Friday, January 30, 2009

January 30, 2009

"Bipartisanship Finally Comes to Illinois!"
Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


Blago's done.

Have you ever known JJ (father/son) to miss a photo-op?

Fortunately, all of those dots connecting crooked politicians in Illinois don't connect to you know who: "Watching the Illinois State Senate judge...[Blago] his impeachment trial is like watching a swarm of flies condemn a brother fly for having dirty feet" (John Kass):


Question: "Don't you ever stop picking on mainline denomination clergy?"

Answer: "No. Read Hosea 4. For mainliners, that's in the Hebrew Scriptures or OT squeezed in between Daniel and Joel."

Question: "Seriously, don't you think you should point out the hypocrisies in the others as well?"

Answer: "Yes."

Question: "While I like your self-deprecating comments and wish somebody would buy a bike for you already, don't you feel a little guilty about picking on them?"

Answer: "No."

Analogy from Q&A between Katie Couric and a Marine sniper:

KC: "What do you feel...when you shoot a terrorist?"

Marine: "A slight recoil."



Staying on task, I went to the "Annual Pastors Appreciation Luncheon" of the Gideons yesterday.

I love the Gideons; because they worship regularly even if they've got something "better" to do, tithe more than tip, and enflesh Romans 1:16-17 along with 2 Timothy 4:1-5 along with other evidences of fidelity that seem to escape the radar of mainliners these days.

Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson: "If there is a God, I want to thank Him for the Gideons, whoever they are. I have dealt with some of His other messengers and found them utterly useless. But not the Gideons. They have saved me many times, when nobody else could do anything but mutter about calling security on me unless I turned out my lights and went to sleep like all the others."

While I'm sure it does not matter, Thompson was born in Louisville, Kentucky.

Anyway, if you don't know much about 'em like most mainline congregations with pastors doing their worst to keep 'em ignorant, just go to or check out the reference in


I got into trouble with an ecclesiastical bureaucrat in my franchise during the PTL scandals of the 80s for saying this after somebody said some bad things about 'em during a clergy meeting: "You're always picking on Jim and Tammy and Jerry and Bob and Billy and the like; but, geez, they've done more to point people to Jesus as Lord and Savior than you've ever done."


Maybe that's why I've never been elected moderator of any judicatory in my franchise.



Getting back to yesterday's lunch, there were only two mainliners at the, uh, table.

So I asked some folks, "Why don't I see more mainline clergy at the Gideons' 'Annual Pastors Appreciation Luncheon'"?

The responses were, uh, furious.

First, here's a quickie from my wife who was sitting next to me: "They don't really believe in the Bible anyway."

A professional interim near Chicago who sojourned with us for a while: "Top 5 Reasons: (1) They don't know what a Gideon is, not having read their Bibles; (2) They don't like fried chicken for lunch; (3) They don't know any Gideons because that is not part of their camp; (4) It seems stupid to support a group that distributes a book that you continually debunk; and (5) They are sooooooo busy trying to be on the cutting edge that they miss the cutting edge of the Sword of the Spirit."

My favorite newswoman in the South: "Because they are terrified of being asked a question about the Bible."

Tampa Bay: "They aren't sure who the Gideons are inasmuch as they are not on the PHEWA approved safe list of ministries. Maybe they know who the Gideons are and don't want to be tarred as some reactionary right wing bigot who believes in the authority and inerrancy of the Word."

Somebody who told a mainline ecclesiastical bureaucrat that he doesn't lose sleep over the franchise anymore because it's "irrelevant" to American religious life: "I am not sure that the Gideons engage them as much as they do others. It seems that their reps are not as aggressive with mainliners as they are with others...#1 may be the result of the concept that mainliners are so beholden to the idea of separation of church and state."

A demitted mainliner in South Carolina: "Ummmmmmm. Could it be because the Gideons only appreciate pastors who have more than an 'appreciation' for the Bible; who believe it is not just a container for the Word of God but IS THE WORD and submit to the Word as their authority for faith and life? Just a guess."

From somebody who is supposed to find a loaner bike for me to take the test in the spring because people think I'm jokin' about buyin' one that I can't afford right now without help to provide some occasional relief from it all: "The only reason I can figure out is the Gideons deal with the original source of all sound doctrine...That makes the two mutually exclusive."

A presbyter from a neighboring mainline congregation that is really, really, really in the KD mode of salting, shining, and sowing for Jesus: "Does anyone in the mainline care for winning souls for Christ anymore?"

A BSA executive in Oregon: "Many mainline clergy do not believe in the virgin birth, the resurrection, the miracles and so forth; so why would they go to a luncheon honoring a book and an organization that they don't believe in?"

The founder and editor of one of the most influential paradenominational publications/websites on the planet: "What do you expect? Gideons are conservative. Ever heard of theologically liberal people wanting to get people to read the Bible?"

A retired Stated Clerk (big shot in the PCUSA) in Florida: "To our shame, we dodge these wonderful men...There is no group quite like the Gideons...and don't forget their women's auxiliary: 'Wives of Gideons on our knees to keep the Gideons on their feet!'...I finally gave up on Presbyterians because most feel that if you don't have a Bible, just read the Koran or whatever is your national scripture!"

California: "Could it be because the Gideons, doctrinaire evangelicals to the core, do not allow the participation of...Mormons and this somehow offends the PC hyper-sensitive mainline pastors? Or could it be that mainline pastors are simply so aBiblical that being involved with a group like the Gideons is a contradiction in terms?"

Ohio: "Why would it be important to give away free copies of something that only occasionally becomes God's Word or is nothing more than the written reflections of human beings on some sort of encounter with God?...The Gideons talk about 'getting saved' and 'lost people' and being 'born again' and the reality of hell and all that fundamentalist stuff that is sooooooo embarrassing. Better you should show up at a 'women's reproductive rights' rally. It's more respectable...[in mainline denominations]."

Concisely, go back to the quickie on top.


The Gideons are helping people get to heaven and live confidently in the meantime.

The mainliners are leading folks straight to...

Matthew 23:15.


Gideons are friends of our greatest Friend:


Blessings and Love!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

January 28, 2009

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



Recalling how mainliners compare themselves to Christianity and the MSM defers to PBHO as the parousia, Blago's self-awareness doesn't seem that, uh, off; as he continues a PR tour to help folks see the Mandela, King, Gandhi, Roosevelt (Teddy), and Mr. Smith in him.


Of course, any connections between the aforementioned and their delusions are coincidental.




Blago may be thrown out of office but don't bet the farm on indictment.

Blago on NBC over the weekend: "And for me to just quit because some cackling politicians want to get me out of the way because there's a whole bunch of things they don't want known about them and conversations they may have had with me..."

While everybody knows Chicago's crooked politicians are all connected by the dots except for you know who, you ain't gonna see Rehm Emanuel with a hand on the Bible in the Blago mess.

John Kass of The Chicago Tribune: "Politicians know that true horror can be just a witness away."



1 John 1:5-10 seems to be an appropriate devotional for all of the below about now.

When I gave up actual/attitudinal adulteries about a decade ago, I realized two things: God and God's forgive but most others don't.

The Calvinist in me also knows we can't escape the total depravity genes of the garden.

That's why Jesus told us to keep praying about not being led into temptation and being delivered from darkness (Matthew 6:13):

It's been said sex is the greatest temptation for a young man, money for an older man, and power for a mature man; but I've always thought any of 'em can pop up like an erection in 8th grade health classes:

Again, 1 John 1:5-10.


I got a copy of a nice letter about KD that kinda balances out the stuff that mainline clerics in my franchise and sister apostates say behind my back that's always reported to me by my sources sitting next to 'em when they're venting for fear of, uh, disclosure:

Dear ___,

I am writing to you as one who has a keen interest in talk radio
and cultural analysis. You may not realize it, but you have one
of the most interesting personalities in your community with
tremendous talk show potential. Perhaps you've heard of RRK.

RRK has an extraordinary background as a professor, pastor,
intellectual, author, and blogger. He has a quick wit and an
amazing ability to harpoon the left, the right, the religious and
non-religious while at the same time offering deeply insightful

RRK previously hosted the locally popular television show
"Howard and Kopp with Real People" in Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania. As one of his guests, I can assure you that
it was a fascinating experience as we debated the issue
of homosexuality in the church and culture.

One aspect of Kopp's personality that makes him so
interesting is his transparency. Read any of his books
and you'll find that he fesses up to his personal
misdoings without excusing himself. Rather refreshing
for clergy types!

I listen to a fair amount of talk radio on both the left and
the right. Kopp doesn't easily conform to either mold.
Nevertheless, he possesses one of the most riveting
personalities fit for radio.

It is with these things in mind that I commend him to you
as one prepared to leap onto the cutting edge of talk radio
at a moment's notice. You might consider contacting
him to discover his engaging personality for yourself.
He is the Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church
in Belvidere, Illinois. You can reach him by cellular
phone at ___.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about him,
please feel free to contact me at the number listed
below. I assure you that any risk you might take
in working with him will be well rewarded.


I'm blushing.

My response:

Geez, ___, I like that.

Compliments are so rare these days; though I did get an
offer from a church with a chrome pony bonus the other
day. Seriously.

Maybe my wife will fork over for my birthday.

The officers of ___ went into profound depression when I
declined as they try to dissipate dissent to the increasing
apostasies in our backyard.

Anyway, yeah, I like it.

While I work 24/7/365 and had my last full day off on, uh,
12/25 - No, check that, I had two telephone counseling
sessions - I really, really, really love our family of faith
and will probably die trying to heal its past pains to
move into the future unafraid while taking up the rod and
staff to ward off the beast. ___ really botched up the
interim period; and we're still recovering. That's not
to mention the systemic stuff. I have never been so
in love with a congregation since ___. It makes it
tough to balance the prophetic/pastoral stuff -
wise as...gentle as - but with your prayers and the
prayers of others...

Hard to believe I've already started my 4th year.

Love 'em.

Dying for 'em.

It was a very big mistake for me not to take
vacation this past summer and our covenant group
has not met this January because of ___'s stuff; so
I'm suckin' air. I feel like the Cubs in September!

But, yeah, I'd like to do this, bring Kathie along
as my producer and leash, and maybe generate
income so we don't have to live off our endowments

Again, your compliments are really appreciated; and
considering this is our home for the duration apart
from something theophanous, anything that puts
the roots down deeper is, uh, cool.

Blessings and Love!

I'm not quitting my day job.


Mail Time!

KD: "If I've said or written something that makes you feel guilty, you probably are."

Response from Ohio: "When people tell me that something I preached about makes them feel guilty, I say, 'Praise the Lord! That's a sign that the Holy Spirit is working in your life through the ministry of the Word.'"

KD: "An angry woman castigated him for preaching about her. His response: 'That's pretty arrogant to think I'd preach a sermon just about you; but if the shoe fits...'"

Response from, uh, Ohio: "This happens more often than you think. I remember once preaching about the lawyer who asked Jesus what the greatest commandment was. After the sermon, one of the 4 lawyers in my congregation took me to task for preaching about HIM. He obviously didn't hear the part of the sermon that said the guys called lawyers in the Bible were not like what we think of as attorneys nowadays. Don't confuse him with the facts, I suppose."


Ah, go back to the first link.



Blessings and Love!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January 27, 2009

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



Speaking of false messiahs, PBHO and Rush Limbaugh continue to square off for, uh, ideological sovereignty.

PBHO understands bipartisanship as agreeing with him:

Rush Limbaugh:



Go to
see 'em extending the olive branch to each other!


It started getting real personal during the campaign (May 2008).

PBHO: "A certain segment has basically been feeding a kind of xenophobia. There's a reason why hate crimes against Hispanic people doubled last year...If you have people like Lou Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh ginning things up, it's not surprising that would happen."

RL: "I actually don't believe this...Barack Obama...called me xenophobic at a fundraiser...I thought this guy was the unity candidate? Calling me a Xenophobe? Responsible for hate crimes? My feelings are hurt here."

Coming back to the future, MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell said yesterday, "Does PBHO finally have the cajones that some Democrats haven't had in the past in saying to other Republicans, 'You don't have to listen to Rush Limbaugh?'...Isn't this exactly the kind of fight that Obama wants to have?...find somebody like a Rush Limbaugh who they can argue is on the fringe, fight with him, score points with your base, and not lose out with the Republicans that you need?"


A conversation with a friend on the inside comes to mind.

Friend: "I told them, 'You may not like his KDs and you may not like him, but he is saying some things that you need to hear."

Response: "Really?"


Go to
see 'em stoning KD!


"The Angry Golfer" of Golf World: "I spend four days in Arizona and the camera cop gets me twice. There is something weird about a government that installs radar devices on streetlights for the sole purpose of generating revenue. Maybe they should post a picture of George Orwell on all the billboards and fine me $50 for not raising the toilet seat when I use the unisex restroom" (1/26/09).

I was stopped for speeding along Ward Parkway in Kansas City about 25 years ago; prompting me to plead, "I'm sorry, sir, but I'm a Presbyterian pastor on my way to the hospital." Handing a ticket to me, he said, "I'm Catholic."

I've learned two things that shouldn't be said to a cop when stopped for speeding: "If I guess my speed right, do I win a prize?" or "Is Krispy Kreme closed today?"

As a mainline pastor and city/county police chaplain, the preceding is a lot more about mainline denominations than law enforcement officers.


Harold comes to mind.

An angry woman castigated him for preaching about her.

His response: "That's pretty arrogant to think I'd preach a sermon just about you; but if the shoe fits..."


Inundated by all of those acid-flashback-induced hallucinations comparing PBHO to FDR, Eleanor Roosevelt comes to mind.

She said to a group of African-Americans who were visiting the White House, "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent."

I've noted, "If I've said or written something that makes you feel guilty, you probably are."

Innocent people don't feel guilty.

Guilty people don't feel innocent.

Unless, of course, they're sick; and think it's all about them.



Blessings and Love!

Monday, January 26, 2009

January 26, 2009

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


PBHO has declared his first war; speaking to GOP leaders who were invited to the White House to discuss his trillion $ stimulus package: "You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done."

Repeatedly declaring his desire for PBHO's policies to fail because their success would usher in socialism, Limbaugh fired back, "There are two things going on here. One prong of the Great Unifier's plan is to isolate elected Republicans from their voters and supporters by making the argument about me and not about his plan. He is hoping that these Republicans will also publicly denounce me and thus marginalize me...Meanwhile, the effort to foist all blame for this mess on the private sector continues unabated when most of the blame for this current debacle can be laid at the feet of the Congress...If I can be made to serve as a distraction, then there is that much less time debating the merits of this trillion dollar debacle."

During the meeting with GOP leaders, Republican Representative Eric Cantor (Virginia) had a simmering exchange with the PBHO about the proposal; prompting PBHO to raise his voice to assert, "I won!...I will trump you on that!"

Surely, Limbaugh is no match for PBHO because the former may have a prominent niche in talk radio yet wasn't very persuasive in derailing the-junior-State-Senator-to-junior-U.S.-Senator's ride to Pennsylvania Avenue while the latter has unrivaled control of both Congressional chambers.

Just as surely, I'm praying both of 'em will allow a love for America's best interests to, uh, trump their ego needs.



Rush and friends better get used to PBHO being the darling of the media and majority of Americans.

He won and he's winning; observing how he can get scofflaws like Geithner confirmed without barely a whimper.

Two related notes.

Remember that neat classical number on 1/20/09? It was taped like a re-run of American Bandstand. Can you say Milli Vanilli?

Purported fact from a man on the scene: "1.5 million people attended the inauguration and only 14 of them missed work."


Speaking of cheap shots, somebody asked KD, "Why not just renounce the jurisdiction of the church if you find everything about it so objectionable?"


When has yours truly ever said I find "everything about" mainline denominations so objectionable?

I'm just asking questions and disclosing reality and encouraging anyone to, uh, disclose my errors about the idolatries in our sociopoliticoreligioeconomic culture so I can recant publicly after confessing my sins to Him.

All I'm doin' is saying Jesus is Lord as attested in Holy Scripture; and that faith and morality for Christians and friends of Christianity are more about Biblical Christology than personal prejudices and indigested ideologies.

I've never claimed to be absolutely right about anything but Jesus being Lord and Savior.

Before I get too defensive, here's my response:

Dear _____,

Thank you for your kind question.

While I think I've answered your question many times since
KD went public and over many years in many columns in
many publications, I was wondering why you think I should
leave our heritage, property, and assets to folks who are
defying Biblical Christianity as upheld in the constitution
rather than...

However, in short, I like Buechner's response to questions
like yours: "A prophet's quarrel with the world is deep-down
a lover's quarrel. If they didn't love the world, they probably
wouldn't bother to tell it that it's going to Hell. They'd just
let it go."

Some, friend, are called to remain faithfully while others
are called to separate to be faithful.

For those who stay, I always recommend this strategy:
salt, shine, sow, and live with joy in the knowledge that
He wins in the end and probably sooner than later.

Again, thanks for your kind question, read some of my
old stuff which remains new for me, and, uh, salt,
shine, and sow for Jesus!

Blessings and Love!

What has happened to the spirit of Protestantism: ecclesia reformata, semper reformanda secundum verbum Dei?

You can't even ask questions or try to make funnies or mock idolatries without somebody coming after you like a Muslim in heat.



Speaking of humorlessness (scroll down to the 5/1/08 edition of KD), Rush and folks who think like him should note not even comedians who make a living by making fun of other people - unlike KD who still hasn't parked a chrome pony in the garage for his/her efforts - are, uh, racing to give it to PBHO.

SNL's Fred Armisen comes the closest; but he shows lots more deference to PBHO than he or his peers have ever shown GWB, one-and-done Sarah, McCain, Cheney, or even Slick Willie.

Tommy Davidson: "It's a really touchy subject right now."

Kathy Griffin: "It's harder with this guy. People want to give him a chance."

Frank Caliendo: "People don't know what to do with Obama. The race issue is obvious."

James Downey: "What's hard is Barack doesn't give you a lot of things that you can get at right away."

If you think Presidents Clinton and Reagan were coated with Teflon...


Speaking of slippery subjects, the mainliners are still fightin' over sex.

Here's the latest volley:

Essentially, a bunch of mainline clergy who still believe in Biblical faith and morality signed a statement that says they, uh, still believe in Biblical faith and morality.

Check it out.

It's pretty, uh, Biblical.

Anyway, I was kinda blown away by who signed it and who didn't sign it; reminding me of the quip that we'll be surprised to find out who's in and who's not in heaven when the roll is called up yonder.


Again, I was kinda blown away by who signed it and who didn't sign it; so I asked some subscribers, "Do you have any thoughts about who signed it and who didn't sign it?"

Aside from the redundant, the responses were typically KDish.

From Pennsylvania: "I have mixed feelings when reading the impressive list of names...who have uphold current ordination standards...I would have signed the declaration had I been asked to...On the other hand, I wonder how many of these same signatories would sign a petition calling for an end to our denomination's support of abortion rights?...How many of the signatories would sign a petition calling on the denomination to re-examine its acceptance of divorce? I share the resist the acceptance of homosexual sin in our denomination. But what about heterosexual sins like abortion and divorce? Can we summon up the same energy to fight those evils?"

From a Princeton Seminary alumnus: "I noticed that none of my peers signed it; perhaps showing: (1) They've become numb to the heresy of the left by living in it so long that they've slowly accepted it; (2) They have lost their faith in statements such as this and organizations such as PFR; or (3) A combination of the preceding suspicions."

From a Calvinist: "It seems like it was signed by people who have been fighting the libs for 20 or so years...[and can't accept that they've lost]."

From Long Island: "There was a time when we had the bad guys on the run...Most conservatives thought we had won...Meanwhile the bad guys didn't take a breather. They knew they had only lost a couple of skirmishes and so they regrouped and planned and here we are...with apostasy abounding and the liberal coup almost complete...Personally, I will stay in the PCUSA and pastor my flock as I fulfill my call - not to be faithful but because I have not found a way out yet. But should God ever open the door to a call away from the PCUSA, I will be gone in a heartbeat; shaking the dust from my shoes as a testimony...even if I have to wait until honorable retirement to do so...That's what I think of the signatures."

From the Northwest: "I see a couple of names I know or knew...General impression is one along the lines of one of my basic difficulties with the PCUSA: resolutions of this or that sort line thousands of birdcages all over the world. Man's words, however well-intentioned or even Scriptural, do not endure. Scripture does."

A trumpeting sound from lllinois: "My first thought was cutting those whose names did not appear a little slack in that they may not have been aware of the document. Not signing out of ignorance of its existence is different from not signing because one doesn't want to take a stand. But upon a few moments reflection, I found I wasn't really surprised by the names I noted for their, how do you put it, uh, absence. Likewise, I was proud of those whose names did appear."

Ringing the bell for practical involvement in Illinois: "My first thought is that signing a statement, while a good thing, is not as effective as showing up to vote; so I hope all of the people listed will speak with their votes. My prayer is G-6.0106b will be upheld by yet a higher margin that any of the previous votes. Proposition 8 gives me hope that this is a possibility. Let the people speak. Then let the leadership show their unfaithful tendencies by attempting to violate the constitution."

A Volunteer: "When I left for seminary, I told my family that if America continued to go in the direction it was going that I fully expected to be arrested for preaching the Gospel in my lifetime. Given that Representative Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas has reintroduced the 'hate crime' bill (1/15/09) and that President Obama has indicated that he will sign it into law, I believe that those of us who signed this statement may well have volunteered to be the first to go to jail under this proposed law. I signed it anyway. God's standards do not change simply because we do not like them."

From Texas: "Strong core of faithful Godly pastors who have been in the battle for years and some newer folks signed it. Folks who read it and didn't sign it have caved to the culture. I signed because I am called to stand publicly against all heresy and these are the folks I want to stand with for the Lord."


More Mail!

From South Carolina: "While words of appreciation and thanks won't help you pay off that Caliber or pay down that plastic or put that new pony in your barn, thanks for
keeping the KDs coming to me...Having just read about PBHO's move to once again make the USA the world's biggest funder of abortion, I shudder to think of what lies ahead at the hands of the new administration. Thankfully, I am comforted to not only know what His hands hold securely for us until we get to His many-roomed mansion, but also to enjoy the so-sweet mercies He sends every day. In fact, I'll thank you again for being so faithful to share through the KDs of the mercies He sends you on a regular basis."


Though I pray almost every Sunday morning with our family of faith for PBHO's success in keeping with God's will as revealed in Jesus and reported in Holy Scripture, I know some folks want him to fail for reasons ranging from racist to religious.

That saddens me.

I think of the elder who exposed herself to me about seven years ago as I predicted intense contention in a meeting scheduled later that evening: "Oh, good! I just love a good fight!"

I scolded more than asked, "When did Jesus ever say that?"


The problem, uh, discloses the solution.


Moretheless, substitute Jesus for peace and sing along:


Blessings and Love!

Friday, January 23, 2009

January 23, 2009

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


Kopper's life seems so simple: sleep, eat, play, pee, poop, sniff, lick, and be nice to me.

But as he approaches his second birthday, he's gettin' kinda feisty; and he's been acting like he's trainin' me.

So I got a book from a friend to help me to understand what's goin' on: Bruce Fogle's The Dog's Mind: Understanding Your Dog's Behavior.

It's helping: "In his mind, your dog should always look upon you as the alpha dog, the leader of the pack. Remember, don't let your democratic ideals get in the way of proper training. These aren't party tricks you will be teaching. They are the basis for a successful and satisfying relationship with any dog and once trained, he will be as happy and contented to obey your commands as you will be proud of his willingness to do so."

That's metaphorical; if you know what I mean.


Speaking of alpha dogs, a leader's integrity is established by saying what she/he means and meaning what she/he says.

That's why the mainline denominations are in such trouble.

That's why there are so many questions circling the White House.

If there's a disconnect between rhetoric and administration, it's hard to know who's in charge.


I'm still exegeting the inaugural rite.

Though I was terribly disappointed and disillusioned by the clergymen who were the only ones who injected race into the liturgy and still have no idea what that poem was about, I liked what PBHO said because he sounded so much like, uh, Ronald Reagan.


But he did!

Be that as it was, his voting record and rhetoric just don't match up; and if you go to the website, well, geez, it's lookin' way left of the campaign and inaugural rhetoric.


Getting back to the pastor disasters of 1/20/09, Lowery's benediction reminded me of an old song by Denis Leary.

If you write and ask, I'll send a link; but I'm not going to link it, uh, on, uh, site/sight because it's really raw; despite a commendation/criticism from San Francisco: "Your creativity goes over the top with barely a blink!"

Of course, like politicians in Illinois, I've gotta price; meaning I'll put it on, uh, site/sight if someone sends a gift certificate to the local HD dealer to cover a Fat Boy, Fat Bob, Softail, Super Glide, or...



Some guy in Milwaukee sent a few lines from one of my favorite authors: "A bike is totally vulnerable; its only defense is maneuverability, and every accident situation is potentially fatal...It's a phallic locomotor symbol" (Thompson).

The point being...

Just like comparing PBHO's rhetoric to his record and early executive orders, I can't figure out if that guy is offering therapy or harboring hope.

I don't get it, PBHO, or the two clerics who injected race into the rite.

It's like asking a woman to review John Eldredge's Wild at Heart or a man to admit reading a book by Nancy Friday.


It's in the...blood.


Speaking of the downside of the heroic with unavoidable parallels to PBHO, a few Rick Warren sycophants are upset about any criticism of his inaugural prayer.

Let me be kinda clear.

I like him.

He loves Jesus and is trying to get people to love Jesus by loving like Jesus; which is a lot more important than what his critics detect/discern about his, uh, humanity.

I'm not jealous; though I wish I could wear Hawaiian shirts while preaching and sold enough books to...

Moretheless, I recall a church mediation about four years ago with folks who were hittin' and hurtin' each other in a Christian kinda way; and a big part of the problem was a lot folks in the church idolized Rick and a lot of folks thought he was O.K.

Anyway, a guy said, "I get so mad at people in this church who don't like him. He's done so much for our church."

I said, "Well, if he's done so much for your church, why have so many people left, why is your budget so under-subscribed, and why are people treating each other like crap? Besides, has it ever occurred to you that you talk more about Rick than Jesus?"

Idolatry distances us from the only infallible and categorically trustworthy way, truth, and life.



That's one of my favorite songs; even though one of my favorite friends doesn't get it.

I always cry when I hear it.

And though Neil Young is now collecting Lionel trains, his music touches me in the deep places as much as Third Day or David Crowder.

I've been listening to this particular song a lot lately because I'm feeling confused/concerned/romantic/nostalgic about so many things except Jesus.

With a heart breaking for how our sociopoliticoreligioeconomic culture insults Him and injures his - I can barely look at children anymore without crying for what we're handing over to 'em - I'd give up for sure without Him.

Or as I told a favorite braveheart last night, "Yes, our country seems like it's going to hell. Yes, our denomination has gone to hell. Yes, our congregation has been really, really, really hurt in the past. But He calls us to salt, shine, and sow anyway in the certainty of sharing His ultimate victory in the end and probably sooner than later."

If I didn't believe that, I'd probably idolize somebody like...


Keeping faith with Neil, here's a sad letter from a sad pastor in North Carolina:

Dear ___,

This is a personal note in response to your invitation to
renew my subscription to ___. This is not intended
for publication by you or anyone else [I got permission
on condition of protecting the source which KD always

Forgive me if I ramble. I am writing from my heart...

Last evening, I saw Defiance which is another movie
about the horrors of Hitler's hatred for Jews and
the complicity of others in his persecution of the
Jews...When I left the theater, I realized that for
my own sake it was necessary that I not renew
my subscription this year.

This decision is not personal towards you and is not
a reflection upon your excellent work and ministry.
It is personal about me for spiritual reasons which
I'll attempt to explain ever so briefly.

While there is no viable comparison between my
suffering and those of the Jews at the hands of
Hitler, his co-conspirators and co-enablers...bring
back so many brutal memories of my experience
in the PCUSA...The zeal with which leaders in
the PCUSA have sought to persecute those who
question it or decide to leave it reminds me of
Hitler's zeal. The silence of those in the PCUSA
who know what is happening reminds me of the
silence which deafened the world to Hitler's
genocide. The complicity of good people in
the PCUSA who are afraid of what will happen
to them if they try to stop the PCUSA's ruthless
persecution of those who left or talk of leaving
or even question them reminds me of the
complicity of so many in carrying out Hitler's
hatred because they were afraid to oppose him...

I wept throughout Defiance because it reminded
me of the suffering inflicted upon me and so many
others by leaders in the PCUSA; and the silent
and fearful co-conspirators in the PCUSA. It
reminded me that every time I come in contact
with the PCUSA, that the worst in me rages out.
Against the prohibition of Holy Scripture, I now
rejoice when I read of bad things happening in the
PCUSA. Against the prohibition of Holy Scripture,
I want to return evil for evil when I am wounded yet
again and when I see so many others wounded
yet again by the zealous attack of the PCUSA's
leadership. Against the prohibition of Holy Scripture,
I scoff at the feeble and repetitive efforts of
renewalists in the PCUSA who sincerely, yet lamely,
seek to reform it.

The PCUSA and her co-enablers have broken me.
I need to let God heal me. To this end, I am
deliberately doing everything I can to separate
myself and my memory from the PCUSA...Much
to my dismay, I realize I must now include ___ in
my discipline...

___, this is more than you deserve, but I want you
to know that I will continue to pray for and speak well
of your ministry...I pray that the day will come after
God has healed the brokenness and anger within me
that I will be able to benefit from your ministry.

Thank you for your friendship and service.

The PCUSA and its sister mainliners remind me of the song that came to mind while listening to Lowery on Tuesday.

So sad.


I better play some golf.

Dang snow!

I'll go work on my bike.

Dang Caliber and plastic!

I'll walk Kopper.

Dang two year old!

In meantimes, it's good to remember only Jesus saves.


Blessings and Love!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 21, 2009

KD just found this inaugural picture of PBHO's Chief of Staff to confirm
an Ohio subscriber's take on 1/20/09:
"The Dawn of a New Error!"

January 21, 2009

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


January 20, 2009.

Inauguration of the 44th.

Are you as into symbolic numbers as Spike Lee, T.D. Jakes, Keith Ubermacht, Rachel Maddening, Chris Matthews,

If you are, then join the congregation to sing

Was OGD's 1/19/09 posting a commentary on Exodus 20:3 confirming, coincidental, or providential?


KD's 12/21/08 edition (scroll down) was a peek at yesterday's liturgy; and here's the review:

Musical Selections by the United States Marine Band as over 50% of
Americans cross their hearts and under 50% cross their fingers. BTW,
did you watch the parade down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House
in the afternoon? It featured high school bands, college bands, military
units, veterans, drill teams, floats, and the Lesbian and Gay Band

Musical Selections by the San Francisco Boy Chorus and the
San Francisco Girls Chorus which was cool.

Call to Worship - I mean Order - and Welcoming Remarks
by California Senator Diane Feinstein who was dignified,
appropriate, and always appears non-partisan until roll's called.

Invocation by Fuller D.Min. Rick Warren despite Bishop
Robinson's objections and the far left's hysterics. Parenthetically,
the bishop who along with the guy who closed the service -
we'll get to him - came through on his promise not to pray like
Saddleback's pastor and was ungracious enough to offer one
of those condescendingly self-righteous "I'm praying for you"
greetings to RW after that awful benediction. Anyway, RW
overcame his patronizingly panderin' with scarcely perceived
purpose start with a strong finish in faith with Colossians 3:17.'s Islam expert Robert Spencer was not
pleased because RW's attempt to reach to the far edges
of inclusion included a common refrain from the Koran:
"You are the compassionate and merciful one." Muslims
liked it because in begins almost every chapter of the
Koran. Spencer: "Making sure everyone feels included -
terrific. But the prayer indicates yet again there is little
general awareness of the reasons why the term 'Judeo-
Christian-Islamic values' is a misnomer.'" Is he saying
you gotta know the, uh, purpose before proclaiming?

Musical Selection by Aretha Franklin who looked like a
Narnian toy from Wal-Mart. As the Queen of Soul was
beltin' out some patriotic lines - and you gotta go to
last night's Daily Show for some, uh, revealing comments
by Jon and Samantha - I swore I saw some females
mouthing other lyrics as the camera panned the
sycophants: "You make me feel like a natural..."

Oath of Office Administered to VP Joe Biden who
is not from Scranton yet has compelled all Americans
to pray for PBHO's health.

Musical Selection by Classical Types which was great but
confused folks who thought it was time for a hip-hopper.
Geez! How could you dance to that!

Oath of Office Administered to PBHO that Chief Justice
John Roberts totally screwed up because, maybe, he
still feels screwed by Senator BHO who didn't vote
for his confirmation as the Chief Justice who will be
forever known as screwing up the...

Inaugural Address with eloquent platitudes that made
everyone feel really good even if everyone's crossin'
something! He said, "The economic ills we suffer
have come upon us over several decades. They will
not go away in days, weeks, or months, but they will
go away...because we, as Americans, have the..."
Oops! Sorry! That was President Ronald Reagan
on 1/20/81. Here's PBHO: "That we are in the midst
of crisis is now well understood...Today I say to you
that the challenges we face are real. They are serious
and they are many. They will not be met easily or
in a short span of time. But know this, America -
they will be met." Excellent! He's almost as convincing
as President Reagan; and with our hopes and prayers
that PBHO succeed according to the will of God, I
kinda like him having the charisma and rhetorical
gymnastics of the last great guy in the big seat.

Poem that left many, uh, unFrosted. What was up with
that? That girl needs a tuition break for Maya's next
class at Wake!

Benediction by The Rev. Dr. Joseph E. Lowery who
tried to turn one of America's most healing and
and uniting moments into a race-baiting slugfest
with his sophomoric conclusion and swipe at
crackers: "We ask You to help us work for that
day when black will not be asked to get back,
when brown can stick around, when yellow will
be mellow, when the red man can get ahead man,
and when white will embrace what is right." He
proved two things: (1) PBHO hasn't divorced
himself from all of his nutty buddies yet; and
(2) Dr. Seuss lives!

The National Anthem by the United States Navy Band
Sea Chanters that didn't send chills up Chris Matthews

And then I thought I heard the congregation break out into song (see the link in the first section of this KD).



Speaking of property, the self-perpetuating bureaucracies of mainline denominations own it; or, uh, hold it "in trust" for, uh, whomever.


The only thing keeping mainline denominations from completely disintegrating is $.

Everybody wants the property and assets; which, interestingly, is the only ideology, uh, "tie" that binds left and right.



From a really, really, really smart lawyer in my neck of the woods: "When I went to GA...[that's the big PCUSA meeting that's held every other year that supposedly has oversight over the rest of us but which is essentially ignored by our self-perpetuating bureaucracies, judicial legislation, and constitutional defiance]...I asked everyone that I could find what it was that connected us together given the obvious diversity in theology. The answers that I got were polity, pension, and the endowment." Then, proving sarcasm isn't only a trait of KD, he snapped, "Those all seem to be very sound theological reasons to be united."


While I am called to remain faithfully - which has been explained and documented ad nauseum in KD and a plethora of other publications - rather than separate to be faithful, I have been intrigued by this two-part question from my favorite newswoman in America: "Since the courts say that the property belongs to the presbytery not the churches, then why don't the churches just tell the presbytery to pay the mortgage? Why don't all the evangelical churches just stop paying the mortgage; since it's not theirs anyway?"

So I asked some folks who think a lot harder on stuff like that than me.


From Chicago: "This does happen when congregations default on their mortgages. The presbytery has to take over or forfeit the property. This was also the stated tactic in the establishment of the PCA...It might be worth a conversation with a real estate attorney to see what might be possible."


Back to the really, really, really smart lawyer in my neck of the woods: "I think they might find themselves under an administrative commission as did Hollywood Presbyterian Church."

Ah, yes. The thought police. Isn't it interesting how the Protestant tradition has devolved into goose-stepping to the barks of the bureaucracy. Whatever happened to dissent not to mention conscience captive to Jesus as attested in Holy Scripture?


From Pennsylvania: "Anyone who tries it better have a lot in the bank for court costs; because those apostates in control of the purse strings have endless resources from faithful folks who are now rolling over in their graves."


Forget where this came from; but I think he's from Virginia: "Anyone who wants to live by the sword shouldn't be surprised if they end up dying by the sword! Let 'em have both edges of the law if they can't figure out what Jesus and Paul were talking about in Matthew 18 and I Corinthians 6. We know they can't figure those out because they don't believe either of them."


From a really, really, really smart lawyer in Kansas City: "Assuming someone loaned money without asking for very much security or many signatures, then, in theory, the owner of the church must pay or run the risk of foreclosure. Before that would happen - assuming the presbytery itself is a signer of the loan - the presbytery would descend upon the congregation and try to instill the fear of foreclosure...Assuming that did not work, then the presbytery would find a way to up the per capita..."


From Arizona: "Increase your debt to the max! Then ask to leave! If they don't let you leave, give them the keys!"


From Ohio: "The plan is tempting; but it would involve breaking covenant with the bank. While most mainline denominations have broken covenant with the God of the Bible, congregations that still are trying to keep covenants must not break them. I would suggest churches that can't take it anymore give away all of their assets to mission projects, give the keys to the presbytery, rent a warehouse, and start over."


Start over.


Sounds like what's happening in the U.S.A.

Maybe it's good to hand the keys over to somebody else every now and then.


Blessings and Love!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

January 18, 2009

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


I had a shotgun wedding on Saturday.

I did it for three reasons: (1) The Methodists called on Monday and asked if I would do it because they were booked; (2) We charge a lot for non-member weddings and I've only got $37.43 in my chrome pony fund because KD's really rich subscribers think I'm joking about paying off the Caliber and plastic before going to the local HD store; and (3) I will never turn down any opportunity to talk about Jesus to folks who come from mainline denominations because they haven't heard that much about Him.

Always remember there's a little to lots of truth in even lame attempts at humor.



Mail Time!

From Connecticut: "Did you really have to mention Dr. Frankfurt's _____ in your last KD? That word is so offensive to me. Although you did not write the book and you were quoting him, would you use such language in a sermon?"

I didn't have to mention it; but it's so appropriate to what's goin' on in our sociopoliticoreligioeconomic culture. I'd always assumed there's so much of it, especially in mainline denominations and mainstream politics, because the bureaucrats want to anesthetize our brains so we don't get too upset about stuff; but after reading it, I realize those _____ers are pacifying us into a false sense of peace with those encounter/rap/dialogue/say/nothing/but/say/it/eloquently groups and speeches to make us think they care about what we think when they really don't while they're manipulating process/polity for their nefarious ideologies behind our backs. It's brilliant. Sick. Evil. But, yeah, brilliant. Nah, I wouldn't use ____ in a sermon; though I might be thinkin' it. I am reminded of an, uh, small group led by Tony Campolo with our session in Kansas City back in the early 80s. He said, "There's so much sh__ in the church because folks like you care more about me using that word than you care about people who are hungry and dying and..."

From Iowa: "I have a problem with you recommending authors and books that are not clearly consistent with what you say you believe."

As I said in the last KD, I like to read provocative stuff to keep me sharp; and, besides, reading really anti-Christian authors/books is the best way for me to know what the mainline apostates are up to these days. Conversely, when someone asks what Christianity is all about, I tell 'em to save some time and money and buy one of those Bibles with the words of Jesus in red and just read the red letters! Psst. Here's a secret. If you've noticed, I don't recommend a lot of the music that I use to illustrate KDs. Music aligns the heart; and draws us into greater intimacy with Jesus or pushes us away from Him. You will note KD only recommends music that aligns the heart with Jesus. Again, KD uses a lot of music to illustrate idolatries.

From Florida: "Well, there is a lot of bullshit in the world and church and just remember that the Apostle Paul used the word too!"


From my favorite famous newswoman who would get into big trouble if I used her name: "I like how you said, 'She reminded me that it's O.K. for a Christian to go into a brothel, bar, or the like as long as she/he isn't a customer.' By the way, the late British news anchor Malcolm Muggeridge, who I admired greatly, once said that being a Christian in the news media is like playing the piano in a brothel and including "Amazing Grace" in your repertoire in the hopes that some of the clientele might be edified. I thought it was a great way of putting it."

Did you really mean "like being an evangelical in the mainline..."? Sorry. Kinda.


Oh, yeah! I forgot! PBHO is gonna be sworn in on Tuesday (scroll down to 12/21/08 for a peak at the program).

While he's already ticked off the way left and anybody right of a little left of center, most folks are really, really, really hoping he is who they want him to be:

Seriously, I want him to be successful because I love America and don't want it to end up where it's headed; as long as success is measured by honoring God as personified in Jesus and prescribed in Holy Scripture.

C'mon, lefties! You gotta like His unconditional love ethic as expressed in Matthew 5-7, 25, and so on!

And if folks would act like He's Lord, then that love ethic would...

Twain: "The church is always trying to get other people to reform. It might not be a bad idea to reform itself a little by way of example."


One more thing.

PBHO had a lot of nutty buddies in Chicago.

He hasn't asked any of 'em to work for him in D.C.

Yeah, I know you may not like all of his nominations and hires; but you gotta admit, especially if you didn't vote for him, that he hasn't been as reckless as you feared.

C'mon, righties!

Give him a chance!

I've got this hope/idea/inspiration/indigestion that now that he's king or close to royalty, PBHO's true self will be, uh, disclosed and he'll be so much better than even his greatest critics assumed.

If you aren't hoping he becomes the greatest President of our time, you're as loony as people who think he's the second coming.


Blessings and Love!

Friday, January 16, 2009

January 16, 2009

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


My favorite authors include Blackaby, Buechner, Burton, Chambers, Nouwen, O'Rourke, Paul, Thompson, Vonnegut, and the Desert Fathers.

I don't always agree with everything I read or even write.

The director of a college egghead program taught me to study as much as I can about as much as I can and then


I thought I should mention that because someone scolded me about some of the comments below some of the links to youtube.

She was upset by some of the bad language; as if she had never heard, uttered, or entertained such violations to her purported proprieties.

She reminded me that it's O.K. for a Christian to go into a brothel, bar, or the like as long as she/he isn't a customer.


Continuing on the theme of being in but not of the world, it's hard for Christians to stay, uh, connected to mainline denominations.

While I have decided to remain in but not of the PCUSA as a missionary to the mainline, here are some excerpts from a younger pastor near Kansas City who faced the challenge and chose a road increasingly traveled:

When I was searching for my first call in the PCUSA, I
championed myself as a "turn-around-church" pastor.
Realizing that 85% of the congregations in the PCUSA
were on their way down, I figured it was a safe strategy.
Besides, the seminary I attended filled our hearts and
heads with a passion for renewing crumbling
denominational structures. Though it may not be
important, it was not a denominational seminary.

What I didn't realize was the old foundation of Biblical
Presbyterianism had eroded to the place where the
majority of those left in the ruins preferred a sandy mix
for the thin mortar they were using to make repairs.

While I was successful, the presbytery hierarchy
had very little tolerance for a gospel that called for
Christ-centered discipleship. Tragically, the moment
our congregation made progress, the denomination
insisted on more sand in the mortar. In time, the call
to rebuilding churches on the solid Biblical foundation
of Jesus Christ became a lesson in futility, frustration,
and depression.

Growing older with no experience outside of the PCUSA,
what could I do? Coming to grips with the realization that
my six-figure paycheck, status, pension and other benefits
didn't compare to risking my life for Jesus, I quit.

That's right. Without any worldly safety net, I jumped
off the Titanic and started a new church.

This went against everything that made sense to me.
I lost financial security. I made less than I made as
a youth director! Sunday mornings could be fairly
sparse. The first summer almost killed us. I was
mocked, mistreated, and slandered by the presbytery
and many local Presbyterian pastors and elders. My wife
was humiliated, wounded, and deprived.

Even so, our core people were loving, supportive, positive,
faithful, sacrificial, gracious, energized, and solidly committed
to Jesus Christ.

Slowly but surely, we found out footing. One by one, God
added people to our church.

Today, we have a significant outreach to the poor, medical
community, and local university. By the way, we don't use
"outreach" like the PCUSA uses it. Yep, that's right! We
actually talk about Jesus! In fact, the whole congregation
is excited about sharing Jesus with others and every Sunday
we are seeing more and more people show up to worship.

The congregation is dynamic. Every person has a ministry.
People are excited. Guests are welcomed like prodigals
returning home to a fantastic party!

As for me, I still don't make much in the way of salary; but
my bills are paid and I don't have any debt other than the
house. And the Lord has just provided us with a wonderful
24,000 sq. ft. building!

God is good. He provides; especially when we trust Him
by doing the right thing and not settling for anything less than
His will, His way, His time.

Believe it or not, I'm having more fun, fulfillment, and
happiness and joy than I ever experienced in a denomination
with a death wish.

Oh yes, I'm not opposed to denominations. They can be
terrific; especially the small but rapidly growing denomination
with which we recently affiliated. It's the difference between
hell and heaven. I mean that quite literally.

I've written these words to encourage those of you who live
in the fear, torment, and chains of the PCUSA. Those of us
who have left know you really want to get out. But you fear
for your future, your family, and your reputation. I understand
your situation quite well. To you, I say, BE NOT AFRAID!
There is life beyond the PCUSA and life abundantly. Trust
Jesus and not your paycheck, your status, or your pension.
He will bless your faithfulness.

That's not my call; but God knows the integrity of his.


Thinking about call, the pudgy pastor giving the inaugural prayer next week has extended an olive branch to Bishop V. Gene Robinson who reacted angrily when PBHO picked Rick for it: "PBHO has again demonstrated his genuine commitment to bringing all Americans of goodwill together in search of common ground. I applaud his desire to be the President of every citizen."

Trying to temper the bishop's tiff, PBHO picked him to deliver the invocation at the inaugural kickoff on Sunday.

The bishop doesn't think PBHO picked him to pander to, uh, whatever constituency is panting for pandering; and the bishop has promised his prayer will be much different from Warren's.

Am I the only one who thinks the daily news is getting better than re-runs of Soap?


Speaking of sitcoms, why won't GWB pardon Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean?

If you've been watching MSNBC or MTV and missed it, they're the border agents who are serving 11 and 12 years for shooting a wetback drug smuggler in the line of duty. Get this! The drug dealer, who suffered only minor injuries and appears back in business, was given full immunity from prosecution in return for his testimony against the agents.

Despite several Senators - including California Democrat Feinstein and Texas Republican Cornyn - along with many Representatives from both sides of the aisle joining thousands of petitioners, GWB must be so busy telling us how he's kept us safe since 9/11/01 so we'll pardon him from his otherwise disastrous two terms to, using the words of Cornyn, "show mercy and use his clemency power to give back Agenst Ramos and Compean the next 10 years of their lives."

I just don't get it; but, of course, there's a lot about the last eight years that I just don't get.


One of my favorite books comes to mind: Harry G. Frankfurt's On Bullshit.

Seriously, that's the title from the renowned moral philosopher who is Princeton's Professor of Philosophy Emeritus via Princeton University Press.

I picked it up because I'm trying to figure out what's happened to mainline denominations and the title seemed to provide a clue; but, truthfully, it's about the, uh, crap in our sociopoliticoreligioeconomic culture.

Like other KD recommendations, it makes ya think: "One of the most salient features of our culture is that there is so much bullshit...Each of us contributes his share...Most people are rather confident of their ability to recognize bullshit and to avoid being taken in by it...In consequence, we have no clear understanding of what bullshit is, why there is so much of it, or what functions it serves...So far as I am aware, very little work has been done on this subject..."

"Enunciating the essential characteristics of bullshit," Dr. Frankfurt draws on Max Black's definition of humbug: "deceptive misrepresentation, short of lying, especially by pretentious word or deed, of somebody's own thoughts, feelings, or attitudes."

He asks, "Is the bullshitter by his very nature a mindless slob? Is his product necessarily messy or unrefined? The word shit does, to be sure, suggest this. Excrement is not designed or crafted at all; it is merely emitted, or dumped."

Then he, uh, discloses the meaning behind the method: "Yet there is something more to be said about this. However studiously and conscientiously the bullshitter proceeds, it remains true that he is also trying to get away with something' [italics added].

Ah, ha!

So it is about mainline denominations!



I spend so much time in the aforementioned as a card-carrying mainliner that I need to remember why I stay.

Here you go:


Blessings and Love!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January 14, 2009

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



Except for Marilyn who was in her third year of fifth grade when we nestled in the needles under the big pine tree near the library just off Main Street in Nanticoke or maybe Jill who told my parents she was gonna marry me in kindergarten or maybe Donna M who exchanged penny candy for kisses in the cloakroom of Lincoln Elementary in fourth grade or maybe Donna D who was really, really, really hot in the alley behind Granteed's Gas Station where I first learned to change the oil and filter every three thousand, I'd have to say Ruthie was my first, uh, whatever.

She was a cheerleader.

She dumped me for Joe who was the star quarterback for Kingston's Central Catholic before being the star quarterback for New Mexico State before playing quarterback for the New York Giants where he will be forever famous for the "Miracle in the Meadowlands" while playing the Eagles on November 19, 1978.



We, uh, got together again when I was a sophomore in college and she was in nursing school.

I asked if she had dated a lot since being dumped by Joe and she stuttered.

When I asked, uh, how many guys she'd been with since then, she stuttered.

After that weekend, she sent a note saying she and her mom went looking for china.

I never answered; and never was, uh, with her again.



Have you ever noticed how the Bible compares His relationship with us in such romantic verse(s)?

He's usually sad because, uh, we're always whoring around; and there's a great updated version of the Hosea/Gomer/Him/us metaphor in Frederick Buechner's Peculiar Treasures. The whole book is great; but the "Gomer" entry is my favorite. That's a lame choice of words.

Anyway, the Bible is big on Him being the husband and us being the wife and us, well, uh, makes me think of Ruthie.



Hey! Hey! Hey!

KD was just reviewed by a national publication:

On a lighter note [What?]...Dr. Robert R. Kopp...has a new
website. It is The website was
launched due to the tremendous interest nationally and even
internationally in a series of writings called Kopp Disclosure(s).
The writings express Bob's insights and reflections on a wide
range of topics, but particularly church, national, and cultural
events. The KDs are insightful, funny, challenging,
occasionally confusing, and sometimes downright
irritating (Did my wife write this?] but always honest and
VERY thought-provoking. Bob's love for Jesus and the
church come through clearly [...despite what the franchise's
thought police think as they conspire to silence me]. I commend
Bob's website to you. Read those KDs. I can guarantee
that you will NEVER be bored!

That's the nicest disclaimer that I've ever seen.



Speaking of irritating, a former PCUSAer wrote about this edition's predecessor: "I've been gone from PCUSA involvement for decades now. I don't like to leave anyone associated with such corruption within arm's reach of my financial support. PCUSA is a tragedy, like a fine new Saville Row suit fitted onto a rotting corpse. I've long-since written it off as a bad investment, wiped my hands and moved on. It's simpler than trying to figure out good/guy/bad/guy..."


Staying on the metaphor, a friend recommended Gerald L. Sittser's Water from a Deep Well to me and it's really good and I recommend it to you. It's about turning our trickles into His rivers of living water.

Moretheless, there are several sentences which kinda fit into this metaphor in a KD kinda eisegetical way which our lefty subscribers can, uh, dig because they do it so regularly with Holy Scripture; but I've left some blanks in the text where you can plug in the name of your favorite mainline abomination:

Simply being Christian posed a peculiar kind of threat
to _____. Christians were martyred because they would
not bow the knee to _____, sacrifice to the _____ as a
god and treat the _____ as if it had ultimate authority.
Forced to choose between Jesus and _____, Christians
for the most part chose Jesus, confessing Him as Lord.
In nearly every one of the early accounts of martyrdom,
this conflict between Christianity and _____ surfaces
as a major issue. Christian belief had public
consequences; Christian practice challenged _____'s
quest for dominance. Christianity made claims that
threatened the ____. Such conviction was bound to
upset _____.

There is one final reason why _____ persecuted
Christianity...The early Christians viewed their faith as
ultimately and exclusively true, which threatened the
popular pluralism of the day...Pagans assumed that
religious truth was by nature ambiguous and obscure,
and thus best left open to debate...

In the end, therefore, the Christian belief in Jesus as
Savior and Lord caused the greatest offense...The
Christian confession that Jesus is Lord simply flew
in the face of _____'s pluralism and tolerance. It also
infuriated the intellectual elite, who understood Christianity
well enough to recognize that it would not fit comfortably,
if at all, into _____ culture.

Dang, there are some really smart believers out there!


Ah, forget it.

"They" have.

I'll, uh, try:


Blessings and Love!

January 14, 2009

This is an actual picture of a Burger King some where in America
A Metaphor for Mainline Denominations:

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January 12, 2009

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


A fellah donated a loudspeaker to the church that I served over 30 years ago in memory of his wife.

Recently, my wife asked how much $ has been generated to support KD; which prompted a blurt, "Well, yeah, sure, uh, I'd like to make a little $ off it after enough comes in for Kathie and me to pay off our church's expansion and, uh, you'll, uh, know if anything's comin' in if you see a chrome pony parked next to the Caliber which I can now buy for less than I still owe, uh, on it but, uh, it's more about saltin' and shinin' than $."




A presbytery - go back to yesterday's KD for a definition with the dirty details - without much heart - Hint! Hint! - sent their Gestapo, uh, representatives to meet with a church's pastor and elders because they decided their conscience proscribed sending $ to that presbytery because its, uh, witness was so anathema to their understanding of Biblical Christianity.

It was an apocalyptic moment for that church's pastor and elders; and, uh, representative of the increasing breach in mainline denominations.

Reasoning of pastor and church: "Because of what we believe, which we believe is consistent with our understanding of Biblical Christianity as supported by our Book of Confessions and Book of Order, we don't feel we can ask our members to send $ to you which you will use in ways that contradict what we believe."

Response: "We really don't care what you believe. We just want your $. We expect you to send in your $. It's what you owe us as members of our denomination."



It's a problem that won't go away in mainline denominations.


"They" want it and "we're" increasingly resistant to sending $ to support personnel and programs that offend our sense of Christianity as personified in Jesus, prescribed in Holy Scripture, and upheld by our constitution so far yet so precariously.


I was told, "You realize that if you get enough people to stop sending $ to us, we'll have to lay off people and maybe even shut down the machinery of our denomination."

I replied, "The problem being..."



My position on this is so well documented that there's no need to repeat it; though I kinda did in the previous sections of this KD.

But a recent exchange has prompted me to rethink - reimagine if you'd like - the whole, uh, uh, uh, deal.

Though our giving to the franchise is voluntary according to the constitution so far yet so precariously, I was confronted by a respected friend who said withholding or redirecting or whatever $ that used to go to the denominational coffers - "When a coin in the coffer rings, a soul..." - is breaking covenant.


I don't wanna do that.

So I asked some folks around the globe who are much smarter than yours truly to weigh in.


Parenthetically, if you stop sending $ as some kinda protest or dissent, an honored tradition that is disappearing thanks to the ecclesiastical thought police, you'll get threatened.

For example, churches are told they won't be allowed to send representatives to meetings.

WWWooooooooooooo, hit us with your best shot!

Pastors are told they better like where they are.

I do.

Of course, I've been threatened over the years.

Somebody takes me into a back room and says they're thinkin' about chargin' me with upsetting the peace and unity of the franchise - Come to think of it, purity never comes up! - because I write about stuff - the word is disclosure - that upsets people and ask questions that people shouldn't be allowed to ask and...


I say, "Sticks and stones will break my..."

No smiles.

So I say, "Bring it on, pals! I've always said, 'You show me where I'm wrong according to our constitution's understanding of Biblical Christianity and I'll shut up and publicly apologize for being wrong; but if it's because I'm not into your bastardization of Christianity, bug off!'"

I'm always working on making new friends.



Be that as it is, let's talk about something really consequential before hearing from the experts - the NFL's final four:

Steelers - They are, by far, the best team left in
the playoffs. Aside from what I've said in previous
KDs, Tyler Palko could suit up and the Steelers
win the biggest bowl. They're that much better.
Speaking of Pitt which forsook Flacco for Palko,
ain't no way a rookie from Delaware is gonna
lead the dirty birds over Iron City's fav. I don't
care if Poe's team has a real killer at LB, forget

Cardinals - Uh, who said to watch out for 'em? That
Eric Liddell at QB is awesome and that wideout
redeems what Pitt did to Flacco.

Eagles - So close so many times. Can you
say Vikings or Bills?

Ravens - Go back to review of the Steelers!


Staying on $, let's get back to the reasons and rationalizations and bizzaro logic for sending it to those who use it in ways anathema to Biblically Christocentric conscience.



A simple word from San Diego: "Offerings rendered unto Baal are as decadent as offerings unto a corrupt, anti-Biblical denomination. How would God distinguish the latter from the former?"


From one of the few intelligent liberals left in the PCUSA near Happy Valley: "There should be no per capita assessments anyway! It's all about mission because counting heads is a very silly way to measure a church."


From a really smart conservative in my presbytery: "Isn't a covenant basically a contract? And if one party violates the terms of the contract, doesn't that typically release the other party from having to discharge its obligations? So, by ignoring clear constitutional provisions relating to fidelity, chastity, and by ignoring directives from the GA concerning educational materials, and lobbying efforts, etc. (the list goes on and on), certainly a case could be made for the leadership in the PCUSA violating the covenant with its member churches...So by what standard are member churches judged and deemed responsible for paying per capita? Again, those who cry so loudly for equality seem to feel more equal than others. Sorry to keep referencing Orwell, but he really seems to have some pertinent things to say."


The preceding's wife: "Matthew 7:6 comes to mind. There is no covenantal fidelity because the people who wish to push anti-Biblical and anti-constitutional stances have broken covenant with those of us who wish to remain faithful to Him, His Word, and our church constitution."


An old friend in Indiana: "I have suggested our session here stop all payments to GA. GA is using money to fund meetings that make decisions that are destroying our denomination and investing in things that are opposed to the mission of the true Church. We may not be able to save the PCUSA; but we will not fund its destruction...We have stopped feeding the beast...The pleas from the other side that our action is covenantal infidelity is ridiculous. They keep changing or ignoring the covenant and we are supposed to keep paying the expenses for things we don't believe in. I don't think so...You can perhaps see why my presbytery has never sent their welcome wagon to my door."


From somebody in my presbytery who is coming out of the closet: "Signs of the coming PCUSA apocalypse: (1) The same people who tell evangelicals that it's not proper to use wealth and property as an expression of discontent find it important to control evangelicals by demanding that they give up the same; (2) Speakers at presbytery meetings use their opportunity to call people who respect both Jesus and His Word to repentance, choosing to ignore the need to call those whom Jesus and Word tell us must repent; (3) Brothers sell out brothers for the sake of a mess of pottage, the ingredients of which are public opinion, ecclesiastical approval, and political keester-smooching; (4) Elders know better than clergy what is and is not a real sermon, as opposed to a soap box; (5) The measure of one's faithfulness is determined by per capita assessments; (6) The bottom line is no longer about heaven and hell, but about financial participation; and (7) A congregation's value is based on its contributions to the judicatories, not on how it is contributing to its community."


From a former EP who is a pastor in Michigan: "God is the God of the covenants. Our faithfulness is to Him, not our organizations. However, if we make a covenant with an organization by God, we need to honor it unless God leads otherwise. This does not apply when we are not a participant in making the covenant or if the higher or judicial church authority says it is not binding. When dealing with a fellowship that you are in a historical covenant, if the fellowship is faithful, Calvin calls us to honor it...If a presbytery is faithful to God's Word and a General Assembly that is not or vice versa, it does make the decision harder, but a church might give per capita to the one they believed was faithful."


From Oregon: "Regrettably, there's only one way to stop a bureaucracy and that's in the wallet. People vote with their wallets and their feet."


From Pennsylvania: "It's simple, KD! If the denomination is faithful, fork over! If not, stick a fork in it!"


From Florida: "We withhold because the denomination has broken covenant with us! I have been ostracized for not being obedient to the PCUSA. What about obedience to Him?"


From Pennsylvania by way of Texas: "Evangelicals who pay per capita are chumps...It shows them that we're still on the plantation and that they can still count on our help in maintaining the slave quarters next to the big house...Our covenant with God demands our full allegiance. Our vows were made to God alone and we dare not switch allegiances. God gives us money to be used according to His revealed will and our covenant with Him is expressed when we refuse to turn over the money of His people to unjust and unbiblical pursuits. To do any less than withhold would be to violate our covenant fidelity to Him who gives all good gifts...When they close Louisville and turn back the power to the people, then and only then can we talk about funding common pursuits. No taxation without representation! Sic Semper Tyrannis!"


From that really smart lawyer for one of the nation's most influential para-denominationals: "I agree that payment of per capita expresses covenantal fidelity, and those sessions which withhold or redirect per capita are expressing their understanding that the denomination has broken covenant and been unfaithful to the Lord according to the Bible and our constitution."


From a voice crying in the wilderness of our presbytery: "I am not in covenant with their lordship of the libido of the sexual revolution. I have nothing in common with them because they have nothing in common with Biblical Christianity. I must not give them a penny!"


From Florida's champion of Not One Penny: "Crying the blues about possible staff cuts is more encouragement than anything."


From a newswoman in the South: "They are asking you to be faithful to an agreement which they have broken faith with by turning over the money to a bureaucratic institution that they happen to control!...How are you being unfaithful by refusing to make payments to those who broke faith?"


Near football's Hall of Fame: "You cannot demand a gift!...The only way to stop the liberals is to starve the bastards out financially. Otherwise, they won't go away. And as long as they stay around, they will not cease and desist from their heresies, perversions, and apostasies which they wish to impose despite the will of the people and our constitutional standards...The only way to get their attention is to cut them off at the pocketbook. No covenant with Hell!"


A constitutional expert and businessman from the Volunteer State chimes in: "The laity have been stripped of all more and more ordained but not serving clergy and seminarians get voting rights. Most PCUSA seminaries graduate liberals who are not Biblically based or Christocentric...The only way for elders within the church to shout disgust at the leadership of the PCUSA is through their pocketbooks."


From a very, very, very smart theologian who has just been called to one of the most visible posts of leadership in one of the most influential para-denominationals in the world: "Jesus calls us to be fishers of men, yes. But no where can I find Jesus encouraging anyone to dress like bait."


Well, it looks like most of 'em agree that it's a covenantal question.



I think I read some red letters about that in the...


Blessings and Love!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

January 10, 2009

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


A wacky woman from the way left insisted, “You’re not listening to me!”

I responded casually, “I’m hearing you quite well; but I’m just not agreeing with you.”


The way left and way right think we’ll agree with them sooner or later if they keep repeating, shouting, or force-feeding their, uh, stuff to us.

I don’t think so.

More of the same doesn’t change minds that are already made up; with all apologies to those who are obsessed with PBHO’s birthplace as if anyone in any position to do anything about it really cares regardless of what the constitution says which is another consistency in our sociopoliticoreligio culture:



Candidly, I believe Jesus is Lord and Savior as attested in Holy Scripture; meaning I pray and labor to attend to Him rather than contend with Him even when I’d rather contend with Him because I’d rather not attend to Him.

Folks like me think folks who contend because they don’t want to attend are egotistical, arrogant, condescending, and diabolically oppressed if not possessed.

Think about it.

Folks who contend because they don’t want to attend are saying, in effect, “I know that’s what Jesus and the Bible say, but I think…”



That came to mind as the lefties and so-called evangelicals who always end up accommodating the lefties because the lefties are in charge of the bureaucracy and you know what that means when it comes to vocational mobility in our presbytery – that’s a bunch of pulpiteers and pewsitters who act like a collective pope and tell churches under their thumb what God really means especially when they’d rather contend than attend – decided it’s O.K. to force churches to “exhibit” movements and materials when hosting their meetings even if the stuff is anathema to their understanding of Biblical Christianity.

Specifically, they were gonna amend the bylaws to make churches bend over to their advances: “Recognized networks and partnerships may exhibit and present in presbytery meetings and their participation may not be restricted by any church or group.”


Gotta watch those Teutonic roots.

Anyway, we were supposed to vote on that at our stated meeting in February.

Fortunately, while snooping around and consulting with folks around the globe who know lots more than me about the ecclesiastical and civil rights of churches being terrorized by pape, three highly placed friends in our presbytery contacted me and said, essentially, “Not to worry. The proposed amendment has been withdrawn from February’s docket. Don’t get upset over something that’s not gonna happen.”


Buuuuttt, I’m not a rookie and I know how these things go; so I’m gonna publish some of the comments and counsel from my consultations just in case there’s a next time.



From a professor in Pennsylvania: “The far left, whether political or religious, uses law like blank permission slips; scribbling in or whiting out whatever they want. If it’s their booth, then you are violating their rights by not allowing them to display what it is they want to display or express what it is they want to express. If it is your booth, you are violating their rights by displaying it. We got ourselves into this mess by being too tolerant and I doubt very seriously if we will escape it. Wake up! The far left is like a cancer. It will wreak ruin and leave the host dead.”


From a photojournalist who works about 50 miles south of the professor: “I’d tell them that it is our house and we play by our rules. You know how home teams do it in football: ‘Not in our house!’ Do you think Israel welcomes Hamas into its house? Sorry! I forgot! You Presbyterians sleep with Muslim terrorists these days!”


From someone in our presbytery: “There are 8 confessing churches in our presbytery and they don’t have a table at meetings. There are zero member churches in the Covenant Network in our presbytery and they’re always around. Wonder what this means about our presbytery’s leadership? Do you think it means they’re leaning to the left? After all, they are the enablers!


From a left-leaning friend and one of the most celebrated authors in our franchise who I really like a lot more than she/he thinks: “This isn’t my fight, but when you agree to be part of an organization you also agree to abide by the rules of that organization. Either that or you engage in civil disobedience, prepared to accept the consequences, while working to change the rules. So if presbytery adopts a rule about exhibits at presbytery meetings, your church should abide by that. If my church officially disagreed with some position of another exhibitor, I would feel free to have an exhibit at that same presbytery meeting saying so in the free marketplace of ideas.”


From a leftist in New Jersey: “Bob, you invited them. So be kind and courteous. Then left them have it in a forthcoming KD.”


From my favorite devotional writer in Oklahoma: “If it passes, there is probably little you can do. As the head goes, so goes the body. It will be discouraging. However, I don’t think too many of ‘the powers that be’ will want to go up against you. Prayer does change things, and I will be in prayer for you over this matter.”


From a retired theologian in Massachusetts: “They will say you are breaking covenant with your sisters and brothers if you are able to keep the apostates out. Here is your response: ‘You have broken covenant with Jesus, the Bible, The Book of Confessions, and The Book of Order.’ Of course, their understanding of covenant is limited to their collective libido.”


From a high steeple preacher in Texas: “My understanding through 29 years of ordained ministry is session has complete control over your facilities…I would try to avoid a legal battle and simply appeal to the presbytery during the floor debate that the presbytery ought to take a stance of not bringing offense to any local congregation and allow each congregation to determine what will or will not be displayed on its property at any presbytery meeting.”


From an expert on the constitution in Tennessee: “Based on G-10.0102, the action proposed by those who would strip the local church of its right to determine what is appropriate/inappropriate for display on the local campus would seem to overthrow the rights and responsibilities of the session. Any attempt to dictate acceptance of displays that a particular session deems inappropriate is tantamount to stating that the session in question is unable to adequately perform its constitutionally defined duties. Such a decision can only be made by an administrative commission that has been charged by the presbytery to determine whether or not a particular session is still a viable governing body.”


From San Diego: “They are anti-Biblical heretics! Why not put them at a card table at the very end of a long hall or preferably outside? Put a large sign in front of their table: ‘Common Christian Heresies.’ They will not like it. They will whine. But they will have no legitimate defense…Refuse to host or invite opposing ministries to surround them on all sides!…The inherent problem is that when you are made to lie down in the pigpen, there is no avoiding the muddy fecal matter.”


From an EPCer in New Hampshire: “Two things. First, by just asking questions, they’ll back off because, at their core, they’re cowards about what they don’t believe and don’t want anyone to know they don’t believe it. Second, they’ll probably withdraw their acceptance of your original invitation because you are so rude to question their intentions.”

From a lawyer in Steel City: “One of the first rules of the concept Majority Rules is that the majority really does rule. If the minority doesn’t like the consequences of this reality, it may schism or endure. You’ve chosen to endure. As a result, if the principalities and powers prevail in passing such a nonsensical requirement, you have only two choices: host or not host the meeting. Actually, there is a smarter 3rd choice derived from Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.; and that is to stage a peaceful protest…Gandhi reminded his followers that they would change the world faster by taking a bullet than by firing one…You will be branded as bigoted, hateful, belligerent. Didn’t Jesus say something about that?…Just call me your bomb-thrower.”


From a lawyer in Kansas City: “I think you have framed the question so that you get the right answer. Is it anathema to Jesus? That overrides it all. You cannot host something that is anathema to Jesus. You just CAN’T!”


From a lawyer in leadership of one of the most influential para-denominationals in our franchise: “It seems to me that there are three considerations at work here: (1) Simple courtesy of host and guest. When a host extends an invitation to a guest, it is with stated or implied parameters that the guest will behave and will not bring the uninvited and unwelcomed. Presbytery is the guest and it should behave and not bring uninvited and unwelcome guests like Covenant Network; (2) Just hosting a presbytery meeting brings something worse than Covenant Network. It brings those who believe it and espouse it throughout the worship and business activities of the meeting; and (3) Being in the PCUSA means that members are connected with a lot of stuff that they would not let into their families; which, of course, is why people are leaving the PCUSA in increasing numbers every day.”


From a high steeple pulpiteer in San Francisco: “I think your church, in issuing an invitation to the presbytery, has every right to make a condition on that invitation…That being, simply, that your session has determined that the only materials in your church will be those which directly exalt Christ…I think you are in the driver’s seat as the host. If they want to reject your invitation as this late date and reschedule with somebody else, that is their prerogative.”


From a really smart fellah in the state of Washington: “You already see the slick slope without my opinion. In agreeing to host, you signed up to provide a location where presbytery activities can take place at a set time. Like them or not, these ancillary organizations are a part of those activities…You are smart man. You’ve understood what a train wreck the PCUSA was and is becoming for as long as I’ve know you which is almost 30 years now. This shouldn’t be unexpected.”



I’m almost sorry I asked.

I need a trip; and you can join me now that OBJ Customer Services has granted permission for me to share their videos with KD subscribers as of 1/9/09 at 8:43 a.m.:

Blessings and Love!