Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February 3, 2009

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



"I would like to thank President Barack Obama."

The first words from the mouth
Steelers Chairman and Owner Dan Rooney
upon receiving
The Lombardi Trophy
Super Bowl XLIII


With Yo-Yo and the classics' pretend concert on 1/20/09 still stuck in my craw, Jennifer Hudson faked the national anthem on 2/1/09.

I have a wonderful Bose in my study for recorded music; and plenty of bars in Rockford for karaoke.

But what really disappointed me during the SB half-time show was PBHO did not show up to join the Boss for a duet of Born in the USA.




I was audited twice by the IRS; owing about $40 the first time and getting back about $40 the second time.

I asked an accountant how to avoid getting audited again.

He said, "Ask PBHO to nominate you for a job in his administration."

Tom Daschle on 5/7/98: "Make no mistake, tax cheaters cheat us all, and the IRS should enforce our laws to the letter."

O.K., he struck out today; but PBHO is still batting .333 or one for three in miscreants making it into the, uh, clubhouse.


Sports Illustrated (12/29/08): "Your selection of Michael Phelps as Sportsman of the Year is an excellent one. He is inspiring not only to billions worldwide but also to all of us on the Olympic team. That he is the greatest Olympian ever is indisputable. Phelps has immortalized the Olympic odyssey for our lifetime" (Jason Read, Ringoes, New Jersey, Olympian in 2004 and 2008).

Chicago Sun-Times (2/3/09): "Michael Phelps looked awfully comfortable, awfully familiar with that bong...I've heard it all already. Even PBHO has smoked pot, so it's a little hard to go overboard with outrage here...We turn these athletes and celebrities into role models, but should we?" (Greg Couch).

Ralph Waldo Emerson: "Every hero becomes at last a bore."




Speaking of folks who, uh, expose themselves, "the following reflections are your thing, O KDmeister" (a really cool pastor in South Carolina):

Driving to work under darkness this morning, I spied the signs
at a couple of gas stations that revealed an 11 cents jump
overnight. Hmm. Did I not see last week that "record profits"
were again reported by big oil?

Considering that oil companies have been setting profit - not
earnings but profit - records over the past several years, each
new record is beyond my ability to fathom in the context of
a national economy where most industries are, if you'll excuse
the expression, going in the tank.

Oil companies! How do you spell record?


Never mind that many of us could not sleep at night with
record profits gained as the nation heads towards record
unemployment. If I had the power and popularity, oh, of
maybe PBHO, I'd go public and try to help the oil executives
see that just some non-record profits might allow some dollars
to make their way into other industries and pockets and help
us all.

Since Congress likes investigative committees, appoint
one with statesmen not beholding to big oil and let them
ask, "What good will your record profits do you when
everyone else in the country is out of work? Explain how
record profits are not the same thing as gouging the

Well, forgive my rant. Just seemed like obscene oil
profits was the sort of thing a KD might touch upon
some day.


A rant?



O.K., another rant from Missouri (Geez! Another pastor!):

Have you reflected much on Al Capone lately?

Al was a hardened mobster...from what city?

He was public enemy #1...right?

He was sooooooo clean...sound familiar?

How did he ever end up in prison?

He went to prison for tax evasion.

Today, tax evasion has evolved; instead of punishing
tax evaders, we nominate them to public office...with
the full backing of PBHO and Congress!


Is it possible that Al Capone has been reincarnated?

Is it possible that his new name is PBHO?

From now on, I will not be referring to PBHO as
BHO but as B"Capone"O.

He is, after all, clean; especially since tax evasion
is no longer to be treated as crime but rather rewarded
with high positions in government.

Sooooooo cynical.

C'mon, dude, even Israel wanted a king.


Uh, I do remember big Al saying, "The best way to convince somebody is with a smile on your face and gun in your hand."

Or to quote PBHO, "I won!"


Ranting on, rumors are flying around that Rooney is up for U.S. Ambassador to Ireland.

No kidding!

And with JJ - yes that JJ whose son didn't pay enough, uh, I mean get picked by Blago to succeed PBHO in the Senate - invited to the final Super Bowl walk-through practice of the Steelers, maybe Rooney will go to Ireland and JJ will go to Pittsburgh!

How's that for a trade?


Staying with Rooney, he has exposed, uh, something, uh, worth noting about the most significant sociopoliticoreligioeconomic idolatry of our culture; or at least that's what KD's gleaning from several sources.

A headline from www.freerepublic.com: "Dan Rooney's Obama Worship."

Comment from The Ocala Star Banner: "What an awesome game. Then Rooney had to open his pie hole...It just came to my mind. Our country wants a hero. They want Camelot to come back. This Obama crazed media affair is a mirage...Obama can do no wrong. The Kool-Aid drinkers will ignore the corruption and the scandals due to Obama being cool...Oh, congratulations Steelers on a wonderful win."

From a subscriber in Vermont: "Rooney thanked PBHO. What about his family? What about his team? What about Tomlin? What about God? Oh, I forgot, PBHO is... I cannot bring myself to say it, but it sure sounded like that is what Rooney meant."

From a Pittsburgh transplant near Tulsa: "We may have won; but we lost. That idiot owner inserted politics into a Super Bowl celebration and made the Steelers and their fans look like losers. The black and gold are tarnished! Could it be Rooney needs some bailout money for a few overpaid players? Ah, sweet cynicism!"

Talk about cynicism! Read this from the net: "Maybe after PBHO declared he was in favor of the Steelers, those hundred yards of penalties against the Cardinals wasn't just a coincidence. It is the Chicago way!"

I think this is from Texas: "Just one more reason to hate the Steelers! As a Cowboys fan, it is a sacrilege to be a Steelers' fan. This goes back to the 70s when we were cheated out of two Super Bowl wins by lousy calls. Lynn Swann tripped over Bennie Barnes! Even the referees said it was a bad call after the game. Oh, well, not to be a sore loser, but loony Rooney is another reason to dislike the Steelers. PBHO said he went all over Pennsylvania campaigning for him."

I guess Rooney has brought politics into the game: "I hope Rush enjoyed the win and the PBHO-stroking by the owner of the Steelers."

Back to www.freerepublic.com: "Dan Rooney is beginning to remind me of Harry Reid. Not just the looks, but the abject stupidity. Were they separated at birth?"

From www.mlgpro.com: "Great game tonight everyone. What I need to know is why in the hell did Rooney thank PBHO for the win?...I almost puked...What did PBHO have to do with the Steelers winning?"

More from www.mlgpro.com: "It's just Rooney's way of thanking Jesus...Obama=Jesus...If Kurt Warner had won..."

Last quote (for now): "PBHO is after all the second coming of Jesus according to some Americans, which means maybe the world will live past 2012."


I've said it before and I'll say it again as salt to the left and right, "I love America; and that's why I pray every day for PBHO to succeed according to God's will as personified in Jesus and prescribed in Holy Scripture."

I just wish his rhetoric and administration would start matching up.

Uh, oh, yeah, I'm glad the Steelers won.

I'm a Giants/Jets fan.

My family - inlaws and outlaws - are black and gold through and through; so I wanted them to win to avoid all of their bantering and moaning if they didn't.

Now go back to the second link and figure it out.


Blessings and Love!

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