Sunday, December 20, 2009

December 20, 2009

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



Francis Schaeffer often spoke/wrote of joy as the distinguishing "mark" of people who know Jesus; or as Barnhouse often concluded, "If you aren't joyful - I mean radiantly and abundantly joyful - you, obviously, have no idea of what God has done for you in Jesus!"

That's why I like the videos at the bookends of today's KD; reminding me of the joy of life in Him with His.

Candidly, there are two kinda folks that I don't trust with much: cranky churchgoers because you can't be close to Jesus and be predominantly cranky and irregular worshipers because worship aligns the heart with Him and His and if they ain't aligning their hearts with Him and His...


Speaking of joy, Christmas is only a few days away; and if you haven't clicked on our amazon connection to buy...

One of my closest covenant brothers was telling me about going to amazon to buy gifts for his family; and when I asked if he was shopping through us, he said he wasn't because he didn't want to add anything to the price!

Can you believe it?

First, it means he has been ignoring our consistent references to just the opposite! If you buy through us, there are no extra charges and we get a kick-back!

Second, it means he...


BTW, you can buy lots of other stuff via amazon.

End of commercial...and end of KD for 2009.

This is the last edition of KD until 1/2/10.

Kathie is on vacation and I'm too technologically illiterate to...

Before signing off to the cheers of tight wineskins from left and right of all ideological persuasions, I've got the results from a little survey on Christmas wish lists and 2009's WOM (i.e., woman/other/man) of the year.

Also, there's a really neat opportunity included at the end of this KD.


Parenthetically, without interpretation, there were only 317 responses to the survey on Christmas wish lists and only 81 nominations for WOM; and, surprisingly, without interpretation, lots of folks seem to be on the same ideological/inspirational/indigestional wave length 'cause they're wishin' and nominatin' on the same...



Christmas Wish Lists

Florida (clergyman): "The parousia, a single term for Obummer, king-size bottle
of single malt, 25% raise to make up for years of under-compensation, and
a sabbatical."

Ohio (lawyer): "Revival!"

Illinois (cop): "A new set of golf clubs...For someone to give me a good
reason why every time I show up to a domestic situation where I
hear both parties complain that they have no money to pay for
their bills and expenses, they are both highly intoxicated, have
cigarettes in their hands or mouth, and some sort of narcotic
on them. They can afford alcohol and drugs; but they don't
have the common sense to wake up and say, 'The root of the
problem is me.'"

Indiana (church treasurer): "Hearts so suffused with the love of
the Christ child that we may reflect that love to a world that
is shrouded in darkness."

Florida (widow): "Christmas gifts are for children, not adults. At my
age, there is nothing I need or want that money can buy."

Utah (church planter): "To live in a state without so many morons.
Yes, that's an intentional misspelling!"

Ohio (clergywoman): "A Cincinnati football coach with some loyalty;
and a journalist with guts to 'out' those hypocrites in South Bend."

Illinois (clergyman): "I've just got one this year. That a young mother
in our church who has been in ICU for three weeks will be healed
so she can return to her family. Please pray for her!"

Illinois (businessman): "This is easy! Cubs in the World Series and
me getting a hole-in-one!"

Illinois (two teachers): "A cure for diabetes!"

Illinois (moi): "An anonymous gift to pay off my plastic!"

Pennsylvania (photojournalist): "I wish...PBHO would be impeached,
Nancy Pelosi would develop engine trouble at 30,000 feet, Barney
Frank would stop using condoms, Harry Reid could grow a brain,
Congress would take a Finance 101 course, taxpayers would be
appreciated, illegal immigrants would go home, American ideals
would trump fashion, Muslims would realize what love accomplishes
and hate destroys, and, really, really, really aside from my lame
attempts at humor, Jesus would come back soon!"

Pennsylvania (clergyman): "An Acts 2 health care bill."

Texas (clergyman): "That the majority world Church would re-evangelize
the western Church beginning with my church."

Illinois: (clergyman): "Less death and illness, scholarship for my
oldest, stable staff, and calorie-free genuine chocolate treats."

Pennsylvania (dad): "I wish all elected officials understood they
are employees not employers."

Illinois (IT guy): "Restored faith for those who have fallen away,
that we can get out of this crazy recession, that I can be
a positive influence for youth, that I can see the good in
people who are so nasty, and a new vehicle would be

Illinois (moi): "My latest book to be published with sales
at just 1% of Rick Warren's so I can buy my wife a
new van, send Kathie and her main squeeze to Hawaii,
pay for our church expansion by myself, and buy a
Road King (in that order)!"

Ohio (clergyman): "Deeper relationships, time to indulge
my hobbies, read, travel, and a light blue Sebring

New Jersey (elder): "A pastor with the guts to clean off
the membership roll of all the people who worship
once or twice a year and who have nothing good to say
about the church but are so demonic that they stay
on the membership roll! We need a pastor who will
exorcise such evil from our church!"

Oklahoma (clergywoman): "Peace on earth, love as He loves,
safety for those who serve Him in perilous places, resources
for faithful churches, churches that really care for the
destitute, lonely, poor, and lost."

Illinois (librarian): "People in churches with the integrity and
humility of Jesus."

Illinois (retired teacher): "Miraculous healing for my daughter
and, of course, peace in the world."

Illinois (retired teacher): "Every elected official in the country find
themselves compelled for six months to make no decision
that is not the best for their constituency and the country and
that they cannot speak one word of untruth and gag on every lie."

Connecticut (bored homemaker): "Dinner with KD!"

Wisconsin (clergywoman): "Women in ministry who don't embarrass

Oregon (clergyman): "Cigar humidor, peace on earth, and winning
the lottery!"

Texas (teacher/coach): "I wish parents were banned from high school
sporting events."

California (PR specialist): "Clergy who remember who He is and
then walk the talk!"

Iraq (chaplain): "Someone in the White House who has a clue!"

Germany (chaplain): "A third party before the country completely goes
to hell!"

Illinois (moi): "I pray your Christmas and new year are filled with
the love and joy of Jesus in all things at all times in all places
with all people!"



WOM of the Year

Illinois (clergyman): "I can't think of anyone who exemplified integrity this year."

Illinois (businessman): "Phil! Unlike Tiger, he showed dedication to family
and sport!"

California (insurance manager): "Anyone who unseats Harry Reid asap!"

Maryland (construction worker): "All the heroes have fallen - Tiger, Obama,
and Congress. How about Tim Tebow?"

Pennsylvania (newspaperwoman): "Sarah Palin! She lost the election but
won the hearts of America!"

New York (CEO): "Beck! For disliking both parties and having common sense!"

New Jersey (retired nurse): "Anyone who's not related to NBC!"

Virginia (teacher): "It's got to be President Bush because everybody keeps
blaming him for everything even after a year. Maybe it's a diversionary
tactic so America doesn't have to deal with its big mistake last year!"

Michigan (social worker): "President Obama is saving America! He is
the Man of the Century! If allowed, he will save the world!"

Illinois (youth worker): "Your family for showing your church and
community what it means to make room in your inn for the Lord
and His children! You have shut the mouths of those idiots who
have big mouths but don't walk the talk! Your wife is special!"

Alabama (saleswoman): "Sarah Palin because she's beautiful, smarter
than anyone believes, courageous, and scares the ___ out of
those ___holes in the Democratic and Republican parties."

Illinois (teacher): "Everyday people, not politicians or sports stars, but
people who do something despite difficulty...the officer who shot the
maniac at Fort Hood...the captain of the plane that landed safely on friend who is fighting friend who is raising
four children on his own because no law can convince his ex to stop
drinking...I am also adding them to my Christmas wish list: to have
the courage and dedication and determination that these people show
so effortlessly."

Pennsylvania (dad): "Michelle Malkin who isn't afraid of the machine!"

Illinois (retired teacher): "American combat troops who serve for us and
those who can no longer serve because of injuries or death."

Oklahoma (clergywoman): "Oral Roberts - a visionary who ushered in a
great move of God...RRK - a visionary who can see people as God sees
them and who is relevant to the times and issues we face."

Ohio (clergyman): "Nobody! No one is that great! But if you insist: Me!
Because it would look good on my resume."

Illinois (clergyman): "Mart Greene of Hobby Lobby who has helped turn
around my alma mater (ORU)."

Texas (clergyman): "Abby Johnson - hands down - the Director of Planned
Parenthood in College Station, Texas who walked away from the job
and career after watching an abortion and has now become pro-life
and is public about it."

Several States (multiple vocations): "Jesus!...No one deserves pedestal
status but Jesus...If it were not for Jesus, everything and everybody
who have gone to hell by now!"


Really Neat Opportunity

One of my two favorite devotional writers has just published The Father's Heartbeat which breaks through denominational boundaries from the gates of heaven!

You can order a copy via!

I haven't been as probed, prompted, persuaded, and peace-filled since being introduced to OC's My Utmost for His Highest.


My other favorite devotional writer - you can sign on via - wrote on 12/15/09, "Jesus is a babe in the manger no longer."

I thought about that while reading about the Florida man who was freed on 12/17/09 after 35 years in prison after DNA evidence exonerated him.

When asked how he felt after being the victim of such an injustice that stole his youth, the now 54 year old replied, "I'm not angry because I've got God!"

It goes back to the first section of this KD.

Cranky, contentious, contemptuous, cruel, and otherwise unChristlike people just don't have God in 'em!

I talked about that with a fellah over coffee after today's great day of worship led by our chancel choir (viz., cantata).

He talked about somebody on the fringe of our family of faith who is evil-speaking about everyone in the church because she/he is, uh, that way naturally.

When asked what to do, I said, "Remove yourself from her/his presence before you catch it! Life is too short to hang out with such a negative person who is always so right about everything!"

Jesus is not in that kinda person because such behavior is so anti-Christ!!!

Romans 16:17-18 comes to mind.

"Besides," I continued, "have you noticed nobody seems to care that she's/he's gone? That's a clue!"

People who love Jesus by loving like Jesus worship, work, and witness with people who love Jesus by loving like Jesus.

Yeah, we try to evangelize the, uh, others.

But, nah, you can't www with 'em because it's not all about Jesus with 'em; and that's a helluva way to, uh, be.



I pray your Christmas and all years are filled with the joy of Jesus!

If you already know Him, you've got it!

If not, then not.

If so, then so.

He shows!


Blessings and Love!

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