Sunday, January 18, 2009

January 18, 2009

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


I had a shotgun wedding on Saturday.

I did it for three reasons: (1) The Methodists called on Monday and asked if I would do it because they were booked; (2) We charge a lot for non-member weddings and I've only got $37.43 in my chrome pony fund because KD's really rich subscribers think I'm joking about paying off the Caliber and plastic before going to the local HD store; and (3) I will never turn down any opportunity to talk about Jesus to folks who come from mainline denominations because they haven't heard that much about Him.

Always remember there's a little to lots of truth in even lame attempts at humor.



Mail Time!

From Connecticut: "Did you really have to mention Dr. Frankfurt's _____ in your last KD? That word is so offensive to me. Although you did not write the book and you were quoting him, would you use such language in a sermon?"

I didn't have to mention it; but it's so appropriate to what's goin' on in our sociopoliticoreligioeconomic culture. I'd always assumed there's so much of it, especially in mainline denominations and mainstream politics, because the bureaucrats want to anesthetize our brains so we don't get too upset about stuff; but after reading it, I realize those _____ers are pacifying us into a false sense of peace with those encounter/rap/dialogue/say/nothing/but/say/it/eloquently groups and speeches to make us think they care about what we think when they really don't while they're manipulating process/polity for their nefarious ideologies behind our backs. It's brilliant. Sick. Evil. But, yeah, brilliant. Nah, I wouldn't use ____ in a sermon; though I might be thinkin' it. I am reminded of an, uh, small group led by Tony Campolo with our session in Kansas City back in the early 80s. He said, "There's so much sh__ in the church because folks like you care more about me using that word than you care about people who are hungry and dying and..."

From Iowa: "I have a problem with you recommending authors and books that are not clearly consistent with what you say you believe."

As I said in the last KD, I like to read provocative stuff to keep me sharp; and, besides, reading really anti-Christian authors/books is the best way for me to know what the mainline apostates are up to these days. Conversely, when someone asks what Christianity is all about, I tell 'em to save some time and money and buy one of those Bibles with the words of Jesus in red and just read the red letters! Psst. Here's a secret. If you've noticed, I don't recommend a lot of the music that I use to illustrate KDs. Music aligns the heart; and draws us into greater intimacy with Jesus or pushes us away from Him. You will note KD only recommends music that aligns the heart with Jesus. Again, KD uses a lot of music to illustrate idolatries.

From Florida: "Well, there is a lot of bullshit in the world and church and just remember that the Apostle Paul used the word too!"


From my favorite famous newswoman who would get into big trouble if I used her name: "I like how you said, 'She reminded me that it's O.K. for a Christian to go into a brothel, bar, or the like as long as she/he isn't a customer.' By the way, the late British news anchor Malcolm Muggeridge, who I admired greatly, once said that being a Christian in the news media is like playing the piano in a brothel and including "Amazing Grace" in your repertoire in the hopes that some of the clientele might be edified. I thought it was a great way of putting it."

Did you really mean "like being an evangelical in the mainline..."? Sorry. Kinda.


Oh, yeah! I forgot! PBHO is gonna be sworn in on Tuesday (scroll down to 12/21/08 for a peak at the program).

While he's already ticked off the way left and anybody right of a little left of center, most folks are really, really, really hoping he is who they want him to be:

Seriously, I want him to be successful because I love America and don't want it to end up where it's headed; as long as success is measured by honoring God as personified in Jesus and prescribed in Holy Scripture.

C'mon, lefties! You gotta like His unconditional love ethic as expressed in Matthew 5-7, 25, and so on!

And if folks would act like He's Lord, then that love ethic would...

Twain: "The church is always trying to get other people to reform. It might not be a bad idea to reform itself a little by way of example."


One more thing.

PBHO had a lot of nutty buddies in Chicago.

He hasn't asked any of 'em to work for him in D.C.

Yeah, I know you may not like all of his nominations and hires; but you gotta admit, especially if you didn't vote for him, that he hasn't been as reckless as you feared.

C'mon, righties!

Give him a chance!

I've got this hope/idea/inspiration/indigestion that now that he's king or close to royalty, PBHO's true self will be, uh, disclosed and he'll be so much better than even his greatest critics assumed.

If you aren't hoping he becomes the greatest President of our time, you're as loony as people who think he's the second coming.


Blessings and Love!

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