Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 22, 2009

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



I've been trying to figure out why I like PBHO so much despite his rhetoric rarely corresponding to his administration.

I think I've figured, uh, me out.

It's like WJC and Monica - nostalgia: 21st century without 9/11/01, 90s without WJC/AG, 80s without rap music, 70s without the end of the summer(s) of love, 60s without bad trips, 50s without plastic, 40s without WWII...

PBHO is the kinda guy that we'd hang out with for some weed and women with Jimi, Eric, Janis, and other irresponsible stuff.

"But when I became a man..."


Ted went home to Jesus a few years ago.

When I was en ecclesiastical boy wonder, we were in a covenant group together with Lloyd, Richard, Louie, Bruce, Sam, George, Jerry, and some really other important-to-everyone-but-the-franchise's-apostate-bureaucracy high steeple superstars.

If it weren't for a detour into adultery and discovering that the top of my ladder to ecclesiastical success was leaning against the wrong building, I'd probably have sold my soul with the rest of 'em for more pension credits, redeemable vouchers, secret savings accounts, perks that would make the Pope blush, and the like.

Anyway, Ted, who maintained his integrity better than most of us, told me about an exchange with someone who was being very judgmental about somebody else; prompting him to interrupt, "Excuse me, but I've got something in my eye...I can't see you right now because I've got something in my eye...What's that I see in your eye?"


What I don't like about PBHO and his idolaters is their increasing penchant for blaming their incompetence on inheritances from GWB and his incompetent administration.

C'mon, grow up!

Stop blaming your increasing blunders on somebody else's poor potty training!

While the roots of America's decline "may" be traced back to RR's predecessor whose peanut butter Presidency was more baloney and nuts than his smile could overcome, this is PBHO's time to put up or shut up; with the latter being a tough one for somebody with an addiction to talking in front of the camera even exceeding his fellow, uh, windy cityer JJ.

I think back to the Wednesday before the Tuesday in November when PBHO trounced court jester JM.

Just before our family of faith's choir practice, somebody was expressing concern about PBHO's lack of experience and nutty buddies; prompting somebody else to counter with sharp criticism of GWB.

Somebody else spoke up: "GWB isn't running for President!"

I think it's time for PBHO and his idolaters to revel in their victory and assume responsibility for their, uh, whatever it is that they're doing.


I'm not sure what PBHO and his idolaters are up to...

Seems like OJT to me!

And what's up with all of that fist-pumping-and-high-fiving with greaseballs like that retro-revolutionary from Venezuela?

And what's up with his European, uh, campaign of confession about America dissing those folks for their fallen empires and geopolitical insignificance?

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Chavez is a blood-thirsty-my-way-or-the-highway dictator!

Those European allies - Puuuhhhleeeeeeease!!! - are museums of better days with barely any geopolitical significance!

Are we really looking to them as paradigms of a positive future for the USA?


Help me, Jesus!


Mainline denominations come to mind.

Constituents long for the way things never were or maybe were but are no more.

They resurrect what didn't work as if it will work now.


Getting back to those two pesky young pastors in my neck of the woods (scroll down to previous KDs for context), they're breaking all of the old rules that didn't or don't work in favor of communicating the gospel of confident living in the assurance of eternal life through Jesus.

They seem to care more about enabling wholeness, happiness, joy, and eternal security than preserving traditions and styles that were cool but aren't anymore.


Wineskins again.

Here's a pertinent word from my favorite devotional writer: "When churches of all denominations recognize and honor Him instead of promoting their names, ideas, philosophies, and doctrines, the world will see Who matters most and maybe, just maybe, some will want to serve Him too!"


I love my historical vestments: collar and bands, stole, and Genevan robe adorned with the stripes that don't heal.

My youngest asked, "Do you have to dress up in clothes nobody gets to talk about Jesus?"

Then he said, "Those clothes that you wear on Sunday really look stupid."

Yeah, I know what those "garments" (check the Latin) symbolize.

Those symbols mean a lot to me; and I'm gonna keep wearing 'em for weddings and funerals because they make for nice pictures (former) and honoring previous proprieties (latter).

But I think I'm spending too much time trying to explain what they mean than Who matters most.

Know what I mean?

If not, you're probably in a dying church.


Walt Whitman: "From this hour I ordain myself loos'd of limits and imaginary lines..."



Blessings and Love!

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