Thursday, September 17, 2009

September 17, 2009

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


Whenever there's an article in the paper about somebody dying in a motorcycle accident, several clippings are placed in my church mailbox anonymously.

Nobody clips current standings showing the Yankees with the best record in MLB and shoves 'em down my throat.

I don't know if folks just want to keep me posted on bad news or if they're expressing hope that...



President Carter comes to mind.

I voted for him.


Considering JC's squeaking by Ford in 1976 (50.1% to 48% in popular voting and 297 to 240 electoral votes) and then being trounced by Reagan in 1980 (50.7% to 41% and 489 to 49 electoral votes), I had company in my conversion from him.

Coupled with voting for Nixon once, I've often mistaken political indigestions for inspirations.

It's like going into a church that looks really good with familiar sounds and lots of nice symbols; yet discovering any connection between what's going on and Jesus is impurely coincidental.


ACORN comes to mind.

Any connection between ACORN and PBHO is...



Getting back to JC (him not Him), I remember November 2, 1976.

President Ford had finished his unsuccessful campaign for election to the job handed to him by his disgraced predecessor who I voted for once.

I watched returns with seminarians sporting "JC Saves" buttons.

Idolatry always ___ off God.

Anyway, it didn't take long before lamenting my vote for JC (him not Him).

I was befuddled by his "punishment" of the Soviets for invading Afghanistan by canceling our participation in the Moscow Olympics while selling our best computer technology to 'em.

He had the spine of a snail vis-a-vis Iranian ragheads.

I learned he would not meet with Martin Luther King, Jr. when he was a state senator because it was considered political suicide in the Georgia of the late 60s; more than hinting that Mr. Born Again Christian wasn't above sacrificing his heralded Christian principles for political expediency.

Oh, sorry, he did win a Nobel Peace Prize in 2002; but it's hard to be impressed/thrilled by that in recollection of Yasser Arafat cashing the same check.

Oh, sorry, he has done such good work building homes for the poor with Habitat for Humanity; even while he's been tearing down America whenever mugging for TV since being tossed from the White House.

Unlike former Presidents Bush, Clinton, and Bush who have been rather dignified and statesmanlike since leaving office, JC has become nothing more than a whining, bitter, resentful, jealous, and judgmental sour-pussed-tosser-of-sour-grapes.

Sadly, my daddy's cruel joke before JC's only inauguration as President proved to be prognosticating: "What's in a Jimmy Carter sandwich? A little peanut butter and lots of baloney!"

Well, he's at it again; claiming anyone who disagrees with PBHO is a racist.

I can hear the Gipper's voice from the grave: "There he goes again..."

We've got a fourth floor in a local hospital with a room just for JC (him not Him).



Farmers wisdom: "If you're in a hole, stop digging!"

Equestrian wisdom: "If the horse is dead, dismount!"

The Bob Rule: "If you think you're right but everyone thinks you're wrong, you may be right; but you just may want to consider everybody thinks you're wrong."

JC (him not Him) keeps coming to mind.


This seems like an appropriate moment to recall a recent letter: "Hi! I enjoy KD; except I am always put off by your use of @#$%. To me that reads like a swear word. If that is what you intend, why? If it isn't what you intend, why do you use it?"

Fair enough.


It helps that my anonymous friend "enjoys" KD.

Be that as I'm glad it is, I responded: "While I'm sorry that you're kinda put off by @#$%, I addressed that long ago with someone else who assumed - hmm - it was my way to express profanity or something else pejorative. Actually, it's just my way to separate sections of KD. But I'm thankful for your concern. It allows me to repeat why I use 'em."

I added, "I was going to use a cross or something; but I felt that was too presumptuous on my part; kinda like clergy who put 'The Rev.' before their names."


A blast from the past: "You asked me years ago to head a committee. I asked why. You said, 'You get along with all factions in the church.' I said, 'There aren't any factions in the church.' You said, 'See what I mean?'"

His preface to that recollection: "When PBHO uses the word we, he means Democrats, employees of his administration, and everyone who agrees with him. When he uses the word they, he means Republicans, employees of the Bush administration, and anyone who disagrees with him."

Hello, JC (him not Him)!

His conclusion after the blast from the past: "PBHO sees factions everywhere he looks...He is very divisive and his numbers in the polls show it."

Uh, kinda like JC (him not Him).


I wonder if JC (him not Him) would like to go for a ride on my chrome pony later today.

There's always hope...



Blessings and Love!

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