Monday, December 7, 2009

December 7, 2009

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


I've never been a fan of ex-Arkansas Governor and wannabe President Mike Huckabee.

First, though the incumbent kinda proves I'm wrong, I just couldn't imagine anyone with a name like his being elected President.

Second, and exponentially more serious, anyone who defends the flying of the Confederate flag, as he has done so consistently, betrays an insensitivity to the ugliness that it represents to so many Americans.

It's akin to a few lines from I Just Wanna Ride (FTW) that I pray/hope will be published before the parousia:

My favorite bad biker example is the obnoxiously insulting and hopefully
ignorant use of the Confederate flag and Nazi symbols by a relatively few

When anybody other than a cracker sees a Confederate flag, they're
thinking KKK, Aryan Nation, and hate groups like them.

When Jews see Nazi symbols, they think Hitler and ___ from the
depths of hell who think like him.

Yeah, I know those same bikers with their Confederate and Nazi
___ on their leathers would stomp anybody burning an American flag;
but I learned long ago that two wrongs don't equal righteousness.

It's time for bikers, bike manufacturers, biker magazines, biker books,
and biker catalogue salespeople to cut that ___ out of our culture.

Anyway, in the spirit of what goes around comes around, the Foxey celebrity commuted the sentence of Maurice Clemmons who allegedly gunned down four Seattle cops over Thanksgiving weekend; and that'll help the Dems and other GOP wannabes de-rail Mike's ride to the White House just like the GOP and some Dems took care of another Mike in a previous campaign.



Staying with Presidential predictions, Al Neuharth, the octogenarian founder of USA Today, wrote on 12/4/09, "PBHO is very smart...But he apparently hasn't learned history. President Lyndon Baines Johnson also was very good at many things. But he, too, lacked an understanding of history. LBJ inherited the Vietnam War. He didn't know how to get out. So he just gave generals more troops...Vietnam became his albatross and cost him a second full term. PBHO inherited the Afghanistan war...Now sending more troops...So it's his war. And his albatross."


Neuharth concludes, "If PBHO doesn't get it and get us out of Afghanistan sooner than later, it will cost him a second term a la LBJ. That would be a shame for a President who has so much promise."


Again, here's my inspiration/indigestion.

If PBHO doesn't start connecting the dots of international terrorism to Islam and those 9/11 Muslim devils get off on some kinda technicality now that someone is sucking up to someone in the name of perverse PC in the name of appeasing ragheads while dissing the integrity of war/military trials and/or there's a terrorist act in the big apple during the trial or windy city after the Gitmo transfers, he's gonna make the Gipper's trouncing of JC look like another sequel to Back to the Future.

With Mike de-railed and PBHO out on the limb, I'm thinking one or two women have a real shot at the big prize in three years.


Mail time!

From South Carolina on my farmer/friend (scroll down to the last edition): "I had the good fortune to have a farmer to visit as you do. When a terrible drought ruined most of his soy bean crop, I asked, 'How do you deal with a year like this?' He said, 'Pastor, every year there's a harvest. Some years are more bountiful than others, but every year we bring in what God provides.' Sounds a lot like, 'You go with what you get.'"

From Illinois on parochials playing in public school leagues (scroll down to the last edition): "As a life-long public school coach, one of the worst teams to play was ___. Not only did they recruit, their fans were nasty, vicious, and downright scary at times. One game, at ___, the school administrators took the refs after the game and locked them in a room until the gym was cleared for the safety of the refs...I could never listen to their pastors/priests on Sunday mornings because of the behaviors that they tolerated on Friday nights!"

Uh, you go with what you get.


As I think of what we've learned about Mike and what lies ahead of PBHO and a friend's concern about a 20 year church member who's raisin' everything but heaven in his church, Brother Daniel comes to mind.

He was a Trappist monk at Assumption Abbey in Ava, Missouri.

During a routine dental examination, he fell in love with the woman who was cleaning his teeth.

Sounds kinda gross to me; but I guess it happens.

Well, he left the monastery, got married, and started a family.

When I asked Brother Theodore what he thought about it, he said, "It takes a while before you really know someone. Brother Daniel was only with us for 15 years."

While I've always thought celibacy is a great idea for those who are, uh, gifted for it, Brother Daniel, obviously, didn't have that gift and had to move on.

That's another subject.

Staying with this one for another sentence or two, Brother Daniel proved who we really are emerges when who we really are emerges.

Now back to Mike, PBHO, my friend's 20 year church member, and...



Blessings and Love!

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