Monday, January 4, 2010

January 4, 2010

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



KD's Annual NFL Post-Season Power Rankings

1. Baltimore - Why/how did Pitt ever pass on Flacco who is an established star in only his second year? If Reed stays healthy and Welker doesn't play, Baltimore will knock off New England and make it to 2/7. Besides, Lewis is a real killer who helps everybody rise up to prime time performances.

2. New England - Tom Brady, even more unheralded than Tim Tebow by all of the "experts" coming out of college (scroll down), is a proven winner/leader like, uh, TT. I wouldn't bet against 'em with the best coach in the NFL since Parcells retired; especially if Welker plays and Reed isn't healthy.

3. Minnesota - This may be a sentimental choice/hope because Favre epitomizes the best spirits of sport. Creaming my favorite team on week 16 proves nothing because they, uh, stink. Favre doesn't look tired, the defensive line isn't suspended/incarcerated yet, and watch out for Peterson to emerge from his slumber and confirm his future enshrinement's credentials.

4. Green Bay - Talk about a team flying under the radar! Do you remember week 1? I thought GB would waltz to 2/7; then they got lost in the Favre, Indy, and Ain'ts hysteria. Well, they're hot again! Unless Warner, Fitzgerald, and Boldin reincarnate last year's run, I wouldn't bet against the Pack which appears back.

5. Indianapolis - Lucky/predestined all year, their "brain trust" ripped out the hearts of players who "play to win the game" and coulda made history as the most winning... Nobody wins who gets used to losing; and the Colts have lost the last two of the year. Now they have a week off. That's three weeks without... It's hard to win when you haven't been playing to win for almost a month.

6. New Orleans - Again, they sputtered over the last month of the season; and this ain't the time to sputter! Besides, the Giants had to dump Tiki and bench the current Ain'ts TE because they suffered from TO disease before they could raise the big Vincent trophy. Sorry, Drew. You are great; but the rest are just ain'ts.

7. San Diego - LT may be the greatest fantasy player in history, but these games are for real; and in really big games over the past, uh, several years, he spends more time on the sideline than Cubs fans in October. If Merryman is juiced for the game and Sproles starts over LT, electricity may flow through SD with Rivers playing gunslinger to beast Gates.

8. Philadelphia - Westbrook is weary and Donovan's time has passed. If the Cowboys can beat 'em in December...

9. Arizona - Here's my sleeper! If the redbirds' defense shows up as it does every five or six games and Boldin and Fitzgerald are really healthy, do not discount the Eric-Liddell-Tim-Tebow-Kurt-Warner effect.

10. Jets - If the Dolphins couldn't win a Super Bowl with rookie-sensation Marino back in the day, it ain't gonna happen with Sanchez; though Revis and a few other younger dudes will join him and make my second favorite team a contender for years to come. And, uh, oh, do ya think the Steelers miss Fanaca?

11. Dallas - O.K., they played better in December. It's January. Tony, Tony, Tony may get all the chicks, but he just doesn't seem to attract much Super Bowl...

12. Cincinnati - Let's call it the curse of Notre Dame! Just kidding. I still can't get over the shameless classlessness of the Golden Dome TD Jesus crowd in South Bend and their new "Irish" coach in raping an undefeated Sugar Bowl team for a few weeks of headline-grabbing. I'd like to see 'em win one for Henry... O.K., maybe one...


Speaking of power, it's hard to believe so many "experts" (go back to #2 in the preceding section) are dissing Tim Tebow's NFL prospects.

Mel Kiper keeps saying TT's future is as a tight end or linebacker; though he of never taking a snap or strapping 'em on in any big game himself reminds me of Lee Trevino's retort to someone who suggested he needed a coach, "I'll hire a coach when I find one who can beat me. Why would I listen to someone who can't play as well as me?"

Tony Gonzalez, who does play the game at its highest level, snapped, "Who cares what Mel Kiper thinks? Tebow could prove him wrong. He's probably the greatest college player ever."

Tony Dorsett: "You're talking about a guy who is a leader, a guy who would walk into a lion's den with a pork chop on his chest."

Kurt Warner (go back to #9 in the preceding section and check the videos): "They always said about me I never had the skill set to be able to be an elite quarterback."

Maurice Jones-Drew: "You don't have to worry about the talking heads. They're just there to talk."

Tony Dungy: "As a coach, I always like winners...TT doesn't have the classic throwing motion, he doesn't have the accuracy, maybe, right now that some people are looking for, but I think when he gets into a pro system that really stresses throwing the ball accurately...the big thing is he makes the people around him better. And he's won...I think he's going to be a great player in the NFL."

KD: "He is Peyton Manning with mobility and a bigger version of Michael Vick with proven poise, leadership, and a brain."

I hope the Giants...



BTW, I really don't care who wins on Thursday.

It doesn't mean a thing.

The game is not played on computers or in smoke-filled voting booths.

While I think Alabama will humble Texas, there are several other teams deserving to be considered...

Every other sport - professional or collegiate - knows that; and even NCAA football has playoffs below the BCS level.

So whoever wins will be just the theoretical national champion.

Sports were never intended to be beauty contests; except, of course, on the sidelines of games in Dallas.


Staying with what's bogus, does anyone really think Leach would have been fired if Adam James didn't have a famous daddy working for ESPN?

Adam is a decent D1 player who is third on the depth chart with a daddy, so reminiscent of junior tackle football mommies and daddies, who thinks his kid is the next Jerry Rice or Wes Welker or, uh, Tim Tebow.

Word is leaking out from players that Adam was a tad lazy and felt entitled to more playing time because daddy...

And, oh, yeah, it seems some $ was involved from all directions.

Stay posted.



Blessings and Love!

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