Monday, December 29, 2008

December 29, 2008

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



I'll never forget the speck-inspecting trustee in my first church over three decades ago who met with me so regularly to report the sins of others.

When he died, his sons found a stash of porn in his workshop that would make Paris Hilton blush; and his wife turned the whiter shade of pale at the funeral as several women unknown to her or anybody else in the church showed up.

I learned two lessons.

First, the best way to prevent folks from noticing that your house is burning down is to light fires in their backyards.

Second, anyone who trumpets her/his morality and how "All-is-well-with-me-and-mine-nothing-to-see-here" is like WJC who didn't inhale or have sex with ML.

It goes back to the garden.


One of the neat things about Christianity is His forgiving Spirit; which His people are supposed to extend if they want some for themselves.

Read Matthew 6:12, 14-15.

As long as we don't ignore the personal ingredient in that recipe, a buddy in Missouri is right on: "I sin. God forgives. What a great deal."


Speaking of pardons, GWB can't even get that right!

He pardons a guy one day and then unpardons the same guy the next day; reminding us why lots of folks still question what he knew or didn't know when he took on Iraq.

Regardless, which is how you gotta look at that kinda stuff or you'll get hooked on St. John's Wort, GWB has been real stingy about pardons; ranking way behind JFK, LBJ, RMN, GF, JC, RR, and WJC.

Maybe he'll pop for one for his VP before 1/20/09.


Do you remember how Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon before he was indicted for anything?

Well, considering how everybody would like a break from the past and fresh start coupled with the messianic delusions surrounding PBHO, I think GWB should pardon everybody related to PBHO in a pre-emptive kinda way; including, uh, him for any dots which can be connected to the Blago mess.

Yeah, I know VP JB has reported that an internal investigation of PBHO and his transitional/emerging/whatever staff by his transitional/emerging/whatever staff has cleared PBHO and his transitional/emerging/whatever staff of any wrongdoing with Blago or any of those other really bad guys in Chicago which PBHO and his transitional/emerging/whatever staff really don't know in any close kinda ways except for obligatory photo ops and an occasional cup of coffee at Starbucks on Michigan Avenue or game on the South Side; but if you believe that, you're a good candidate for membership in the Manson, Jones, Koresh, or Jackson(s) families.



I think GWB should just pardon 'em right now, and, while he's at it, pardon PBHO for not being born in the USA if that's true; which will save us all from all of the aggravations of litigation that will inhibit him from delivering.

Or something like that.


Speaking of fresh starts, here are the KD power rankings for the NFL playoffs:

1. Giants (12-4) - I sang it around this time last year and
I'm singin' it again: "Eli's Coming!"

2. Colts (12-4) - Big brother is hotter than Jennifer Aniston's
latest photo shoot.

3. Steelers (12-4) - With a serviceable QB surrounded by
superstars and a superb head coach who would
have won several SBs with his predecessor's
rosters, Iron City may need more fingers over
the next few years.

4. Eagles (9-6-1) - DM may not know the rules, but he's
flying high and that thrashing of those criminals
from Dallas was no fluke.

5. Ravens (11-5) - Speaking of criminals, they've got a
real killer at LB; and Pitt will always be remembered
for sending Flacco to Delaware because Palko can
lead teams to the next level.

6. Panthers (12-4) - Who? North Carolina is about
basketball, baby!

7. Titans (13-3) - They're not Young enough and
more overrated than the blonde chick who
can't even get custody of her kids from the
wannabe rapper.

8. Cardinals (9-7) - While the Patriots can't figure
out how an 11-5 team with the best head
coach ain't playin' in January, watch out
for this team! With Eric Liddell at QB
tossin' the loaf to the NFL's two best
wideouts, this team is a spoiler!

9. Dolphins (11-5) - The Big Tuna is back!
I wonder how the owner/GM in Dallas
is feelin' about now?

10. Vikings (10-6) - Considering how they
piled up wins in the NFC's North,
they have about as much of a chance
as Sarah Palin in 2012.

11. Falcons (11-5) - Their future is not now;
but they've got the best young QB
in the NFL. Didn't Vick play in
Atlanta at one time?

12. Chargers (8-8) - If PR were QBing the
Steelers, Iron City would forget the
Steel Curtain days! I'm glad Ed the
referee is off the hook, but please...

If that imbecile in jail were still on the roster, I'd bet my motorcycle on a repeat.

Of course, I don't have a motorcycle; so your guess is as good as mine.

Go Giants!


Everybody wants/needs a fresh start in some way.

Too many people think they're doomed to stay stuck in the past:

Jesus has something better in mind for anyone who embraces Him:


I'm praying your new year is filled with 'em in any way you need 'em!

Jesus is always as close as your heart to a fresh start.

As my old friend and former Chaplain of the US Senate (LO) likes to say, "Let God love you!"


A friend who tends to my soul was provoked by yesterday's KD, which highlighted the simplicity of Christianity which is too often obscured by the darkly unenlightened, sent some encouragement to me for the new year which I'm heralding to you:


Blessings and Love!

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