Friday, May 1, 2009

May 1, 2009

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



When I heard Senator Arlen Specter switched parties to celebrate Obamadolatry, two thoughts came to mind.

Since when was he a Republican?

As the primary proponent of the JFK single bullet theory, you gotta believe he'll be more comfortable with a party so notoriously with two feet planted firmly in the air.

Scroll down to Wednesday's edition of KD (4/29/09).


Subscribers keep asking which party I like best.

First, the agenda of the Democrats is so antithetical to Biblical Christianity on almost every issue related to faith and morality that I'd feel really dirty registering as one.

Second, I didn't know there was a Republican Party anymore.

Third, to paraphrase part of my rationale for "remaining faithfully" in the increasingly apostate PCUSA - noting, again, that the acrostic is as irrelevant as it's become because all mainliners are essentially the same in what they don't believe anymore - I'm not aligning myself with one stinking political party over another stinking political party because they all stink right now.


And I'm gettin' really tired of people on the left and right saying they're so much better than each other.

They're sittin' with Job on a pile of...



America wanted change.

We got it.

Scroll down to KD's superficial summary of Obamadolatry's first 100 days (4/29/09).

Of course, saying that is about as popular as doing anything for the first time in the church.

I'm willing to say I'm wrong about what's going down in our beloved country; but, so far, all I hear from PBHO's sycophants when I ask questions or raise concerns is something like, "Well, GWB..."

I don't talk about my predecessors as part of the etiology of my challenges or changes; especially when I've gotta deal with folks who like, uh, change about as much as I like the Red Sox.

I want PBHO to succeed in consonance with the will of God as personified in Jesus and prescribed in Holy Scripture; which, considering He's all about unconditional love and existential/eternal salvation for anyone regardless of color, class, and culture, sounds good to me.

We'll see...



I may be wrong about PBHO; and I pray every day that I am.

Maybe Spiegel Online is right (4/30/09): "After his first 100 days...PBHO has overturned decades of Republican ideology...One Republican even managed to sweeten the date for PBHO by defecting to the Democrats...These days, the US media likes to report on an 'Obama Revolution,' a long-term political shift comparable to the 'Reagan Revolution' of the early 1980s...In spite of know-it-alls on the right, and in spite of all the problems he faces, PBHO seems to enjoy more support from the US public than any President in generations...Polls also show a majority of US citizens for the first time since 2004 claiming the nation is on the right path...Since Ronald President has controlled his own image and message so tightly...In three months he's stepped in front of cameras more often than GWB in his entire 8-year stint...He practices a balance between seriousness and fun...It's apparent from a closer analysis of the polls that many of PBHO's initiatives are less well-loved than the man himself...PBHO's staff is also not quite so popular...Nevertheless, he's popular..."

Maybe Politico was/is prophetic (11/5/08): "11/4/08 was the day when American politics shifted on its axis. The ascent of an African-American to the Presidency - a victory by a 47-year-old man who was born...[somewhere]...when segregation was still the law of the land across much of this nation - is a moment so powerful and so obvious that its symbolism needs no commentary...The rout of the Republican Party, and the accompanying gains by Democrats in Congress, mean PBHO will assume office with vastly more influence in the nation's capital than most of his recent predecessors have wielded...For most of the past 30 years...conservatives have held the momentum...Now the wave has crashed, breaking the back of the modern Republican Party in the process."

While I'm convinced PBHO is not as messianic as his sycophants shout, uh, down at everyone, I'm praying every day that he's not as, uh, whatever as I've...



Mark R. Levin's Liberty and Tyranny, which is the #1 best seller in America at the moment, raises many concerns and makes many declarations that don't jibe too well with PBHO's rhetoric or administration.

The left writes him off as a constitutional absolutist; kinda like mainliners write off believers for being real high on Biblical Christianity.

The left prefers relativism, exceptionalism, situationalism, and a nation/world where standards are captive to the last popular poll/vote.

Be that as it is or may be or whatever, it is extraordinarily well-written and makes a compelling case for conservative ethics as the foundation of liberty and non-conservative ethics as the enabler of tyranny.

He likes to use statist for socialist with either being cited as representing an ideological elitism in which the state is supreme over the individual who needs the former to dictate life for the latter because the former knows better than the latter.

Or something like that.

Levin warns that "so distant is America today from its founding principles that it is difficult to precisely describe the nature of American government."

After outlining the statist's/socialist's assaults on traditional American values through commentary on free enterprise, taxation, environmentalism, judicial activism, government bureaucracy, education, immigration, national security, lots of other stuff, and even faith, he provides a "manifesto" on what we can do to recapture America for America.

Surely, he's gonna be lumped with other radio talking heads; but, at least to me, he comes off at the head of the class as more erudite (a B.A. and J.D. from Temple) and experienced (formerly Chief of Staff for AG Edwin Meese).

I hear he was working on this book long before PBHO was elected then inaugurated; and anyone with an ounce of reading comprehension will be staggered by more than suggestions of the much deeper implications of PBHO's first 100 days.



I'm not sure how this relates, but here are two words from, uh, two saints in our family of faith.

Wife: "The Holy Spirit speaks truth and the people don't want truth - that is why it is so hard to teach the people or get them interested in a class."

Husband: "At Pentecost, I believe, the miracle was not only about the gift of speaking (tongues) but more so in the gift of hearing (discernment)."

What do you think?



Maybe the administration is catching up with the rhetoric or...

We'll see...

We are...


Blessings and Love!

Watch for new stuff from Kathie, Julie, and Terri!

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