Sunday, September 13, 2009

September 13, 2009

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



When that SC cracker blurted that out during PBHO's rationalizations for his administration's initiatives on 9/9/09, I realized civility in America is going down the crapper quicker than TO's NFL career (scroll down to KD's 9/6/09 edition).

What's up with that?

Didn't PBHO campaign for the job as the best non-partisan bridge-builder since Bernice, Agrippa, and Festus (If you're a Biblically illiterate mainliner, you won't have a comparative clue!)?

JM was aghast, saying the outburst was sooooooo "disrespectful," and called on Joe to apologize; but, uh, that sounded about as sincere as his campaign for the White House.

SC Senator Lindsey Graham, who came off looking a lot like JM during the Sotomayor stuff, said the country is "on the verge of chaos."

Florida Rep Jeff Miller observed, "He is like the Energizer Bunny."

SC Rep Jim Clyburn echoed the sentiment of the state, "I thought Governor Mark Sanford had embarrassed us enough, but Mr. Wilson has gone even lower."

VP JB lamented, "It demeaned the institution."

Talk about calling the...

And so on.

Actually, I thought PBHO acted kinda like a bridge-builder while everybody else went apoplectic: "I'm a big believer that we all make mistakes. He apologized quickly and without equivocation and I'm appreciative of that."



As I've said before, I like PBHO on a very human level; and I'd like to share a Bud Light with him as he tells people to buy my next book.

I think he thinks and think it would be fun to hang out with him; and maybe that would impress Oprah enough to get her to interview me about my book on biker culture as metaphor and challenge to the church.

Be that as I'd really like it to be no matter what my ideologically anal friends on the right don't think, I'm still wondering why he's so divisive if he's such a bridge-builder.

Does it have something to do with being a socialist while wearing suits made by capitalists?

Is it another evidence that racism is still alive and sick in America?

Are people just especially, uh, bitchy these days?

Why does it seem like America's melting pot is boiling over?

Why does it look like there are more wedges dividing Americans than hinges keeping 'em, uh, hinged?

I may be wrong, but everything but heaven appears to be breaking out.


A favorite elder in New Jersey who defies pigeon-holing wrote, "I'm not sure what the ultimate goal is for his presidency, but I know he only has 4 years to accomplish it if his popularity keeps declining."

Always reasonable, she deduces, "It appears the charge of him being a socialist centers around his desire to create insurance for those without it. What's wrong with that? Wouldn't Jesus be for that? He said, 'Love your neighbor as much as you love yourself.'"


Not as insulated from reality as most Republicans who think they're going through tough times if their deodorant ain't keeping 'em dry all day, she observes, "I see the working poor who cannot afford medical insurance despite their labors. Their children don't receive the proper medical care. They aren't unproductive people. Maybe they aren't as smart as those people who command huge salaries; but since when does productivity compute in God's love? Doesn't God expect us to care for the least of these? I want to be on the side of anyone who sees Jesus in his service to the poor! When Jesus comes back, I want to be able to talk about Matthew 25 with him without feeling ashamed!"


Then she really gets into it: "Our economy has been all about profit; which was very successful in the past but so unmindful of honesty, fairness, and charity. What do you think Jesus really thinks about that?"

Hey, I told you that my parishioners and ecclesiastical superiors don't want me to think!

Can't you be like most mainliners and keep Christianity out of this?

She finishes, "When greed rules and capitalists cannot be trusted with benevolent responsibilities as ordered by God, it's time for government to step in! It's not enough to go to church, put 50 bucks in the plate, and walk through life while wearing blinders to human suffering."

I feel dizzy...and convicted!


An English teacher in Illinois is getting tired of it all: "I think PBHO is far from perfect, but I think he's trying and I think he means well; no matter what your daddy says."

She notes, "I think people wanted things fixed NOW and PERFECTLY and that ain't gonna happen with anyone."

She confesses for herself as well as others, "Many people I know voted for him. None of them are unhappy that they did or losing hope yet. Maybe teachers are more patient than most."

Raising the temperature, "I think the socialism fear is overstated and overanalyzed by those who want PBHO to fail. They are pushing panic buttons. Rush Limbaugh comes to mind...I guess I feel that although PBHO is as seriously flawed as anyone, at least he is willing to step up and try to change things and make life better while his detractors just bitch, bitch, bitch...They don't act; and many of them don't even vote."

Getting back to confession; which is always a good thing: "Like Ann Frank, I have to believe in the inherent good of people and I believe he will run the country to the best of his ability without as many old crony influences as we've seen. Even if that ability is limited, it is better than what we had. I am reminded of the crude bumper sticker: 'The only Bush I trust is my own.' That's rude; but I agree with it!"

A final thought: "Honestly, I'm wondering if we didn't elect the wrong Obama. That Michelle seems brilliant!"

Two questions.

What happened to Ann Frank?

Where is WJC's wife?


A Presbyterian pastor in Illinois: "It's the economy, stupid!"

Are you talking to me?

Now that was a good movie!

Regardless, he reflects, "Clinton understood what PBHO and his people do not. America is worried about the economy - and even though health reform or extending bennies to all does matter, it is not on the radar screen for most people; except for how it would negatively impact their wallets."

"In fact," he continues, "most people see this as something that would negatively affect the economy; thus making things worse, not better. The current administration will be short-lived if they do not return to the subject of this economy first and leave the politics of health behind."


A retired school teacher traveling in Europe was honest about the elephant in the room: "Racism is involved. There are many closet racists still in our country."

Still, "Some people believe he lies; and that charge is led by the talking heads who only add to this uncivil cacophony."

Personally, "I am concerned about the debt; which is why I say get out of Afghanistan and Iraq! Until the people in those countries are willing to give up their tribal habits and see the advantages of living in a democracy, we are treading water and losing patriots."



Breaking a stereotype, an engineer on the left coast picks up his shotgun - laptop - and blasts away, "Civility just conceals underlying warfare...I'd rather everyone be honest...I'm not nearly as concerned about the lack of civility as the lack of integrity."

"Obama," he theorizes, "was elected mostly on charm and the fact that he's not a Republican. He successfully spread around enough manure to enable people to believe what they wanted to about him. But his voting record...was quite clear as to what he would actually be; and so I'm not surprised by what I see out of him now."

Getting to Joe, "Rep. Wilson may have broken protocol and been uncivil, but was he correct? Did the President lie?...Politicians have been known as liars for a long time; but what seems new is the level of their loyalty to their own party apparatus over the good of the country and fidelity to the constitution...That's a really bad sign, and John Adams warned us about it."

Stating the obvious because few will, "Those we elect are usually a mirror of what we are. Who are we to decry their lack of civility and integrity if we also lack those qualities?...Obama didn't start this, but his presence hasn't diminished it. He's most definitely a partisan player...distortion and falsehood are not beneath this man."

Where is Ann Frank when we need her?


From the Sooner state: "I have seen more division between the races since the election of PBHO. Even in our own family of faith, you sense the underlying currents of racial tension."

Continuing, "It is very sad to note that many people voted for PBHO in hopes of bridging the gap between the whites and blacks; but instead this seems to have widened the gap. Since his election, groups such as ACORN, ACLU, and other 'minority groups' have come out in an almost vendetta style of 'righting all perceived wrongs.' I am afraid that PBHO has not brought healing to the racial tensions, but, rather, has only increased the tensions and divisions."

"Oh," she prayed more than stated, "that Americans would fall to their knees and humble themselves; turn from our wicked ways, and see God's face and His help; then, and only then, will we see the healing so desperately needed in our land."



A liberal without both feet planted firmly in the air from Maryland: "PBHO is not driving us apart. His election and liberal policies have simply poured more fuel on the already burning right wing attack machine...The issue at heart though is a spirit of incivility that has been growing for years. It shows up in our politics. It shows up in our church debates. It shows up in aggressive driving and generalized social rudeness."

Go on!

He does: "PBHO is not a communist/socialist; just a good old-fashioned upfront liberal who's probably naive."

Back to the confessional: "I voted for PBHO. I'll vote for him again. And if the GOP doesn't get its collective head out of its collective ___, they're going to devolve further and further into being nothing but a lunatic fringe."

Get this: "That's sad. I grew up in Virginia when the GOP was the only opposition to the old racist, segregationalist Byrd machine. It was moderate. It had not yet crawled in bed with Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson or totally sold its soul to the NRA. This was the party of Ike and even Nixon - a wonderfully pragmatic politician who'd have been one of our greatest Presidents if he hadn't been so dang paranoid."

Ergo, "PBHO may not be that great; but name one electable Republican who could do it better...Sigh..."

I envision the heads of Republican jingoists spinning faster than that Regan chick in The Exorcist.


From someone who actually gives $ to keep us in cyberspace (Hey! When you forkin' over?): "I think PBHO is dividing the country and not bringing us together. His past comments have always been punctuated as a partisan: 'We won! Get over it!' He made fun of the tea party people. He is always campaigning. He is supposed to be President of all the people; not just those who agree with him. He makes fun of people who disagree with him. He is condescending. His attitude of entitlement causes friction. How can anyone in his right mind think he's a uniter?"

"Personally," as we head back to the confessional, "I can't even stomach to listen to him any longer. He comes on TV or the radio and I shut it off. His lies and elitist attitude don't sit well with me and, quite frankly, I feel as if I don't have a President right now. I don't feel supported in my right to disagree with him. I don't feel safe from terrorist attacks. I don't feel secure about America's financial future."

"All of this," still in the confessional, "makes me cranky. So I just pray and hope we live through the next 3+ years and can move on from here without America being destroyed in the process."


A pastor from New Jersey who proves liberals have brains: "Our hegemony is fading, helped along by the Bush policy ignoring Colin Powell's sound military advice as well as the wisdom of Tony Blair and others...PBHO is stuck cleaning up the messes of incredible incompetence of the last two Presidents and their Congresses - and I'll toss Reagan in there too - though GWB, Sr. was a man on honor...It is a painful experience for modern reality to catch up to us and we have to realize we cannot behave anymore like drunken Red Sox fans thinking they're number one."

O.K., he got in because of that cheap shot at Red Sox fans.

He adds, "We are losing touch with the ethos of constitutional republicanism that undergirds our democracy and guides we need that Scotch-Irish sense of historical progress driven by individual the lack of Cronkite journalism: just the facts. We are overpopulated with our lack of history...Basically, we are a dumbed-down America!"

Speaking of dumbing down America, you've gotta read one of the forewords to my biker book.

Yeah, that's right!

Help me hawk it and you'll get to read it!


One of Pennsylvania's finest photo-journalists pulled no punches: "PBHO is spending $ we don't have. He is the Wizard of Oz! Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! A chicken in every pot! Health care for everybody! Charge it now! Pay later!"

Seriously, as if those declaratives weren't, "He's saddling the next generation with debt that they'll never be able to pay. The government did not bail out the banks. You and I did! The government didn't help pay for new cars. You and I did!"

He asks, "When will it end? When will we learn to live within our means?"

He is not optimistic: "The worst thing that happened was both houses being won by the Democrats. Hell, they can ram through anything they want. No checks. No balances. If the Blue Dog Democrats cave in, the country will go to hell for sure! Come to think of it, we might already be there."


From somewhere near the Hall of Fame in Ohio: "What was unprecedented was that someone told the truth for a change. PBHO is a liar! There is no provision in any of his bills to exempt illegal aliens."

As far as bridge-building goes, "The wedges are going deeper and deeper...This will result in a new civil war - not like the one of 145 years ago with two governments fielding vast and organized armies. It will be a war of assassinations, terrorist acts, a second American holocaust (the first has been going on since Roe v Wade) with disappearances and extermination camps (Don't forget PBHO's buddy Bill Ayers admitted he led the Weathermen to contemplate liquidating 25 million Americans in death camps!), neighbor against neighbor, and families divided."

Holy cow!

He reasons, "People are getting sick and tired of being sick and tired of the corruption in our government, of losing more and more of their rights and being told how good it is for them, and having their wealth confiscated for the sake of taking care of the non-productive leeches who keep the gangsters in office, and being lied to by the state-controlled media that no longer reports but propagandizes. People are tired of the lunatics running the asylum in the name of a tolerance and diversity that does not tolerate anyone who does not toe the party line..."

Car 54, where are you?

He warns, "PBHO doesn't care if he gets only one term to inflict this garbage on America; because as a Marxist, he sees himself as part of a great dialectic that should result in a workers' paradise where wealth will be distributed according to need rather than accomplishment...All this despite the fact that this system has never worked..."

Ending, "I discovered a long time ago that the difference between a socialist and a communist is that the communist is a socialist who has finally obtained the power of the state's guns...And, suddenly, all the voices that once were schmoozed and cajoled into making a place for the socialists at the table...disappear...and there is only one voice left...and no more table..."

I gave up weed too soon.


An apostle in the Midwest wrote, "At every intersection of decision in PBHO's administration, it is clearly socialism."

Expressing hope, "I don't think racism is the issue of most importance to him, but it has it's part to play. He is as white as he is black."

Expressing doom, "He is clearly driving more wedges between different elements of our nation. Every thing he stands for is on the anti-Christ side of the issue."

Getting back to hope, "We can still save America."


A local guy whined while winning, "PBHO challenged Congress to 'meet history's test' and finally fix our broken health care system. He pledged to seek common ground...and assured them all: 'My door is always open.'"

PBHO listens well; remembering, listening and agreeing don't always coincide.

"Republicans," those bastards, "responded by heckling, booing, and hissing. Rep. Joe Wilson screamed out, 'You lie!' as the President defended his health care plan against false right-wing attacks."

Moving out, "We can't afford to let right-wing extremists like Joe Wilson hold health care reform hostage. As PBHO put it, 'The time for games has passed. Now is the season for action.'"

Or, uh, maybe, a time out.

Whatever, as PGA touring pros would say, it's moving day: "Thanks to PBHO's leadership, the path is now clear."




Ya'll remember the pastor who wanted a convertible but wouldn't buy one because some church ladies and PC elders told him that it wasn't the right image for...?

He bought one!

He's learning to be free for Jesus!

A son asked, "Dad, are you going through a mid-life crisis?"

He answered, "I'm too old to be having a mid-life crisis."

I would have said, "Son, you need to change your nightly prayers: '...and if I should wake before I die...'"

Anyway, he had a few comments on, uh, lots of stuff: "Phil Mickelson prides himself on carrying so many wedges in his bag. They have not brought him many major victories. Same for PBHO!"

Then this pastor from Rhode Island really gets into it/him: "PBHO never planned to move to the middle in order to bring people together. He expects everyone to flock to his spot and extol him. While PBHO hides the chip on his shoulder better than W, he's no less pissy when he doesn't get his way. They are both cut from the same cloth."

Are you sure you're talking about PBHO or some churchgoers?

Getting back to that drift, "It has nothing to do with racism. He thinks he is entitled. So did W."

And for folks who've already stereotyped my rag top man, getta load of this: "HRC would have done a better job pulling America together. If necessary, she would have sent WJC to gather the votes...Sexism, not racism, will cost us a healthy overhaul of our health care system."


"In case anyone is wondering," he signs off, "I am a disillusioned life-long Democrat who is equally disillusioned with the GOP."

I'm gonna call this guy and meet him for coffee in January.



Blessings and Love!

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