Monday, February 15, 2010

February 15, 2010

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei huffed and puffed on 2/8/10 about Muslims delivering a big "punch" in the kisser of infidels on 2/11/10 that would leave 'em "shocked" and "stunned" as they partied in celebration of the 31st anniversary of Iran's Raghead Revolution.

Well, uh, they, uh, hopped around like Pentecostals on crack last Thursday; but no TKO or even something that caused a skip in the heart or stagger to the step of, uh, humanity.


My guess is Israel's Mossad will pound 'em in the pork chops - Oops! - before they can draft/brainwash a toddler or two to drop off a dirty bomb at some local day care center in Elat.

Oh, yeah, contemporary Muslims are such mighty and noble warriors.

I like the take of Jon Stewart (The Daily Show) who mocked Muslims and scoffed at big Bill while being interrogated on The Factor; saying civilization is dealing with such geniuses (aka Muslim terrorists) that, since 9/11, they can't do better than bargain-basement bombs in shoe soles and underwear in their jihad that's starting to look a lot like a bad batch of jumping beans from The Dollar Store.

Or something like that.


Aside from those extremist Muslims acting like Red Sox fans around the trophy case of the Yankees and moderate ones showing deference to the extremists (aka looking the other way and keeping their mouths shut lest they catch hell from their brethren) like MLB's commissioner has been doing to steroid users for longer than anyone can remember, I don't really have anything against Muslims.

As far as I'm concerned, they can go to hell if they want to with all appropriate apologies to hyper-predestinarians.

But they do generate a lotta fear in people, like Jews and Christians, who should know better.

My mom always calls or writes after I disclose something about 'em: "Bobby, I wish you'd lay off the Muslims before one of 'em comes and gets you!"

Even a really smart friend near Pittsburgh wrote in doggerel fashion, "My fear is some nutcase Muslim will target you. It only takes one reader to forward your words to a sleeper cell and you're the next Rushdie. But it boils down to this. Are you willing to stand up for Jesus? Or are you willing, like so many other so-called Christians today, to sell out for silver? I am sick of political correctness. I am sick of bowing to evil. Your father and my father were veterans who preserved our freedom. Those who never served are now giving it away. I admire the Israelis - pre-emptive strikes. Stop it before it spreads!"

Maybe I'll never get to pay off my plastic or own a Road King.

Ah, aside from a street preacher who served in our special forces in Vietnam who has taught me how to use the sword like Paul and Eli (Think about that one!), I approach Muslims with about as much fear as ecclesiastical pollutants in pulpits/pews who want to muzzle me for disclosing their hypocrisies/apostasies (e.g., 2 Timothy 1:6-7; 1 John 4).



Alas, again, a lotta people who should know better are afraid of 'em; so KD did a quick survey: "Why are people so afraid of Muslims?"

We received 666 responses.


Only 222.

Maybe because Muslims only account for 33% of the ___'s identity.


Not really.

Anyway, here are representative attempts to answer the question from a plethora of responses.

Confessing Church founder (PCUSA): "Could it be that fundamentalist Muslims want to annihilate the West? Could it be that the word jihad scares the ___ out of people? The real fear comes from the unknown. Who is a fundamentalist Muslim? Who is not? Why don't those who are not speak out against those who are? That's the scary part!"

Illinois teacher: "Most non-Muslims don't understand what true Islam teaches and the only Muslims they hear about are the ones that are practicing their faith in name alone, much like many Christians."

Former PCUSA preacher now lawyer in New York: "Because a large number of their leaders say it is their religious duty to kill non-Muslims; and Muslims have been acting on that instruction all over the world."

Rhode Island resident: "I'm not. I'm much more afraid of crazy ex-wives!"

Illinois teacher: "For the same reason we put Japanese Americans in internment camps during WW2. We are afraid of those who we perceive as the 'enemy' especially when we don't understand their culture or their beliefs...Gut level fear makes people irrational."

Former employee of a major news service: "Because they want to kill us. They hate our way of life."

Former Baptist preacher now lawyer in Pennsylvania: "Could it be that the Koran teaches, 'Repent or die...NOW?' Could it be that their 1200+ year history is a history of slaughter? The fact is Islam is NOT a religion of peace (GWB). Anyone who reads their holy book will see that. Radical Islamists are simply believers in their book. Literalists."

Preacher living near the NFL Hall of Fame: "In the USA? Mostly because they're foreigners. I worry about them because Islam is far from a 'religion of love.' It demands total loyalty and the penalty for any perceived insult to the religion is death...While not all Muslims will go on jihad against the infidel, they all give tacit support. Indeed, they MUST give support...Also, while not all Muslims will go on jihad, they admire the zeal of those who do and approve even if, for political reasons, they have to say how sad it is to the American public...There is no freedom in Islam."

Major trade magazine publisher in Florida: "Because Muslims actually believe and practice their faith...five times a day...By contrast, our PCUSA preachers, especially the 'specialized' bureaucrats, say, 'It ain't necessarily so.'"

Retired military chaplain and pastor in Tennessee: "Three basic reasons: (1) Muslims are taught to kill anyone who doesn't ascribe to their deity; (2) They are committed to their long-term goal of eliminating anyone who doesn't ascribe to their deity; and (3) They openly declare their beliefs and dare anyone to challenge them."

Retired ecclesiastical bureaucrat in Alabama: "Because they kill people who are Christian or convert to Christianity. The first enemy of Islam is the Jew, the second is the gentile, and the third is anyone who is not a fundamentalist Muslim."

South Carolina pastor: "We don't play soccer with them."

A faithful denominational executive in Kentucky: "First, people fear the dark...Islam is largely an unknown...Second, there is a corollary. There are sufficient religious leaders in the Muslim community who choose to keep their faith that way (unknown)...Finally, they have a strict cast system that we don't understand."

A prophetic voice in Oklahoma: "Those who know the origins of the Muslim faith understand the demonic authority of their religion. We do not hate Muslims; but we understand their hatred and goal to conquer and destroy anyone who opposes them. They are a threat to freedom in America and around the world...On a personal note, my friends who are missionaries consistently warn us that Muslims are growing rapidly all over the world."

The dean of evangelical pastors in Rockford, Illinois: "After deciding to immerse myself in Islamic literature and culture to understand what so many are so concerned about, I conclude Islam is the greatest threat the world has ever faced."

Brilliant scholar who studied under me: "Psychological - people need comfort and sameness. People are most comfortable with their own. Axiological - people have values of beauty. People prefer beauty and reject ugly. For example, virile heterosexual white men prefer Halle Berry to Rosie. Social anxiety - even non-racist whites have problems with blacks and Latinos moving into their neighborhoods. Didn't you notice some racism when you opened your home to a black student? Didn't somebody leave your church because they were really a closeted redneck? Muslims bring those factors into the equation. They are way out of the American comfort zone. However, if they develop more doctors and lawyers and daughters who look fresh from Hollywood, things will get better and fear will dissipate."

Major distributor of religious news: "It is unwise not to fear people who adhere to a religion that promises great rewards for killing themselves in the process of killing as many innocent people as possible. Some say only 10% of Muslims are Islamists. If so, that means there are 'only' 130 million such extremists...While I hear your constant call for Christians to love everyone, including Muslims, like Jesus loves them and me, be on guard! Just as we welcome people into the church or inherit church officers, as you also write about a lot, we must be vigilant about wolves in sheep's clothing."

Former renewalist in the PCUSA: "We are afraid of Muslims because their holy book tells them to kill non-Muslims. They also pray demonstrably which makes us uncomfortable."

Former White House advisor: "What part of Hadith 9:4 don't we get: 'Wherever you find infidels, kill them; for whoever kills them shall have reward on the Day of Resurrection'?...Their desire is to spread fear, intimidation, and hatred in all non-Muslim societies...What is most virulent is their willingness to kill non-Muslims and Muslims alike with abandon...What is particularly ravenous about the Islamofascists is they are happy to slaughter moderate Muslims...Their methodology of killing is intended to spread fear to all who oppose their agenda. It appears to work...Worse, the so-called moderate Muslims are silent in the face of this Islamofascist killing. This silence is the same as tacit agreement. It is the inability of the larger Muslim community to suppress their own radicals that drives the biggest wedge between civilized people and the so-called 'good' Muslims...We are wise to fear and mistrust Muslims. Their willingness to lie and slaughter in the name of their religion is sufficient. This is not an attitude born of xenophobia or prejudice. It is a fact born from blood and murder. Until moderate Muslims purge their religion of the radicals, there will be no open trust between Muslims and the civilized world."

Elder in New York: "I fear any person who allows their moral compass to be set by another. It was that way with Hitler Youth, Pol Pot, and a lot of Muslim clerics who issue fatwahs against anyone with a brain to question their religion."

Photojournalist in Michigan: "I am not afraid of Muslims as long as they're buried; facing away from Mecca with a pork chop in their coffin. They are hateful killing machines; and I'm sick and tired of people who defend those so-called non-fundamentalist Muslims who don't have the guts or good religion to take on those who supposedly bastardize their faith. It's like Christians in churches who let the bastards hurt their people and pastors and don't just kick their asses out of the church until they get their ___ together. I'm not sorry for getting carried away. I am just so tired of supposedly 'good' people letting the idiots run wild in our world and church. People are not good when they let bad flourish and go unchecked."

Nurse in New Jersey: "Between the facial hair and head and face coverings, you don't know what lies beneath. Screw them! If they want to ride in our airplanes, they need to take it all off!"

Prayer warrior in Indiana: "People are so afraid of Muslims because they are EVIL. Everything about them is exactly the opposite of what Jesus taught. He loves. He forgives. He died for us. He didn't want us to kill people for Him. He died for us! There is no light, no love, no tolerance, and no free will in Islam. It is a religion of total darkness and hopelessness."

Lawyer and renewalist in California: "They hate the one true God of love and have invented one to correspond to their hate. Islam is a manifestation of what John spoke of in Revelation - the beast...Ultimately, of course, Christ conquers the beast; so I'm not afraid of Muslims. But we would be foolish not to be knowledgeable and wary...On a personal note, my grandma's family was entirely wiped out by Muslims because they were Armenian. Armenia was the first Christian nation and the Muslims (Turks) persecuted them and offered them to convert or die. 1.5 million Armenians refused to convert. They died. Islam is a false dangerous religion and those who follow it worship a false god who demands worship of himself and tries to bar the worship of the one true God of love."

Apostle in Illinois: "They are peaceful until they have a majority. Then they kill anyone who disagrees with them."

Former military intelligence officer: "Islam is the religious refuge of the poor, ignorant, and hate-filled."

Army chaplain who has served several tours in Iraq: "According to the most authoritative biography of Muhammad, he was a super-sensitive guy who did not like any criticism; even ordering the murder of a woman who criticized him while nursing a baby...Everybody but Muslims are second class citizens in their religion...Islamic law does not treat women with equality...The extremists call moderate, peace-inspired Muslims unfaithful for not following the murderous sword verses of the Koran and violating the intent of dhimmi laws...They feel they can outwait the West."

Praise team leader in South Dakota: "They raise their children in a culture of hatred."

High steeple preacher in Texas: "We tend to fear anything or anyone that might kill us...A guest preacher addressed that fear with a five finger acrostic that every Christian should use daily to remind us of what attitude Jesus would have us have toward Muslims: I (I) S (sincerely) L (love) A (all) M (Muslims)."



A friend responded, "I would venture the fear comes from their founder. They are just following the violent example of their founder."

Right on!

Jesus never personified or prescribed violence as an acceptable antidote to persuade, proselytize, or pommel antagonists.

Irascibly irreconcilable Christians who hit, hurt, and hate in their Christian kinda way have no kinship to Jesus.

Conversely, history discloses/exposes Muhammad as a harsh polemicist who embraced and encouraged violence to persuade, proselytize, or exterminate.

Islamic terrorism is totally in character with Muhammad; ergo, murdering Muslims are just following their leader.

Jesus is the source of all love; manifesting Himself through His faithful in forgiveness and mercy.

Muhammad is the source of so much merde being dumped around the world.

It's time to flush.

That may sound crude; but it's true.

A civilized world needs to identify and isolate savages (see Romans 16:17-18).

Jesus was right.

Some folks need to be born again and from above to overcome the merde.


Blessings and Love!

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