Thursday, November 12, 2009

November 12, 2009

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



While the specifics aren't as important as the maxim covering 'em - though I'll share 'em if you're curious in personal correspondence if you send your e-mail address to moi - our family is making a major move that has prompted profound soul-searching and required flexibility of our familial/faith wineskin.

Personally/confessionally, I didn't want to practice what I preach; because, well, uh, I've still got to finish off that damn plastic sin of the past and I'm just like those folks who say to do as they say and not as they do like those people who are so nice to everybody as long as they're in control and getting their own way but turn into devils when everything's not going their way and out of their control like, uh, me too often.

I'm so, uh, human.

I was converted by childlikeness on this one.

Daniel, our 11th grader whose Christianity has now been exposed to us/Him, articulated the maxim after I presented the specifics of the challenge/opportunity: "Well, you always say we shouldn't wait for others to do what is right."

Matthew, our 6th grader whose depth of Christianity evokes reminders of those "out of the mouth of babes" prophecies, said, "It's important to make room for what's right."

My wife decided that it's never right to count the cost of doing what's right.

Nike got it from Jesus: "Just Do It!"

Who'll stop the rain?

With God's help, you!



Bad weather more than good weather exposes character/faith.

Christianity often appears so shallow when everything's going our way and life seems so comfortable.

The true test of faith/character is when everything's not going our way; or as is so true, "Tough times don't build character/faith; but rather expose character/faith."

Job comes to mind.

Do we run away from Him and His when things aren't going our way; or do we run to be closer to Him/His?

God knows I don't like bad weather; but Jesus said it's gonna rain on everybody.

And as I've learned from riding my mule when the weather goes sour, everybody can overcome the elements if dressed properly.

That's what Daniel and Matthew have learned; probably more from their mom and members of our family of faith than me.

I think some adults, like me, need to spend more time with children who don't complicate maxims with their ignorance and selfishness which are at the genesis of all rejections of God's will for service of above self which just means to love Jesus by loving like Jesus.



O.K., it's gonna rain.

I'm not suggesting I completely get it/Him, but it seems to me that rain is a blessing or curse depending upon whether we get it/Him.

In the meantime, I've decided to ride with it/Him.


Blessings and Love!

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