Wednesday, January 28, 2009

January 28, 2009

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



Recalling how mainliners compare themselves to Christianity and the MSM defers to PBHO as the parousia, Blago's self-awareness doesn't seem that, uh, off; as he continues a PR tour to help folks see the Mandela, King, Gandhi, Roosevelt (Teddy), and Mr. Smith in him.


Of course, any connections between the aforementioned and their delusions are coincidental.




Blago may be thrown out of office but don't bet the farm on indictment.

Blago on NBC over the weekend: "And for me to just quit because some cackling politicians want to get me out of the way because there's a whole bunch of things they don't want known about them and conversations they may have had with me..."

While everybody knows Chicago's crooked politicians are all connected by the dots except for you know who, you ain't gonna see Rehm Emanuel with a hand on the Bible in the Blago mess.

John Kass of The Chicago Tribune: "Politicians know that true horror can be just a witness away."



1 John 1:5-10 seems to be an appropriate devotional for all of the below about now.

When I gave up actual/attitudinal adulteries about a decade ago, I realized two things: God and God's forgive but most others don't.

The Calvinist in me also knows we can't escape the total depravity genes of the garden.

That's why Jesus told us to keep praying about not being led into temptation and being delivered from darkness (Matthew 6:13):

It's been said sex is the greatest temptation for a young man, money for an older man, and power for a mature man; but I've always thought any of 'em can pop up like an erection in 8th grade health classes:

Again, 1 John 1:5-10.


I got a copy of a nice letter about KD that kinda balances out the stuff that mainline clerics in my franchise and sister apostates say behind my back that's always reported to me by my sources sitting next to 'em when they're venting for fear of, uh, disclosure:

Dear ___,

I am writing to you as one who has a keen interest in talk radio
and cultural analysis. You may not realize it, but you have one
of the most interesting personalities in your community with
tremendous talk show potential. Perhaps you've heard of RRK.

RRK has an extraordinary background as a professor, pastor,
intellectual, author, and blogger. He has a quick wit and an
amazing ability to harpoon the left, the right, the religious and
non-religious while at the same time offering deeply insightful

RRK previously hosted the locally popular television show
"Howard and Kopp with Real People" in Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania. As one of his guests, I can assure you that
it was a fascinating experience as we debated the issue
of homosexuality in the church and culture.

One aspect of Kopp's personality that makes him so
interesting is his transparency. Read any of his books
and you'll find that he fesses up to his personal
misdoings without excusing himself. Rather refreshing
for clergy types!

I listen to a fair amount of talk radio on both the left and
the right. Kopp doesn't easily conform to either mold.
Nevertheless, he possesses one of the most riveting
personalities fit for radio.

It is with these things in mind that I commend him to you
as one prepared to leap onto the cutting edge of talk radio
at a moment's notice. You might consider contacting
him to discover his engaging personality for yourself.
He is the Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church
in Belvidere, Illinois. You can reach him by cellular
phone at ___.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about him,
please feel free to contact me at the number listed
below. I assure you that any risk you might take
in working with him will be well rewarded.


I'm blushing.

My response:

Geez, ___, I like that.

Compliments are so rare these days; though I did get an
offer from a church with a chrome pony bonus the other
day. Seriously.

Maybe my wife will fork over for my birthday.

The officers of ___ went into profound depression when I
declined as they try to dissipate dissent to the increasing
apostasies in our backyard.

Anyway, yeah, I like it.

While I work 24/7/365 and had my last full day off on, uh,
12/25 - No, check that, I had two telephone counseling
sessions - I really, really, really love our family of faith
and will probably die trying to heal its past pains to
move into the future unafraid while taking up the rod and
staff to ward off the beast. ___ really botched up the
interim period; and we're still recovering. That's not
to mention the systemic stuff. I have never been so
in love with a congregation since ___. It makes it
tough to balance the prophetic/pastoral stuff -
wise as...gentle as - but with your prayers and the
prayers of others...

Hard to believe I've already started my 4th year.

Love 'em.

Dying for 'em.

It was a very big mistake for me not to take
vacation this past summer and our covenant group
has not met this January because of ___'s stuff; so
I'm suckin' air. I feel like the Cubs in September!

But, yeah, I'd like to do this, bring Kathie along
as my producer and leash, and maybe generate
income so we don't have to live off our endowments

Again, your compliments are really appreciated; and
considering this is our home for the duration apart
from something theophanous, anything that puts
the roots down deeper is, uh, cool.

Blessings and Love!

I'm not quitting my day job.


Mail Time!

KD: "If I've said or written something that makes you feel guilty, you probably are."

Response from Ohio: "When people tell me that something I preached about makes them feel guilty, I say, 'Praise the Lord! That's a sign that the Holy Spirit is working in your life through the ministry of the Word.'"

KD: "An angry woman castigated him for preaching about her. His response: 'That's pretty arrogant to think I'd preach a sermon just about you; but if the shoe fits...'"

Response from, uh, Ohio: "This happens more often than you think. I remember once preaching about the lawyer who asked Jesus what the greatest commandment was. After the sermon, one of the 4 lawyers in my congregation took me to task for preaching about HIM. He obviously didn't hear the part of the sermon that said the guys called lawyers in the Bible were not like what we think of as attorneys nowadays. Don't confuse him with the facts, I suppose."


Ah, go back to the first link.



Blessings and Love!

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