Saturday, November 14, 2009

November 14, 2009

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


Things can change, uh, overnight.

I went to fill up a son's cage earlier today and the price of fuel went up 12 cents a gallon since late yesterday.

It sure ain't change that I can believe in.


Speaking of how things can change, uh, overnight, I'm gonna make a non-prophetic prediction; and please don't give any credit to me when/if it happens.

If PBHO doesn't start connecting the dots of Fort Hood's bad religion and/or any of those 9/11 Muslim devils get off on some kinda technicality now that someone is sucking up to someone in the name of perverse PC in the name of appeasing authentic Islam while dissing the integrity of war/military trials, he's gonna make the Gipper's trouncing of the peanut farmer way back then look like another sequel to Back to the Future.

It won't matter if it's Romney, Rudy, or the rogue near Russia.

Dots will be connected.


Speaking of disappointments, I can really relate to the apostle, "I say what I don't want to say and do what I don't want to do and know I'm not as good as momma says even if I'm not as bad as antagonists advertise."

Let me explain.

I was riding my mule between hospitals yesterday; and feeling pretty good about myself.

While my spirit ain't never too far from Psalm 51, my children seemed to have picked up some good stuff from moi (scroll down to 11/12's KD), I hadn't used plastic in about a year and didn't even feel tempted when those Columbia sports pants for freezing-football-games-and-winter-mounting-the-mule were 50% off at McSports, an old enemy became a new friend, and someone shocked me by saying, "I'm glad you're our pastor."

Then some guy started beeping at me from behind because I was observing the speed limit.

Then, even though I couldn't change lanes or do anything about the traffic in front of me, he started tail-gating.

Then I wished I had worn a helmet.

Then, at a stop light, he almost sent another cage into a ditch so he could pull alongside of yours truly in the other lane.

Then he rolled down his window and cursed at me for not moving over because, well, uh, I don't know...

Then the light changed and he put his pedal to the metal and just missed knocking me to the pavement as he slammed on the brakes within inches of hitting the car that was in front of me.

Then, at the next stop light, he started beeping at the cars in front of him and waving them to the side and yelling more bad words out of his window...

Then I pulled off my shades, caught his eyes in his side mirror, and offered an Easy Rider salute.

Then I stopped for an unscheduled coffee break before my next hospital emergency, confessed my sin, asked forgiveness, and apologized to God for being so judgmental.


Things can change, uh, overnight.

As long as those changes conform to something/Someone better, they're good.

Romans 12:1-2.



Blessings and Love!

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