Thursday, January 28, 2010

January 28, 2010

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



The Cubs will win the World Series in 2010!

Mainline denominations will return to Biblical Christianity before the parousia!

Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts proves anything is possible!

The virgin birth was a mere trifle - paraphrasing Luther - compared to a Republican taking Kennedy's seat in the U.S. Senate!



Scott Brown was barely more qualified to be elected a Senator than BHO was before becoming Illinois' very junior Senator; not to mention his qualifications for becoming PBHO.

And I do mean barely!

Here's winking at you, Cosmo!

Was it a referendum on Obamacare or PBHO himself?

Did the formerly brain dead of Massachusetts disrespect the deathbed pleas of Ted for Obamacare?

Does this mean the presently brain dead of Pennsylvania will throw Arlen out on his ___?

Does this portend an end to any more D.C. screenings of Dirty Harry?

With Sarah and Scott, does this mean Republicans are now the party for hotties?

Why is PBHO talking about a "great" one-termer rather than a "mediocre" two-termer?

Is this an American Revolution without blood and bullets?

All I know is I'm more excited about the possibilities for Cubbies and mainliners than ever before!



Somebody who does know a lot more about this kinda stuff than I do wrote to KD about it.

He's a former Baptist preacher who became a Pennsylvania lawyer whose income has risen significantly ever since despite exemplifying the best of Biblical ethics.

"I know you've been paying more attention to things ecclesiastical and theological lately," he began, "but I have been mulling the recent Massachusetts surprise and the swelling discontent with BHO and thought I would write to just about the only person I know who might take the time to read my musings."

He asked, "Why is there so much discontent with BHO right now when he was so overwhelmingly popular just 12 months ago?"

He answered his own question: "I don't believe the masses who voted for BHO reject him...I think he would still hold the masses if he tried one thing that seems impossible for Chicago-area politicians: HONESTY!"

Kinda lamenting, he continued, "BHO ran on a pledge of...openness...transparency...Yet, during these past 12 months, we have witnessed a bank bail-out, auto industry bail-out, and 'health care reform' fashioned behind closed doors...I believe we just don't like the smell of what's going on. It's the expression of extreme arrogance that permeates our government and creates a genuine class distinction between those who govern and the governed."

Paralleling, he observed, "BHO cynically thinks he can get us back to making a boogie man out of Wall Street; sucking up to trade unions and 'freezing' domestic spending. Like GWB, he came into office with sizeable political capital. He has not used it to prevent Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi from acting like the political animals that they are. Can you just imagine if he bravely stood up to those within his own party and called for honesty and transparency? Would it cost him? As Sarah Palin likes to say, 'You betcha!' It might have worked in 2009. It may be too late in 2010."

Conclusion: "I remember Ronald Reagan commenting once on how it was that he got along so swimmingly with Tip O'Neil and other 'classic' liberals of his day. He said something to the effect that they believed differently than he did but that they acted consistent with their beliefs and, in that regard, the 'classic' liberals of that era were deeply honest. Maybe it's time for some 'honest-to-goodness' liberals and conservatives again."

Phil Ochs comes to mind; noting names not character are the only changes in American politics in recent years.



Blessings and Love!

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