Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February 25, 2009

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



I cut off a lot of my beard; but left some around the mouth for three reasons: I can't grow it on top without looking like Moe and Curly's friend Larry and I haven't exposed my whole head for nearly 40 years and I want to be reminded to say some hairy things to expose our sociopoliticoreligioeconomic culture's spiritual baldness.

Fortunately, only one church lady noticed: "I'm not sure I like you without a full beard."

Moi: "I'm not sure I forgot to ask your permission."


I don't allow my birthday to be listed in any of our church's literature.

While it may come as a surprise to people who hate me, some people would like to know when I was born to celebrate with whomever wants to...

Unlike some Methodists who are more Arminian than James Arminius and some Presbyterians who are more Calvinistic than John Calvin and some Lutherans who are more Lutheran than Martin Luther in total disobedience to Exodus 20:3 - Like latter day sycophants who talk more about PBHO, RW, JO, and others than they talk about Jesus! Count the times and you'll understand the recent Harris poll reported by KD on 2/23/09! - I understand the difference between horizontal relationships and the vertical one.

Yeah, The Rev. Harold F. Mante and a few others will always have a special place in my heart as mentors; but I never idolized 'em and I do everything as obnoxiously Christocentric as possible to...


Pearl helped.

She made an appointment with me about 25 years ago: "I don't like your beard..."

Instead of saying how much I disliked her perfume that could drop a bull at 50 paces or dress that must have been designed in the Stone Age or that I never knew blue was a hair color, I responded like a typical protect-your-pension-credits young weenie cleric: "I hear you saying you don't like my beard..."

Eventually, we got around to her pathology being transferred to me - Feed me, Seymour! - about how her son had a beard and how she and her son hadn't spoken in years and how my beard reminded her of her problems and how life would be so much better for her if I shaved it off and yah-da, yah-da, yah-da...

I shaved it off.


My bite has never been as tough as my bark.

Anyway, when she approached me after the following week's worship service, I expected appreciation, affirmation, and affection.

She said, "Now about your moustache."



I'm juggling time right now; because the pastoral care needs of the church/community/RV[J]TF/etc. have gone off the charts quicker than stock in GE.

I was called out late last night to the hospital for a friend who had a heart attack; and as I drove back a few hours ago, the important from incidental was easy to distinguish.

I just don't have time to suffer fools gladly.

I just don't have time to joust with theologians counting the number of angels on a pinhead.

I just don't have time for folks who act out what they don't believe: "I know that's what Jesus and the Bible say, but I think..."

But I have all of the time entrusted to me by Him for folks who have real issues requiring the only real answer: Jesus.


Speaking of Jesus, PBHO is not His second advent; though that Harris poll...

And how about last night's Presidential Address to Congress?

Aside from Scrantonite (Not!) VP JB and ants-in-her-pants-or-idol-in-her-soul-cheerleading Speaker NP (How about that pea green outfit that reminded me of Linda Blair in The Exorcist? Get it?) standing behind PBHO as the succession of power in America which prompted billions of people around the world to pray for PBHO's health, it was, uh, messianic as PBHO pledged to cure all ills from health care to herpes while being interrupted 65 times by gleeful gloating, goading, and glorifying.

Yep, it's as PBHO said not too long ago, "We are no longer a Christian nation."

Didn't he sound kinda, uh, gleeful, goading, and glorifying when he said that?


It's hard not to think things are gettin' Left Behind funky when listening to PBHO talk about a "reimagined" America and world like he did last night.

Where have I heard that before?

No, it can't be...


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an appropriate caricature
that Kathie has posted
right here from Rex
who is the Baptist
pastor in town.
I send all of the people
who hate me to
his church!


I did like how PBHO said, "Every American loves this country and wants it to succeed."


We want change!

We need hope!

Romans 12:1-2.

Ecclesia reformata, semper reformanda secundum verbum Dei!!!



Blessings and Love!

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