now. I mean,
he's totally incredible."

Geoff Ogilvy: "I just hope they've taught the
engraver how to put an asterisk on the
trophy" (speaking about the British
Open which was the first major in
10 years to be played without Tiger).

O.K., maybe he's more than human too.


I've received one complaint about some of my links to youtube; as people have looked down to the comments which youtube lists after some of their offerings.

Yeah, they can be pretty profane - kinda like Blago and Patty and Cubs fans in October.

Go back to the first paragraph of the third section.

Remember, I take full credit for what I say and do but not what others say and do or think I say and do; and I'm always ready to admit when I'm wrong and publish your contradictions if you don't insult my mother or Kopper.


Blessings and Love!

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