Sunday, March 29, 2009

March 29, 2009

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



My younger boys wanted to see their grandparents, aunt, and cousins during spring break.

My wife and I shared the sentiment.

With apologies to my favorite local Italian restaurant which I won't mention until they advertise in the right column, I wanted real pizza; and I haven't found a decent slice west of Nanticoke, Pennsylvania for nearly four decades.

It's like that preceding link to the song about aging children.

No matter what the caption says or how much I liked the movie or that it's an acceptable imitation, it ain't Joni Mitchell.

Nobody can sing Joni's songs like, uh, Joni.

My younger boys are smart enough to know nobody can grandparent 'em like, uh, their grandparents.

The same goes for pizza; and other stuff.

I didn't get a lot of rest in those two days in Pittsburgh followed by two days in Wilkes-Barre with over 24 hours of driving along Route 80/90 as bookends; though I learned a lot about where I'm headed from where I've been.



A 57 year old neighboring pastor who I've known for about ten years died of a heart attack while I was away.

I found out that my boys' aunt who is about eight years younger than her brother (moi) almost died from those two recent surgeries.

I'm presiding at a memorial service on Tuesday for a 52 year old.

Yeah, my wife and I shared our boys' sentiment.



We got home on Saturday morning.

After going to the hospital to visit some friends in and related to our family of faith, I went to the church to check the snail mail.

After throwing out all of the "resident" and "pastor" addressed mail without a smidgen of guilt, I dove into the personally addressed ones.

One really caught my attention.

The envelope had my title and name in correct form; though the salutation was more generic yet still warm:

Dear Friend,

We deeply understand how much your family and friends value you.
If you are a DEPEND Underwear user, thank you for allowing us
to help you be confident, active, and say yes to the important

We have exciting news for you!

You have told us all about your lives, your needs and your desires
for discretion and mobility. We're excited to announce our newest
products...These new styles go beyond the pink and blue on our
packaging to deliver the fit, discretion and customized protection...

Hey! Hey! Hey!

I know I'm getting older; but I have never requested information about adult diapers!

Yeah, I'm reminded by daily hospital visits and trips back East that my time is...

Yeah, I know the time left ain't nearly as long as the time spent; but I just passed the written test for my motorcycle license, I've signed up for an Illinois State Police Motorcycle Safety Course in June, and I'm pickin' up a bike in Woodstock before the parousia.




USA Today's Al Neuharth is wrong about Joe Torre; but he's right on about life (3/27/09): "When times are tough, different people react differently in business or personal matters. Some hunker down, cancel everything and give up. Some cut back carefully. Some perk up and work even harder."



Spring break is over.

I know where I've been and know where I'm going.

I'm on line.

No imitations.



Blessings and Love!

Click on and free your soul!!!

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