Saturday, September 26, 2009

September 26, 2009

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



Well, I just did that.



Help me, Jesus!



Well, not exactly.

There are always consequences to sin even after confession and repentance.

Maybe not with God.

But plastic people don't think much about God.



Seriously, I just cut up my last two cards.

I haven't used them for over nine months.

Well, uh, O.K., I did use 'em twice for gas on my way back from Pittsburgh after a recent memorial service for an old friend.

But I've become cash only.

It's quite freeing; and it's taught me to like the clubs in my bag.


So how did it happen?

Selfishly, I like golf; and I always thought it was the arrow not the Indian.

A really good golfer in North Carolina healed that self-deception before Thanksgiving last year.

Selflessly, I haven't vouchered anything for professional expenses since 1977.

I just viewed it as part of my giving to the church, uh, over, uh, time with, uh, interest.

And I've always liked being generous with family and friends in, uh, a postponed payment kinda way.

It started when a blue-haired-toxic-smelling-and-speaking church lady on the session said at my second session meeting ever as pastor, "And do you think we're paying for all of the stamps that you use to invite people to church or send those stupid cheery notes of yours?"

So I've charged computers, books, stamps, pens, pencils, and all of the rest ever since; and I've plopped down a lot with two churches oppressed by spirits of poverty in the last ten years.

Of course, that ended nine months ago; and I've vouchered two things that I couldn't handle with cash in the past two months.

I feel awful about it; and apart from the noble reasons, that's why I hope to hit pay dirt with my next book.

When I finally figured out the sin of it all, I decided to do something about it.

I've still got a mountain ahead of me; but, at least, I'm climbing up rather than continuing the slide down.



That always helps when I'm feeling down about life or ministry.

Truth is God has always come through for me; because even though I can be a real ___hole at times like family and friends and churchgoers seem so eager to point out, I do trust Him with this time/space and what comes next.

It's a Psalm 37:25 thing.


I like to get caught in sin every now and then.

I know that sounds strange; but I am...

Be that as it is and will always be because I just can't escape my humanity, I really thank God for Jesus whenever I'm reminded of my past, present, and future sins or how I often live antithetically to what I believe and how I want to behave as exemplified in Jesus and explained in Holy Scripture.

Or as I say to those who will admit our shared humanity, "Praise God for the sin that reminds us that He's saved us from it in Jesus."

Or something like that.


Speaking of sins, October is around the corner.

You know what that means.

Pastor Appreciation Month!

It's that month to express our affections and affirmations for the women and men who take their vows of, uh, whatever these days and seek to serve or be served - depending upon who and where - in those churchy contexts.

I was wondering, "What does Pastor Appreciation Month mean to you?"

The next edition of KD will be dedicated to it.

Or something like that.


Blessings and Love!

O.K., I couldn't handle my sin with plastic; but knowing you can, charge some gifts to KD or buy some books for yourself!!!

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