Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December 8, 2008

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


Running into one of our shut-ins at the mall, she asked how things are going at the church.

Fortunately, she cannot read my mind.

Cubs fans know all about life's frustrations.

Empathy is more easily experienced than defined or, uh, confessed.


Our deacons and elders (aka church leaders for KD's heathen subscribers) are having their annual joint meeting tonight which is highlighted by a little business and lots of fun.

Now that I'm, uh, crossing over into my 4th year of life and ministry at First with the honeymoon ending thanks to our building program and folks who don't really believe in Jesus and can't handle the high Christology because they think First is an annex for Rotary or couldn't get past their idolatries to my predecessors or, uh, just hate me for being such a jerk have left, we're gettin' down to His business.

The trickle out is being replaced by a slow, steady, and solid flow in and the solid remnant are being encouraged by a family of faith increasingly devoted to loving Jesus by loving like Jesus.

Of course, every day isn't a hot fudge sundae.

The annual budget comes to mind.

Session (heathens need to refer to the parenthesis in the first sentence of this section) "adopted" 2009's budget in November and the congregation will "receive" it at the annual congregational meeting (aka a meeting of a bunch of Christians who belong to a particular church for KD's heathen subscribers) which is held in February or almost two months after we've already ascribed to the new budget without congregational input; parenthetically, sessions "adopt" and congregations "receive" annual budgets which means sessions can do whatever they want to do and congregations just choose to receive or not receive 'em which doesn't change anything unless sessions are reckless enough to proceed with their wills against the wills of...

Anyway, God only knows what's gonna happen between now and then with America's economy; which, obviously, will have some kinda impact on whether we proceed with what's been adopted or needs to be adjusted or...


Speaking of frustrations, I noted back on 4/15/08: "@#$%s are not intended as profanities but as profundities. It's my way of saying I could be wrong but here's what I'm thinking. I'm trying to provoke thought in the context of our confession. But I'm not cussin' at you or anyone else."

I'm just Manny being Manny.

Be that as it is, I just got my second complaint about using @#$%s to separate each section of KD: "It's so juvenile for you to use those symbols to express frustrations; because they look like an 8th grader venting."

Sticks and stones will break my bones but names...


It's just my emotional/intellectual/spiritual/whatever Selah - pause and ponder - to separate muses/meanderings/inspirations/indigestions.

But I'll offer the same deal to that, uh, frustrated subscriber that I offered to the other one over 100 editions ago.

I'll change the sectional Selahs from @#$% to !!!! or ???? or #### for anyone who will put up the $$$$ to pay off the Caliber so I can bring a chrome pony into my barn and be a really hip pastor like my Baptist peer in town.


In an antonyminously @#$% kinda way, my wife vented, "Why do people think they can complain about everything to me?"

Reply from yours truly: "Because they think you'll squeal to me even while knowing I really care about people and their real challenges but don't waste any energies or emotions on silly or stupid stuff which are only bait to capture attention and sound the alert for some deep hurts within 'em which they're too afraid or not ready to confess so they complain about silly or stupid stuff."

When people come to me with silly and stupid stuff, I think about playing golf with my dad or riding a chrome pony which I can't afford until I pay off the Caliber.

I pretend to listen while waiting for the opportunity to pounce and probe for the real pain causing the silly and stupid venting/transference.

It's like I learned long ago: "If you've got a problem with your watch, don't look at the hands. Look deeper!"

Hey, Honeybear, don't bite the bait - the silly and stupid stuff which people say just to catch your attention! Wait for what they really want to admit which they'll eventually cough up if you're patient!


Continuing with frustrations, lots of KDers didn't get the last two editions because I had a bunch of youtube musical links which their school/work/church/geezer filters blocked.

That's too bad because those who got 'em said they betrayed KD's innards.

Not to worry.

While all KD's are being archived via the website (www.koppdisclosure.com) which debuts 12/12/08 (another hint to sponsors/advertisers), I think Kathie will be featuring a few of the most recent editions every day and I hope that'll include the two preceding this one.

So if you don't get one or two or more KD's via e-mail every week, it means your computer or "the man" is blocking 'em and you'll just have to go to the website; which, uh, I think will be a good idea because advertisers count clicks to determine if they'll, uh, advertise.


Weis is gettin' another year at Notre Dame even though Willingham didn't with a better record.

A friend who really keeps up on this stuff says it's because Weis cut a better deal and gets many millions if cut loose before his contract ends.

O.K., but I still think NBC, ND's #1 cheer squad, is gonna have a hard time dodging charges of racism.

If it looks like a pile of poop and smells like a pile of poop...


The bowl schedule came out last night.

Notre Dame gets a bowl at 6-6.


Texas is riled and Penn State is nervous.


Northern Illinois is ecstatic.



Speaking of sports, O.J. can't believe he's goin' to jail for armed robbery when he got away with murder.

In one of the funnier lines from the bench in recent years, Judge Jackie Glass said, "I'm not here to try and cause any retribution or any payback for anything else."

The families of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman winked at each other.


Another wink to Oprah the Baptist who denies any aspirations to work for PBHO: "I have a few full-time jobs already and a few full-time commitments...It never occurred to me...Even if I was offered, I still have contractual commitments and what could I do?...I do what I do best on TV every day."

Obviously, Oprah is really good at getting what she wants - like $ and Presidents.

That makes her a lot more viable than Ann, Laura, Sean, Rush, Bill, and the rest of the Republicans.

So I think she should join PBHO's team.

God knows the planet needs to be, uh, saved.


First, it's Chris Matthews who's gonna run for the Senate in Pennsylvania.

Now it's Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg who's gonna go for HRC's New York Senate seat.

And I hear Al Franken is conspiring to Bushwhack Coleman in Minnesota in a Goreing reversal of political revenge.

Sorry, Dad!

I laughed and scoffed when you said, "Celebrities are running this country."

No wonder more folks watch MTV than PBS.





Blessings and Love!

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