Monday, April 13, 2009

April 13, 2009

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



Emotionally, I like PBHO and really think he means well; recalling how my daddy always said, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

Intellectually, I don't think he's got a clue how to run the show.

Spiritually, I fear for America and everyone on the planet who depends upon America because it sounds more and more like rejoicing than reporting as he repeats that mantra uttered at his first prayer breakfast after inauguration, "This is no longer a Christian nation."



Wait until you see this picture of PBHO!



Rick Warren, uh, according to himself, is not a consultant for PBHO.

He's just a friend: "I'm a friend and I'm a prayer partner, but I'm not a consultant."

Uh, who do they pray...?


He went on, "I'm not a pundit...My role is to help people in their personal lives. I have helped a lot of leaders, both locally and globally, with issues about family and issues about personal stress...I think it's important for the public to see our leaders having faith...I have a lot of pastor friends of all different styles. You tell me the style you want and I'll tell you a good church in Washington, D.C."

Hello, Rob Bell!

Getting back to Velvet Elvis...


Our pastor for youth and more and more stuff all the time along with one of my favorite covenant brothers are from Iowa.

Both of them, independent from each other, have said to me, "It's windy in Iowa because Nebraska sucks and Illinois blows."


But, uh, hawkeyes, what's up with the same-sex marriage stuff to the left of Illinois but not right of Nebraska?

And, just asking, if it's O.K. for two guys and two gals to, uh, hook up, why not, uh, two gals and one guy or one gal and two guys or the Mormon equivalent or...?

Maybe Kopper can marry me?

I don't know.

I would have expected this from Vermont.

Be that as it is, doesn't this, uh, open the, uh, back door to, uh, just about, uh, any marital arrangement?



A pastor in Ohio wrote to me about an hour before his Maundy Thursday service: "I spent the better part of my emotional energy today with angry people - angry with me or others - wanting me to encourage and to justify their anger - to bless it with holy righteousness..."

He went on, "Then I read Mark's account of Jesus' final hours - hours filled with angry people. Only one person showed compassion - anointing Him with oil in love - yet she was rebuked by those closest to Jesus. Pilate was not angry, just indifferent. He blessed their anger and handed over Jesus to them."

Getting too close for comfort, he went on, "The anger and betrayal in the Name of our Savior still thrives among us - the irony. Holy Week is filled with unholy anger. We don't get it. He does. Though wounded by our rejection, He stayed the course of love, accepted the kiss of Judas, remained mute in front of Pilate, and compliant through the crucifixion."

He concluded, "Then with holy love - merciful grace - He calls those who betrayed Him - He blessed them - He sent them - yet we still embrace unholy anger. We don't get it. He did. He does. He will. That's Easter. Thanks be to God."




That Holy Week pastor told me to see Gran Torino.



It is vulgar, violent, and repulsive; until the end when it all comes together and you realize it is a perfect mirror of today's culture with only one perfect solution for its total depravity.

It's rated "R" because of bad language and violence; though the language isn't as bad as what I hear in elementary school cafeterias or as violent as some of the video games that parents put in their kids' Easter baskets.

Actually, I learned more about loving Jesus by loving like Jesus in Gran Torino than just about anything else in recent memory.

My buddy has recommended two movies in the last few months that are, uh, challenging/changing/amending/expanding/enlightening my understanding of living in, through, and for Jesus: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (scroll way down) that taught me to live before it's too late and Gran Torino that taught me that there's really only one faithful way to live.

I won't spoil the revelation for you.

You gotta see it to, uh, believe it.



Blessings and Love!

If you don't go to you're gonna miss...

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