Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


Confession is good for the soul.

That's what we've learned from Jesus.

Confession is bad for your reputation.

That's what we've learned from people.



Everyone decides who/which is more important: Jesus/eternal or others/existential.

Jesus said a lot about that.

Matthew 10:37-39 comes to mind.


Listen carefully:

That just about sums it up pour moi.


Some who have idolized me - primarily Kopper and a few old girlfriends - were stunned by the last KD.

Many who have demonized me - just about everybody else - were really stunned/saddened/emasculated by the last KD.

Those who get it/Him were neither.

Aside from learning from my predecessor/Anne/Donna/Jim/Rusty that it's better to dump your garbage in confession/repentance before those speck-inspectors dig it up to do you in, I don't really have much time to care what anybody thinks about me anymore for better or worse because I've got so much to be/do with people who haven't saved themselves along with learning from the cited mentors that it's hard for reprobates to inspect/infect/detect/reject ya if you beat 'em to spreading the bad news.

It's hard to deliver a fresh scoop of do-do that's already been dumped.

It kinda ruins the, uh, dehumanizing/demonic fun.

Besides, I've decided to follow Jesus.

I'm taking His hand and He's pulling me to heavenly living; and, as far as I can see, everybody else gets to choose for themselves if they'll embrace Him or go to...

I'm into amnestia (scroll down to the last KD).


You can be right about everything but wrong about Jesus and you'll forfeit existential peace and eternal opportunity.

You can be wrong about everything but right about Jesus and your worries will be much fewer.

Coupling that with loving Him by loving like Him as some kinda insufficient gratitude, that just about sums up the gospel as far as I can see.


Deciding to follow Jesus includes a long look at the cross.

I've been doing more of that lately.

I've had two recent apocalyptic moments.

First, His forgiveness must be the paradigm for our forgiveness: "Father, forgive them! They're ignorant! They don't know what they're doing!"

Second, I think one of the reasons why Jesus had to die is people are always looking for somebody to blame for what's gone wrong; and He decided to let everybody blame/scapegoat/substitute Him to save a lot of time/angst/whatever in order to get on with the show.

Or something like that.

I'm praying and laboring to do the first and second in my life and ministry.

It goes like this.

First, in a hyper-Calvinistic kinda way, I don't expect anything from anybody that's much good.

Second, when people in my life and ministry look for somebody to blame about almost anything, I offer myself.

The first frees me from false expectations and the second saves time/angst/whatever in order to get on with the show.

I don't care who's to blame anymore; and for those who do, I offer an easier target than the one in the mirror.

Again, take a long look at the cross.

Jesus knew we'd never be able to confess completely.

He knew we need a Savior.


You know yourself as well as others who can't handle the truth about yourself/themselves.

So somebody has to pay the price.

Somebody has to, uh, sacrifice.

O.K., that's a little our lives.



If we stopped thinking so much about ourselves and much more about Him, everybody/everything would be so much more more, uh, reconcilable.


Blessings and Love!

Visit and experience motivation to be/do someone/something better!!!

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